On God’s short leash

Have you ever felt that the universe acts like a teacher?
I do. And I found that it can be a rather strict one.

On my journey, I was guided into inner peace. With stick and carrot.

When I was angry, weird things would happen. For example, light bulbs would suddenly burn out while I was in the room. Whereas, when I was in inner peace, miracles would happen, e.g. wishes would be fulfilled promptly.

It was as if there was a penalty for becoming angry. But, actually, it was guidance.

Later during the journey, I noticed that the reins became shorter and shorter.

At first, I only ran into trouble when I was angry.
But later, weird things would already happen when I was in slight stress.

One day, when I was in a little stressed and anxious mood about my to-do list, the automatic teller refused to give me money (- lately, I seem to have a weird relationship with electrical appliances).

And during the Christmas vacation 2014/15, I got some health issues (pain in my feet) just because I thought I deserved a break from posting on this blog. When I asked the inner voice about the pain, it replied ,
During this vacation, just blog once a day, and you’ll be fine.

Oookaaay…  That was guidance (- even though it felt like I was being blackmailed at the time). Eventually, I obeyed and the pain vanished.

That was the pattern of consequences:
At first, for anger. Then, for anxiousness. Later, even for laziness.

So, guidance became stricter and stricter, making sure I stayed in inner peace more and more. And making sure that I fulfilled whatever contract I had signed before incarnation (- darn, I wish I could remember what I promised in the fine print).

Have you experienced something similar? I’d love to read your stories.

15 insights from the spiritual path

  1. I thought all I needed to know about life would be taught to me in school.
    Now I know that most people know neither the goal nor the rules of life.
  2. I thought that consciousness was a by-product of the brain.
    Now I know that the brain is a consequence of consciousness’s thought
    (- the thought ‘I am separate’ taken seriously).
  3. I thought life was about learning facts and skills.
    Now I know that life is about remembering our true nature.
  4. I thought life was about money and success.
    Now I know that inner peace is more important than anything else.
  5. I thought life was about becoming someone special.
    Now I know that the journey is about losing the illusion of the separate self.
  6. I thought I would get the things I needed to be happy from outside.
    Now I know that happiness is an inside job.
  7. I thought I had to change the world out there.
    Now I know that the world ‘out there’ is merely a mirror of my state of mind.
  8. I thought it was important to be in control.
    Now I know that it is about letting go and letting God.
  9. I thought we had free will.
    Now I know that free will exists only as long as I assume to be separate from God.
  10. I thought people were moving around randomly, like molecules in a gas.
    Now I know that encounters are orchestrated with amazing precision.
  11. I thought struggling in life was inevitable.
    Now I know that there is another navigation mode: wishing and receiving.
  12. I thought I was the victim of circumstances.
    Now I know we may have planned our challenges prior to our incarnation.
  13. I assumed stillness was the absence of noise.
    Now I know that the stillness of our real being transcends noise and silence.
  14. I assumed eternity meant a really long duration.
    Now I know eternity is beyond the realm of time.
  15. I wasn’t sure whether God existed.
    Now I know that God is everywhere.

Beware, you’re gonna melt!

In the Disney movie Frozen, snowman Olaf desperately yearns for summer. And he dreams about all the lovely things he would do in summer. Like lazing on the beach with a drink in his hand, getting a suntan. Oh, and he can’t wait to see what his buddies will think of him. He is sure he will be so much cooler in summer.

He is not aware that he will melt.

That is a funny metaphor for the spiritual seeker who dreams about what enlightenment will do for him, but is not aware that the former familiar sense of self will be lost on the journey.
(Watch the really cute song In Summer here, 2 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFatVn1hP3o)

I have described the emotional effects of this melting process in my post about the Dark Night of the Soul.


Here is a wonderful story by Lee about divine guidance which illustrates many aspects of the spiritual journey. If you write comments, please post them to the original thread on beliefpatrol.wordpress.com.

God often uses subtle clues to point us towards the the truth of ourselves.  God also has some ‘not-so-subtle’ methods to get us on the right path.

This post is about one of those ‘not-so-subtle’ pointers.

Long ago, after a couple of years of non stop “spiritual” seeking, studying, etc. I drove to a job appointment and it went really well. I told myself that it went well due to my seeking and achieving spiritual platitudes.

As I drove away down the road, I was all proud of myself and my personal achievement.

Ahead, the traffic light turned red, and I pulled behind the car in front of me. The cars bumper was so shiny it was like a mirror. And in that mirror I saw my car license plate reflected back at me.  This is what it read.



My car license plate, reflected backwards and in reverse order,

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The shocking truth about who we really are

“I was flabbergasted by how unreal human life is, how I could possibly have ever thought that I was a human being!” Nanci Danison exclaimed as she described her near-death experience (NDE). (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN-S0D3N2WM, at 8:44)

She realized that she just needed to think of something and there it was. Think of a tunnel. All of a sudden, there was a tunnel. Think of a meadow. Suddenly, there was a meadow. And all of it seemed real. It was totally clear to her that she had manifested her environment by thinking about it first. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgrEl7flT20, 3:30-7:15)

Eben Alexander describes in his NDE book Proof of Heaven that the term ‘looking at something’ doesn’t really describe it since this would imply separation. But he wasn’t separate from what he saw.

On Earth, this is true as well, but it is veiled and we are easily fooled into thinking that we are just a body, separate from its surroundings, and that our thoughts are mere emergent phenomena of our brain.

The spiritual journey leads to these two insights:

  1. We are consciousness and have created all we draw into our experience.
  2. We are not separate from what we see.

Can you imagine what a huge, worldview shattering shift in identity this is? To go from feeling located in our head between our ears to knowing that we are the consciousness that contains our body as well as the computer screen over there?

Life is constantly pointing this out to me. Little synchronicities seem to say,
Look, you have manifested this. Beware, you are not separate from what you see.”