Be careful what you wish for

As this story illustrates, the ability to manifest can be a blessing or a curse.

Spiritual Awakening

On my way home from work, I bike through a small forest which features several raspberry plants. In summer 2013, I often stopped and indulged in the delicious red fruit. Yummy!

The smell of raspberries. Their taste. How wonderful! I just love raspberries.

During the whole summer of 2013, my heart was singing in joy and gratitude, ‘Life is like a giant raspberry cake. How blessed am I that I can pick raspberries on my way home each evening!’

Little did I know what the universe had in stock for me.

One year later, in summer 2014, I saw some unknown weed making its home in our small front yard. Long, fast growing canes with thorns winding all over the place.

At first, I tried to battle the weed. To no avail.

But then, I looked closer. The leaves looked very much like the ones from the raspberry plants in the forest. The canes didn’t carry fruit…

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3 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. I love when the instructions are obvious like this, Karin… reminding us that everything is related to something we said once, wandering beside the ocean, so many eons ago… Realizing all that arises is a fulfillment– an answer to a need– softens the interpreting mind… :)

    Much Love

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    1. Thanks for your kind answer, Michael. Yes, I like that, too, when things are easy to interpret. For me, ACIM style forgiveness has basically turned into asking, “How the heck have I manifested THAT one??” And most of the time, I find an answer.

      Your recent post (Grinding..) made me wonder though , whether this could change later and whether a time would come when I have to give up my hobby of figuring out why disturbing things occur. Maybe…, I’ll see.

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