On God’s short leash

Have you ever felt that the universe acts like a teacher?
I do. And I found that it can be a rather strict one.

On my journey, I was guided into inner peace. With stick and carrot.

When I was angry, weird things would happen. For example, light bulbs would suddenly burn out while I was in the room. Whereas, when I was in inner peace, miracles would happen, e.g. wishes would be fulfilled promptly.

It was as if there was a penalty for becoming angry. But, actually, it was guidance.

Later during the journey, I noticed that the reins became shorter and shorter.

At first, I only ran into trouble when I was angry.
But later, weird things would already happen when I was in slight stress.

One day, when I was in a little stressed and anxious mood about my to-do list, the automatic teller refused to give me money (- lately, I seem to have a weird relationship with electrical appliances).

And during the Christmas vacation 2014/15, I got some health issues (pain in my feet) just because I thought I deserved a break from posting on this blog. When I asked the inner voice about the pain, it replied ,
During this vacation, just blog once a day, and you’ll be fine.

Oookaaay…  That was guidance (- even though it felt like I was being blackmailed at the time). Eventually, I obeyed and the pain vanished.

That was the pattern of consequences:
At first, for anger. Then, for anxiousness. Later, even for laziness.

So, guidance became stricter and stricter, making sure I stayed in inner peace more and more. And making sure that I fulfilled whatever contract I had signed before incarnation (- darn, I wish I could remember what I promised in the fine print).

Have you experienced something similar? I’d love to read your stories.

22 thoughts on “On God’s short leash

  1. Karin, 100% absolutely positively experience this. It is incredible. It is either miracles or suffering. and suffering is not bad, it is guidance. Early on if I let the “me” take over and get mean angry etc, many things people consider bad happened to me. When I allow the “me” to fade, miracles happen (still not good or bad really though). It is all just guidance. Now that I think about it, even the misery is a miracle …

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. It is comforting to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing this. At first, I thought that it must be coincidence and I should not pay too much attention to it and should not interpret too much into these events. But there seems to be a pattern. Inner peace is divinely encouraged.


      1. “At first, I thought that it must be coincidence and I should not pay too much attention to it and should not interpret too much into these events”

        If you do this there will be even more miracles! :)

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          1. that is so true too. you are totally getting it, and fast! For years I didnt even understand what i just wrote, and i continued to get the lesson over and over of not seeing what my questions and interpretations were blocking. I mean silence has eternity to show itself and it has no need to rush :)

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  2. Here is the link to the 5 wingmakers interviews. Apparently there have been some edits and changes to the original materials, I did not attach this to my blog yet, as I want to finish reading them first. I am not endorsing them, but hope others will read them as I can generate some genuine feedback. I was led to them and a few folks have mentioned them to me since I found them. Funny that I do not recall how I got to the site originally!


    let me know your reactions, peace, Linda

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    1. Thanks for commenting here and sharing your insights.
      Yes, the journey feels circular. I’d say more like spiralling forward. Ups and downs. Yet there is a direction. It is moving towards inner peace.


  3. I also think this is true, Karin. Inner peace is definitely encouraged!

    I think we become more and more sensitive to when we are and are not in a state of unity with Love. And when we are miracles flow naturally. When we’re not, things get jammed up and sideways. There’s just no going back to being the ignorant klutzes we once were (speaking only for myself of course).


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  4. It seems that emotive power seems to affect the environment, and the more concentrated it is, the greater the effect. One can test this quite readily by developing loving kindness as a formal practice, then seeing how the world and its occupants respond in turn. All best wishes Karin, Hariod.

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    1. Thanks for commenting here and sharing this, Hariod. Yes, the world responds in a much better way when we are loving and kind. But the amazing thing for me was that it was not just people but also electrical appliances and the flow of life in general which behave differently, depending on my mood.

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      1. Precisely so Karin, and that is why I referred to the environment and the world, rather than simply other beings. Also, the levels of static electrical charging we carry may increase in highly emotive states, and there have been times when I have seen sparks fly from my fingertips in proximity to other charged entities, animate or not. Michael could doubtless provide the technical detail, and I may have worded this phenomenon incorrectly; all I know is that this has happened, yet only when my own emotional ‘charging’ was very high. As to ‘the flow of life in general’ as you put it, then it certainly seems true that when we live in harmony with the environment, then the responses we get from it seem harmonious too. Much of this could perhaps be attributed to our lack of any judging and comparing in the mind, so that the ‘flow’ is more apparent. Still, there does seem to be an element to it all that is without explanation, or at least one not fathomable by the human mind.

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  5. For me, life is like a spiral. Things keep coming around, but on a higher level. Each time it’s like, shoot, I thought I dealt with that one! But it isn’t quite as hard. We all come into our lives with issues we chose to work through, and we are doing it. It is good when the feedback is instant. That way, we don’t get as far into the fear before we notice and re-balance. Thank you for this post, and all the comments are so interesting and loving. Blessings

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    1. Thanks for your profound thoughts on this. Yes, like a spiral. That is what I experience, too. Thing come up again, but on another level. It’s good to know that. Then , the disappointment does not need to be so big when the same issue arises over and over again.

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  6. Such a wonderful post Karin.. and this is what I find also… our bodies tell us all the time… yet we do not tap into our Universal connection to see what is happening and why?… This is part of what I have to say within my part 2 post of When the Universe speaks I listen.. :-) And its amazing once we do.. and follow in the flow of where it leads us..

    Great post Karin.. Enjoy your weekend and have a Wonderful Easter
    <3 Sue

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Sue. Yes, we all need to learn to tune into that guidance and listen.
      I am curious what you will tell us in part 2 of your post.
      Have a wonderful Easter!

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  7. What an inspiring post!

    Indeed, to operate from inside a reactive space is a choice we can make. Even though this might not be initially apparent. The practise that seems to work for me is to become conscious of the positive spin-off ( that is always there!) out of our most negative situations and experiences.


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