Be careful what you wish for

On my way home from work, I bike through a small forest which features several raspberry plants. In summer 2013, I often stopped and indulged in the delicious red fruit. Yummy!

The smell of raspberries. Their taste. How wonderful! I just love raspberries.

During the whole summer of 2013, my heart was singing in joy and gratitude, ‘Life is like a giant raspberry cake. How blessed am I that I can pick raspberries on my way home each evening!’

Little did I know what the universe had in stock for me.

One year later, in summer 2014, I saw some unknown weed making its home in our small front yard. Long, fast growing canes with thorns winding all over the place.

At first, I tried to battle the weed. To no avail.

But then, I looked closer. The leaves looked very much like the ones from the raspberry plants in the forest. The canes didn’t carry fruit yet. So, I am not absolutely sure yet, but I suspect that I fell victim to a raspberry invasion.

I do love raspberries. But, for heaven’s sake, not in my front yard, please!

But the universe was just quietly smiling behind the scenes, whispering,
Always be careful what you wish for !

8 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. LOL… Nice that you got to eat Raspberries..

    I can so relate to that especially today.. Yesterday I spent a lovely morning transplanting all my seedlings into trays.. I proudly put them all in a new rack of shelves specially bought with plastic cover so they would be protected.. as I had not enough room in the green house..
    Hubby put the shelving/Greenhouse under the kitchen window I wasn’t really happy with where it was, but didn’t say anything..
    Yesterday I said How much I had enjoyed transplanting all morning to hubby..
    This morning the weather changed.. It became very windy with large gusts of wind..
    Yes you guessed the whole of the plastic greenhouse blew over. All my trays, seedlings emptied all over the patio..

    Hubby said Why are you so calm… I said well there is not point being any other.. I laughed remembering how I loved doing the transplanting.. Seems the Universe just wanted me to enjoy doing it all over again..
    So I shovelled up the compost and sorted out the seedlings and .. started all over again!…. :-) I really must be careful too what I say.. Shusssssssssh!… :-)
    Hugs Sue

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    1. Thanks for your story , Sue. Oh my goodness, all that work all over again! I’m sorry to hear that. But maybe you are right and you have manifested it yourself.
      That reminds me of the times when I think that the kitchen floor needs to be cleaned, but when I am too lazy to do it. Then the universe takes care of it, makes me spill a cup of coffee on the floor , or lets me drop a glass. Then I have to clean up. And the floor gets a cleaning.

      Once, I read a story by a woman who had gained some weight during vacation and wanted to lose the extra pounds. She got aphthae in her mouth and could ‘t eat properly for some weeks. She was aware that she had manifested that.

      We really have to be careful.


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      1. Thank you for sharing those stories too.. And yes I am sure that Karma.. Manifestation is happening much more quickly these days .. As time is speeding so are these manifesting incidents.. xxx :-) Enjoy your week Karin. Hugs Sue xx

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  2. I had raspberry canes appear in my front garden too Karin, and let me tell you, their fruit tastes just as good as the ones over in the produce plot; so they’re staying put, and to hell with convention! ;)

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