5 insights after 1 year of blogging

I have been blogging about the spiritual journey for one year now and want to share what have I learned.

  1. With a sense of relief, I see that it is not nearly as dangerous as I assumed in the beginning. I was very afraid and reluctant to start a blog and only did so because I was pressured by my inner voice/spirit guides. I thought if I write publicly about all the strange things  which have happened to me (like burned out light bulbs by anger and manifesting the weather) that I would encounter “issues” (like, uhm, do they still burn witches at the stake?).
  2. The tone of conversation is much more friendly than in an internet forum, where discussions often drift into flame wars.
  3. I am amazed by the variety of spiritual paths. So many different approaches! Buddhists, Lightworkers, Christians, ACIM students, hardcore spiritual seekers, they all approach the life’s journey with a somewhat different belief system and set of tools. Also, the variety of expression is amazing. Poetry, essays, stories, uplifting quotes, and advice.
    I am grateful for new friends, new perspectives, and new insights.
  4. Geography belonged to my least-favorite subjects at school. But looking at the world map of the WordPress statistics page is fun. Occasionally, a web search arrives on my blog from a country of which I had never heard the name before.
  5. Often, there seemed to be similar underlying subjects for many bloggers in a given time frame.
    For example, I had just published a post about the painful loss of the former self-image. And then another post about that topic came up. But the other blogger for sure did not know my blog.
    At another time, many people were blogging about time, multiple timelines, and time travel. I didn’t write about time then. But I lost my watch during that time.
    At yet another time, it was about visibility. Many were publishing their first picture, voice recording, or video.
    It is as if we are indeed all pulsed by the same divine Source.

Thank you, dear readers, for all your likes, comments, and for the warm welcome I have received here!


27 thoughts on “5 insights after 1 year of blogging

  1. You and I have been blogging the same amount of time. It’s true for me too – this whole wonderful community of people. I wasn’t expecting it. So great!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Mary.
      Yes, the community is wonderful. I think this is harder to get if people host a blog by themselves, for example on wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com.

      Happy blogiversary to you, too!

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  2. Tommy Green
    If the title of this group has any merit then it should be a way for us to come together for if like minded people looking to find peace in the world can’t find it in a group like this then how can we look at the world with optimism.
    I find that for myself I need to see the bad I want to judge someone else, in me. If I look at the world outside me to see inside me, then I have compassion for what I see lacking in others.
    That may seem like a question with out a answer. We can’t though come at the problem with a answer for then it’s simply a negative pushing a negstive or a positive pushing a postive.
    When we come into what see as negative outside us instead of pushing it away we embrace it and as we embrace it we change it to one instead of two. As duality is to non-duslity.
    You can think that equation in spiritual axiom that gives you a way to love your enemy which is finding yourself in you’re enemy and then there isn’t two or duality but one or non duality. So as you see the one in religion you see the one in spirituality, ie God or non-duality to “I am” or duality The same holds true for science in Quantum Physics. The polarity that allowes a electron to orbit a proton is the making of the Neutron which completes the formula of creation in a atom. All atoms come from the same ingredients of electrons and protons. It’s a matter of how they are arranged that creates their uniqueness. So just as our personalities or perspectives give us a feeling of originality or uniqueness that unique is simply superficial and under that skin of what we think is one, non duality or God. We have the choice to let go of the thought that divides us and as we do that we find the God or non duality in all of us.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Tommy.
      I agree. What we don’t like and judge out there is often a mirror of something inside of us.
      And under all the uniqueness of the various spiritual paths is an underlying oneness.

      I have read a few personal accounts of people whose sense of a separate self vanished. I found it amazing that all the paths lead to this point. To the vanishing of the sense of a separate self. No matter whether catholic or buddhist, they all arrive there at this experience of oneness.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here.

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  3. Happy Blogiversary!

    That’s what we call them in our corner of the blogosphere. You do so much service here, thank you! This experience of public self-expression certainly opens us up to experiences that are truly unexpected and amazing. I am so happy you chose WordPress as your platform and delighted to call you my friend. Your kindness and honesty have been a godsend to me <3

    To many more blogging years ahead and a peaceful soul journey,

    Namaste, LInda

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    1. Thank you for your generous heart-warming comment, Linda.
      Yes, that adventure of self-expression has lead to some amazing experiences.
      I am also grateful that we have met and that we walk this path together. You have contributed a lot the success of this blogging journey with your generous reblogging and your frequent words of encouragement.

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  4. Congratulations on having such a successful and rewarding first year of writing in the short-form medium Karin, and your marvellous community of readers is no more than you deserve. With all best wishes for the future, Hariod.

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  5. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I am a few months behind you :) I have also learned so much and grown so much in the past year, and heave so much to learn still about blogging, lol. Like the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org (a good friend of mine is trying to convince to to go over to the other for business reasons and I don’t know enough about anything at this point to know which way to go). I do know I love the support and sharing here and agree with what you said about how uncanny it is we sometimes all end up writing about very similar themes at around the same time. Namaste, my friend!

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    1. Thanks for your comment and congratulations, Martha.
      Yes, we both have been around here for about the same time, and there is always something new to be learned about blogging.
      So, you are considering to self-host the blog? I have noticed that people who go to WordPress.org are harder to reach. Their posts do still come up in the reader of the app on my tablet, but I cannot comment there easily. I have to go to their site. And if it is loading slowly, that is awkward.
      But self-hosting probably has other advantages. I have seen many do it if they want to run their own business.
      I’m sure you will make a wise decision guided by intuition.
      Best wishes for your journey,

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  6. It’s been a year… Woow… and you found so much an abundance of richness here… WordPress is so very special… We are all here for each other… And isn’t it just wonderful how we all find our own piece of truth that lies patiently waiting within… Happy 1 year anniversary. Love to you X barbara

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Barbara.
      Yes, I am glad that I chose WordPress and that I have found such a great community here. Your book with the collection of the awakening experiences has helped me to meet many fellow bloggers. Thank you again for that.

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  7. Happy Blogiversary!

    It took me a while to find community,
    Even though – and with some trepidation – I too, responded to my very clear inner guidance to begin a blog back in 2011, posting on astrology, initially, and non-duality.

    Karin- I am very much appreciating your insights here and your blog comments. I am glad to get to know you, and your experiences. I also can relate to the witch-burning stuff of the past, as well as the events of weather.

    We live in a new era and are safe in our blog town. We have an amazing network of people.

    Glad to have met you here, also grateful for our mutual friends,

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    1. Thank you very much for your appreciative comment, Ka. I am glad to know that you can relate. The journey of self-expression is essential but can be scary at times.
      Thanks for reading here and taking time to comment.
      Best wishes for your journey,

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  8. Dear Karin, it has been my privilege to get to know you through your blog :-) and Congratulations upon your first anniversary here on WP.. I know speaking on my own personal level I am so very grateful for you and others who have become my WP family.. As we each hold out our hands and hearts for each other as we join each other in unity which I see more and more as our subject matter so often corresponds as we tap into the Universal Energies..

    Thank you so much for being part of that family Karin.

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your heart-warming comment, Sue.
      Yes, the WP family here is amazing. Being able to share and connect here is very fulfilling. I am glad that we have met and that we share as fellow travelers on that journey.

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