Inner peace and intuition

I was stirring zucchini in a pan, when all of a sudden hot oil splattered onto my finger. Ouch! It was just a tiny spot of skin burned, but it hurt like hell.

‘Ok, breathe deep and remember all things tend to resolve when I keep my inner peace!’ I thought. I turned to the kitchen table, stared at the  pressed garlic which I had prepared before, and tried to calm down.

Then, I had a sudden idea. What if I put garlic on the burn? I had never done this before.

After I had distributed some of the paste on the finger, the pain lessened immediately. Amazing! (Please note: I left it on for about ten minutes only and did not cover it with bandage).

‘Has garlic been recommended as a treatment for skin burns by anyone yet?’ I wondered and searched the web. Though there were some recommendations for garlic paste against pimples, I could not find resources related to skin burns.

On the contrary, fresh garlic can actually cause serious skin burns. So, in my case, the immediate positive effect on the pain seems to have been a homeopathic one (‘like cures like’).

Inner peace can lead to intuition for unusual solutions.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home! Fresh garlic (especially if it is applied to the skin for a long time and covered with a bandage) can cause serious skin burns!


21 thoughts on “Inner peace and intuition

  1. Fascinating. your gifts are getting stronger. Maybe your inner healer is asking something more of you?
    Glad your burn was not serious. So happy to see your post. Garlic has antibacterial properties too.

    <3 Linda

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Linda.
      Yes, that sense of intuition develops over time.
      I don’t know whether the inner healer was involved in this example. I just wanted to share it as an example for that sudden inexplicable sense for an appropriate action which does not rely on any former set of learned rules.

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        1. Awesome that you get these flashes! That is so helpful for navigating. Yes, in the short term they are useful. They are always only valid for the present moment when required.

          For long tem navigation, it works a bit diffrerently.
          But this differentiation into short term and long term navigation is a good point. Thank you.


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    1. Thanks for your comment, Val. Yes, good to know … Or not.
      Haha. I hesitated before posting because I didn’t want to post garlic as a recommendation against burns if it is so dangerous.
      The burn has already healed well, thank you.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Mary.
      Yes, life is amazing sometimes. I feel that life keeps bringing me these snippets of stories so that they can be shared. Next time when a disaster happens, I will sigh gratefully and say, oh well, at least it makes for a good story ;-).
      I am sorry to hear that you had garlic burns. They seem quite awful according to what I have read on the internet. But even though garlic is dangerous, there are many recommendations for garlic on pimples ans warts around. It probably works when used carefully enough.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Hariod.
      Was it a placebo effect? Good question. I don’t know.
      But I doubt it. The thing is that I did not know what to expect. It was more a sudden idea, a sudden inner urge to put garlic on the skin. I had no experience with this before and did not know whether it would work.
      After reading that garlic can cause skin burns, a homeopathic effect is more likely than a placebo effect.
      Best wishes,

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  2. Hi Karin, great to arrive here today, and ouch, yes skin burns are painful from splats of oil.. I have an Aloe Vera plant on the kitchen window sill, and often use the juices of a broken off piece of leaf to put on burns and find it takes out the pain almost straight away and stops blisters from forming..

    Garlic I have used too.. A friend on line Eco Grandma, had a post about how she had cured warts by putting squashed garlic over them, I had a wart type growth on a toe for years under one side of a toe which was beginning to annoy as it rubbed between my toes… I did as she had suggested wrapped it up over night with the garlic.. I thought it didn’t look much different at first and repeated the process about a week later.. and then forgot about it for a while… I may have been about 6 weeks later when doing a pedicure I was astonished to see no sign of the wart at all. and it has never returned :-)

    Hoping all is well in your world.. Love and Hugs Sue

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        1. I usually do a lot of garlic when I am coming down with anything, since it is an antivira and antibacterial and anti fungal. I will go read your post. I’m a big garlic fan. One time, though – the same person that got rid of his wart with garlic – we tried, since it had worked so well on his wart- we put it under a bandage on his skin to get rid of a lump he had, and we burned his poor skin really badly. Oops. :(

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            1. Just a funny addition to all this garlic talk: we just switched on the tv and what showed up? A documetary about a ship. They showed a picture of the kitchen of the ship and in the middle were two huge strings or packges of garlic, each about 3 feet long.

              It is so amazing how what I think about tends to show up a lot in the outside.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Sue, and for sharing the Aloe Vera tip for treatment of burns. Having an Aloe plant in the kitchen is a great tip.
      It is interesting that garlic works on warts, too. Good that it has worked for you and that you did not get a skin burn from garlic.
      Thanks for the link to your post about garlic. The part about MRSA was new to me. Very interesting!

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      1. No I didn’t get a burn, but it itched, I only left it on the actual wart as much as could manage to, the skin around the wart peeled slightly.. But the wart appeared the same on first inspection… and I did it again thinking it wouldn’t work.. but gave it another try…. Then forgot about it.. :-) It has to be about two years ago now.. and nothing has returned :-) so Yep.. Garlic works on Warts :-) And yes the MRSA is a breakthrough… :-) These old wife’s tales some truth.. :-)

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Barbara.
      Yes, we need to listen to our own inner guidance. No more following of pre-defined rules of what others have found to be a set of best practices. Instead moment-to-moment decisions based upon what the inner knowing is telling us.

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