15 insights from the spiritual path

  1. I thought all I needed to know about life would be taught to me in school.
    Now I know that most people know neither the goal nor the rules of life.
  2. I thought that consciousness was a by-product of the brain.
    Now I know that the brain is a consequence of consciousness’s thought
    (- the thought ‘I am separate’ taken seriously).
  3. I thought life was about learning facts and skills.
    Now I know that life is about remembering our true nature.
  4. I thought life was about money and success.
    Now I know that inner peace is more important than anything else.
  5. I thought life was about becoming someone special.
    Now I know that the journey is about losing the illusion of the separate self.
  6. I thought I would get the things I needed to be happy from outside.
    Now I know that happiness is an inside job.
  7. I thought I had to change the world out there.
    Now I know that the world ‘out there’ is merely a mirror of my state of mind.
  8. I thought it was important to be in control.
    Now I know that it is about letting go and letting God.
  9. I thought we had free will.
    Now I know that free will exists only as long as I assume to be separate from God.
  10. I thought people were moving around randomly, like molecules in a gas.
    Now I know that encounters are orchestrated with amazing precision.
  11. I thought struggling in life was inevitable.
    Now I know that there is another navigation mode: wishing and receiving.
  12. I thought I was the victim of circumstances.
    Now I know we may have planned our challenges prior to our incarnation.
  13. I assumed stillness was the absence of noise.
    Now I know that the stillness of our real being transcends noise and silence.
  14. I assumed eternity meant a really long duration.
    Now I know eternity is beyond the realm of time.
  15. I wasn’t sure whether God existed.
    Now I know that God is everywhere.

28 thoughts on “15 insights from the spiritual path

  1. I love this Karin and provided me with comfort I need at this moment. Your blog really reflects back to me the truth that sometimes remains elusive.

    peace and happy Equinox/Eclipse,

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment , Linda. I am glad that the post resonated with you. Yes, this stuff is sometimes elusive. And putting it into words helps me.
      Recently, I read somewhere in ACOL that we are called to share at some point during the journey. But what we don’t realize is that it is not so much about making the knowledge available to the world, but it is more about making it available for ourselves through the very process of putting it into words. That was an aha moment for me (another one of those many aha moments along the journey).

      Thanks a lot for the reblog!

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      1. Hi Karin,
        I have not read ACOL but it seems that I was called to so the same when I began this blog and I agree that expressing this to the world really brings it all home to me. The act of expression generates clarity! I am very happy I found your blog.

        You are very welcome :)

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment. I appreciate that you take the time to comment here. It is great that you have learned #4 and #6. The importance of inner peace is one of the most important insights. The rest follows.
      But maybe you will build your own list, with some different items.


  2. Loved these, Karin!

    Number 10 in particular spoke to me. Because, even though you realize it (life) is all orchestrated with amazing precision, you still feel like a molecule bouncing around. At least I do. Or rather, you know it’s happening with precision, but you also know you can’t predict it’s behavior. I guess that is what I’m trying to say. You know it’s perfect, but you can’t predict where the perfection will place you. And so you just have to embrace the ride, and let it take you to some lovely places!

    Number 9, about free will, is also a really interesting one. It kind of goes along with 10. I think whenever this feeling of relinquishing separation is put into words, it can trigger resistance wherever resistance is still held. It’s ironic: we’re only truly free when not trying to be separate. But it sounds like giving up separation is turning all of our desires and dreams over to some other being, to “God”, for Him to direct as he sees fit. We don’t realize, and can’t realize until we’ve traded in our badge of separation and turned over our guns to the Justice of the Peace, that unity is the only freedom there is, and that from that position it is simply not possible for God and our heart, which are unified, to desire anything different or apart from one another… God is almost that which gives our heart life, and dares it to express all that it can…

    Much Love

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    1. Thanks for that very elaborate and profound comment. I agree, movement feels random, until we can see in retrospect why it was perfect.
      I have very often experienced that I wanted to meet a particular person. And then I really met them, sometimes under the most unlikely circumstances. I am always amazed. In awe. How on Earth does this work? There must be some unseen guiding hand behind the scenes.
      About the free will: yes, I agree. I like your metaphor of turning over the guns and being disarmed. It feels like that . Becoming vulnerable. But, as you know, these processes are always viewed from two sides. Spirit vs ego. And while ego feels disarmed and vulnerable, spirit thinks that everything is fine and on track. And that being disarmed and not separate turns out to be the much better deal.

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  3. Hihi Karin. Since our last conversation I could not help myself and dropped by to read some of your work and think about it. I have to admit most if not all of these insights are perfectly represented and in alignment with me. For a long time and maybe also now, I wanted to get rid of the anger there is. Anger towards anything and everything. I managed to reduce it considerably but still find myself angered and lost in this wave of negativity. I am sure none of us is perfect and it takes time to master the inner peace, but I know we, or me in this case have to try. There is nothing more powerful than the desire for inner peace and the vibration with the world. I will take your insights and read them maybe daily. I would like to challenge you as well, and it is a book for you to read! Maybe you read it. It is Siddhartha from Herman Hesse. – Dan

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    1. Hi Dan, thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad to hear that the insights resonate with you.
      Yes, getting rid of anger is difficult. Anger was a major difficulty for me on this path. When it became unbearable, I did the first 104 ACIM lessons, and that helped somewhat.
      The universe guided me to inner peace with stick and carrot.
      When I was angry, weird things would happen, like light bulbs would burn out frequently while I was in the room.
      But in inner peace, little miracles would happen. The universe became like a strict teacher. And choosing inner peace became the top priority for me.

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I have read some Hesse books many years ago, around 1990. I liked them. But I didn’t read Siddharta yet.

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      1. The energy we spread…would be the answer to the events or in my case… People around me going to distance. a good deed. You shared your thoughts and it resonates with other. Give and don’t expect. It just feels amazing. I’ll be back reading more :)

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Melanie. Yes, number 5 was a tough one for me, too.

      Ironically, when we let go of the need to be special and when we surrender, then we may become quite special. But not in the way we thought. It is more that Source expresses through us unobstructed , and that may result in some special sort of behavior ( because it is not based on fear).

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  4. Thanks for your kind comment, Melanie. Yes, number 5 was a tough one for me, too.

    Ironically, when we let go of the need to be special and when we surrender, then we may become quite special. But not in the way we thought. It is more that Source expresses through us unobstructed , and that may result in some special sort of behavior ( because it is not based on fear).

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes, and then we see that it is perfect precision even if we have planned something else and the universe had different plans, like you wrote recently.
      Amazing synchronicities were the biggest clue for me that convinced me that God is everywhere and that I am not who I thought I was.

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  5. Love this list, Karin. They’re all profound but a few of them really struck me because they’re the insights I’m really learning at this time. We’re going through a major de-conditioning on the planet. Your post helped me see what an amazing time we’re living in – remembering who we are. Thank you! Aleya

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