Coming out of hiding

End of October 2014, I suffered from a severe back pain. I could hardly walk. My first reaction was “Ouch!  %@&?!?!” and other non-quotable thoughts. But then, I turned within and asked my wise inner voice for its opinion. I got the following answer:

As you contract in fear each time you have to share your spiritual journey, so your back contracts now each time you want to move.
We cannot dance like this.

Yeah, right. I can see that. I had manifested several opportunities for writing about my spiritual path during the past weeks. But each time, I hesitated with seconds thoughts. Should I really write under real name about all the weird stuff that happened to me?

At the end of the week, I was so exhausted from the struggle with my fears that I made the silent resolution simply not to wish for opportunities for sharing anymore.  That should solve the problem, I thought.

But apparently it was not such a smart idea. It was like hitting the brakes while running on full speed. And now my back merely mirrored this.

And the inner voice continued

I want you to write a blog.

What? Boy, there was a time when I desperately wanted to be able to hear this wise inner voice. Little did I know back then how much it would push me beyond my comfort zone.

Yes. Together we will create something beautiful.

Er – yes. Beautiful, sure. But it sounds scary.  I really do like my privacy, you know? But at least, I don’t have to do the blog alone.

Remember. The days of your anonymity are numbered.

As if to underline the last statement, the anonymous commenting function in a blog where I used to comment was disabled that very day.

Now what?

I better obey. Thy will be done. And I desperately want the back pain to ease.

* * *

The next step on the spiritual journey is done when it becomes impossible not to do it.

Starting this blog is such a next step.
And it becomes impossible not to do it because I have the choice:
Write – or become sick.
I choose to write.

In 2006, my search for inner peace put me on the spiritual path. Since then, my worldview has turned upside down and inside out.

Some invisible force inside me is pushing me to speak up and share my insights.

This blog is devoted to the journey of spiritual awakening.

To the seekers of peace and truth.