Key ingredients of fast manifestation

Sometimes, a thought I have manifests really fast. So fast that I realized I need to watch my thoughts carefully because their results show up quite soon.
I have wondered about the key ingredients for fast manifestation and have come up with the following list:

  1. A Copernican shift in worldview
    The usual assumption is that consciousness arises from the brain. But that is not true.
    Rather, consciousness is what we are and the brain and everything else in the 3D reality arise from consciousness.
    Consciousness is one. There are not many soul-bubbles bouncing around randomly like molecules in a gas. It’s more like many branches of the same tree, or many arms of the same octopus. All is connected in consciousness. The illusion of the 3D world is the separateness of things.
    Why is that a key ingredient?
    Because the outside world shows up according to our belief systems. If we believe we are just a body-mind and all things out there are separate, then the universe will do us the favor and show up like this – as a hostile place. However, if we believe that everything is connected via consciousness, then the universe mirrors that belief system and shows up in a different way.
  2. Unconditional inner peace
    I found the peace that does not depend on anything outside by doing a 180 degree inward looking meditation. That is awareness looking directly back at itself.
  3. An unconflicted mind
    If  I have a deep wish, then I should not have a conflicting belief that says that I don’t deserve the fulfillment of the wish.
  4. Desire
    If a desire arises on top of that, then manifestation usually works fast. It can be a desire for the most mundane things (like french fries) or more complicated stuff.
    Since there is unconditional peace, the desire does not come from a needy ego place. There is no attitude like , “I insist that I must have this in order to be happy.”

I have written about a manifestation here:

A word of caution:
At some point in the spiritual journey, this manifestation business seems to break down. Then we are asked to surrender the reins and turn inside and ask Source, “What do you want me to do?”
As an example, refer to the story of Margot Ridler. She went through a breakdown, from a self-employed professional to almost homeless and penniless. Although she is a well-educated and intelligent person, she was not able to even keep the job of a waitress. That was when she threw her hands up in the air and asked Source, “What do you want?” And that was a turning point in her life.


10 thoughts on “Key ingredients of fast manifestation

    1. Hi Linda, thanks , that is very nice of you, but I am afraid I cannot accept that. I feel very honored, of course, but , as I have just read, the award comes with conditions. And there is no way that I’m going to fulfill these. I have barely enough time for writing one post per week. I hope you understand , and I hope that I don’t have to accept the award.
      Thanks, and blessings to you,

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      1. Hi Karin,
        You do not have to follow the rules to accept. I am very flexible. I gave you the award mostly because I love your blog. You can post the image on your home page if you like anyway. Or not accept if you prefer. I do understand. And you are welcome. peace, Linda


        1. I feel that I should follow the rules if I accept this award. But I cannot and don’t want to follow the rules. Therefore, I think it is best not to accept the award. I hope you understand.
          I am still very grateful that you considered my blog for the award and I thank you sincerely for your recent reblogging. You are an amazing person with a huge heart.

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  1. Karin thanks so much for finding me… IAM reading your blog and love your enthusiasm that I know takes each of us from strength to strength. IAM going to enjoy sharing your journey of exploration and entering the unknown where I know incredible adventure awaits… Barbara

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      1. Thanks for your kind comments.
        I’m German. English is not my native language. And I’m glad to hear that it is good. I’m always afraid that I get probably fifty percent of all prepositions wrong….
        I spent one year abroad (Stanford) for my diploma thesis, and that helped a lot with the language. Also, most of the spiritual literature is in English. And at work, we write and talk in English a lot. So, I get enough practice.
        Thanks for following my blog!

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  2. I find I relate to Maraget Ridler. Nothing is the same yet everything is simply is as it is. Which is the same in a metaphorical reality.
    I often remind myself of a phrase in a song that is enchanting yet unnerving. A lot like that “no-thing-ness” Maragaret mentions often in her story. It goes “and I think that God has a sick sense of humor and when I die i expect to find him laughing”. No one can look at that desperation and feelings of emptiness from a aspect of mind and find solace in it. It’s because of that “no-thing-ness” that we escape the prism of our thoughts and are able to see what we could never know. It’s almost as if up is down and inside is outside. You can’t know it, you can only see it and once you see it, you see it in everything.
    Thanks for helping me see.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      Yes, that emptiness inside turns everything upside down and inside out , once we dare to look at it and become immersed into it.
      It is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t found it. That is right.
      I sometimes think that the descriptions are only valuable for others who have found it, too. So then it is like a confirmation. So that we know we are not weird or going insane. But that we have found the treasure in our pocket.


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