Love is inside

Today I did it. I couldn’t resist any longer. This book had been recommended to me three times by now. A clear sign that I needed to read it.

I am talking about A Course of Love (ACOL), the sequel to the Jesus channeling A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Even though I am only halfway through reading Barbara Franken‘s wonderful book A Selection of True Awakening Experiences and was determined to finish that first, I downloaded Mari Perron’s A Course of Love today and started reading.

And then I realized, today it’s Valentine’s Day.

LOL! What a lovely synchronicity!

You know, I am German. And Valentine’s Day is not a big thing here. While some singles in the US tend to get suicidal  on Valentine’s Day, most people won’t notice this day in Germany. Like Halloween, it seems to have been imported from the USA (and any industry who can earn money with it will happily promote it). But I thought my English-speaking readers might appreciate this story.

Behold, true love is found inside of you.


13 thoughts on “Love is inside

  1. Let us know how you enjoy A Course of Love. I have not read it yet. Are you enjoying Barbara’s book? There are stories in there by Michael, myself, and other bloggers you may know. This gives me pause to reread my copy. It is such a wonderful collection of experiences.

    The US is so commercial that I think we should be called USC ( United States of Capitalism).This is why these “holidays” are so prominent among the masses. But the tide may be turning.

    have a great weekend,

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    1. Yes, I am very much enjoying Barbara’s book! Wonderful and moving collection. It gives me a chance to catch up on people’s amazing stories.
      Yes, the US is commercial. I have spent one year in California when I was in the university, and I was amazed about all the cultural differences. In Germany, Valentine’s Day was not celebrated. There were only some ads by flower shops. I didn’t know what Valentine’s Day is about. And then I came to the US. And saw the ads “Go and buy a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day. Go and spend thousands of dollars for a car for your Valentine.” WHAT???
      I felt like an alien visiting planet earth and studying the strange customs of its inhabitants….

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    2. ACOL is 700 pages long. So it will take a while till I can say something about it.
      My first impression is that it is much easier to read than ACIM. That’s good.
      But it is every bit as uncompromising.
      A true wake-up call.
      Already in the Prelude , there are some slaps in the face of those who believe it is all about being a good person and doing good works in the world. It says that is merely fear masquerading as humility.
      The purpose of life here is waking up to who we are.
      I think this is gonna be a great read.

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  2. As a fellow German but living in the UK, I get totally exasperated by the American holidays that seem to be more about commercial gain and very little to do with what the holiday was originally about! Thanks for sharing :) x

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  3. Karin, I’m excited that you decided to pick up ACOL. I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences with it… I’ll keep my hands pressed over my lips for the time being… :)

    Much Love

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  4. Love is what makes the world go round and round and round… Thank you so much for mentioning our book of true awakening experiences, it wouldn’t of been possible if 33 of my WordPress friends hadn’t joined me in creating the selection. (33 is my magic no)… It is certainly full of LOVE… and I hope many people get to read it… Barbara x

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    1. You are welcome. It is a great book and I have yet to read the second half of it. I have to make a break with the ACOL book then.
      There are some amazing stories in your book. It is really a great way to get to know the other bloggers here. I am so grateful that you send me the link.


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