A Copernican shift in worldview

It was a world view shattering insight for me that consciousness can exist independently of a functioning brain. This is becoming more widely accepted now.

“First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study”
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11144442/First-hint-of-life-after-death-in-biggest-ever-scientific-study.html (- This article is behind a paywall now. But there are many more exceptional accounts on NDERF.org .

How can someone see and hear what is going on in the room when the brain doesn’t function anymore? Our current model does not account for this.

Whenever there is a discrepancy between the model and reality, it is always reality which wins. And it is the model which needs to be adjusted.

This leads to a shift in worldview which has the order of magnitude of the Copernican shift in worldview (if not bigger). Consciousness does not emerge from the brain. It must be the other way round. The brain emerges from consciousness.

Trying to understand how consciousness is created by the brain by studying the electric currents in the neurons is about as promising an endeavor as trying to figure out how the evening news is generated  by studying the flow of electrons in the TV.

14 thoughts on “A Copernican shift in worldview

    1. Thanks a lot for the nomination, Jas. But I have decided to be an award-free blog.
      I am glad to see that your blog is thriving and that you are getting so much positive feedback. Your journey is an inspiration.

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  1. Speaking from my mediumistic self.. I know beyond a doubt the Life after Life exists.. :-) and have witnessed materialisations in ectoplasm within controlled test conditions… as well as communication with those beyond this realm.. I am pleased at least some scientists are catching up with spirituality …
    And Science as well as ourselves have a lot to learn.. But I think Karin, our knowledge is expanding now at more rapid beats, as the Earths own heart beat quickens… as our perception of Time speeds up.. I hope great leaps forward in this field of exploration will expand knowledge of who we are.. and why we are here..
    Many thanks for the link.. :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. and thank you for all of your support ..
    Blessings Sue xxx

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    1. Thank you, Sue, for your kind comment.
      Wow, you have experienced materialization of ectoplasm. How exciting!
      Yes, science is catching up, and the insights of science and spirituality converge. We live in exciting times.


  2. So, I obviously agree consciousness is not an emergent phenomenon of cells shooting photons back and forth, but these things always get me wondering questions I cannot answer. Which is a perfectly good thing… Assuming you think the consciousness of a mouse or a tree is also independent of their respective physical form, do you think all these “flavors” of consciousness reside in a pure form, but with varying qualities or depths of intelligence? I sense this is a bad question– meaning it’s the kind of question that may not lead to any deeper understanding of how things truly are. But I’m curious what you think…

    Content With Mystery-

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Michael,
      Your question is food for thought for me,again. Good!
      I think that consciousness is single.
      And I use consciousness as synonymous for Source/awareness/love here.
      There are not many soul bubbles floating around disconnectedly. But they are more like branches of the same tree. Or arms of the same person. Individuated but not separate.

      Consciousness creates thoughts. Thoughts create 3D forms.

      About varying depths of intelligence:
      I think that the Source/consciousness is transcendend to everything (i.e. it is in a higher dimension than the 3D world, like a sphere is a higher dimension compared to a 2D plane) and is the substance of everything
      (like sand is the substance of a sandcastle).
      This all-embracing, all-pervading consciousness has the highest intelligence. It is in a stupid mouse as well as in intelligent human beings , and it is in a stone, too.
      It is this intelligent single guiding hand which is responsible for synchronicities with perfect timing. It is this Source/conciousness which has put the wish for a heavy duty trash bag into my mind, and which afterwards took care of the fulfillment of the wish (by letting the wind blow a large heavy duty drawstring trashbag to my garden door). I was amazed. How come the bag I wished for arrived at my garden door? The bag has no intelligence. The wind has no intelligence. The former owner of the bag who must have lost the bag probably has some intelligence ( but this doesn’t explain the miracle).
      (Here is the link to the post about the trash bag story:
      https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/the-magic-wand-of-inner-peace/ )

      The point I’m trying to make is that even though we like to think of human intelligence as superior, it is still tiny compared to intelligence of Source.

      Mary Deioma has experienced this all pervading Source directly, as she describes in her short book ‘Loved: A Transcendent Journey’.

      I’m not sure whether this has answered your question.

      Karin (- still trying to understand the mystery)

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      1. Hi Karin,

        Thank you for this note. I am in agreement with what you have written here, and don’t think human intelligence is the supreme form of intelligence by any stretch. It is kind of funny, but yes, there is profound intelligence in a stone… The transcendent One has become the clay of infinite forms. The basest material derives from the holiest of understandings. I agree.

        I was simply pointing out that in their embodied form… if awareness is indeed this singular field… and it is not an emergent property of the physical, but rather a quality of formlessness… then isn’t it amazing how it’s expressions are so variable? Meaning, the mouse and the human have such unique awareness and intelligence. Is the difference because we have different bodies? Different brains? If so, what does this suggest about the way pure and undifferentiated awareness interacts with the physical world? This is kind of what I was musing about. I cannot construct a taxonomy of phenomena that is meaningful and consistent. Somewhere it always becomes paradoxical. Somewhere along the way, you’re left with a circular peg and a square understanding.

        But as I said… it is not perhaps a great question. We don’t need to understand these things to be compassionate and free… There can be peace in recognizing answers aren’t necessary… :)


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        1. Thanks for your long response, Michael.

          “then isn’t it amazing how it’s expressions are so variable? ”
          Yes, it is very amazing.

          “Is the difference because we have different bodies? Different brains?”
          Yes, I think so.

          “If so, what does this suggest about the way pure and undifferentiated awareness interacts with the physical world? ”
          It is transcendent and all-pervading. Like a 3D ice-cream cone which intersects with a 2D plane. It is the field from which everything appears

          Here is a 50 min talk about this subject by John Hagelin from a Science And Non-Duality conference: “Is consciousness the unified field?”
          If you are interested in what physics has to say about how the 3D world emerges from the unified field and what the arguments are to set the unified field equal to consciousness, then I hope you can take the time to watch this video ( – but if you are content with the mystery, that is fine as well).
          The talk also says something group meditation lowering crime rates and about levitation ( as of minute 35) .

          It is a pleasure to discuss with you.


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