The magic wand of inner peace

I learned that choosing inner peace over anger brought a huge advantage. Not only did my light bulbs live longer (as I have described in the previous post), but little wishes seemed to be fulfilled promptly.

The trash bag story
Some years ago, when my little kids were out of the house for a week, I was cleaning out their rooms, collecting old toys that they would not need any more (- well, that I had decided they would not need any more).

I collected many small transparent trash bags full of old and broken toys. But the amount of toys was just too large for our garbage bin outside. So, I had to store the transparent trash bags in the basement.

Then I thought, ‘Oh, it would be sooo useful to have one of these really large heavy-duty drawstring trash bags, which are opaque, in order to hide the old toys, so that my children cannot see them when they come home.’ I was afraid they would l start lengthy discussions about whether these things can be thrown away or not.

That was just a thought. But we didn’t have any of these large opaque trash bags at that time and I did not consider buying any.

Two days later, when I got home from work, I saw some strange plastic lying in front of our garden door. I looked closer wondering what that was. And it was a large opaque drawstring trash bag, arriving just in time so I could continue with my toy-clearing work the next day.

Wow! I was sooo amazed at how this works. This sure seemed like a very strange synchronicity. Too strange to be just some random coincidence.


Over the years, there have been many such fast manifestations. They had some things in common. Always, the underlying feeling was one of inner peace. And on top of that inner peace, a desire occurred. A spontaneous thought like , ‘Oh, it would be sooo nice to have this now.’

The important point is that I didn’t make my inner peace dependent on the fulfillment of the wish. Rather, the inner peace was unconditional.

Choosing inner peace became important to me because it is like having a magic wand.

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