Divine communication devices: trucks

The universe uses whatever is available to communicate with us.  Here are three stories about truck inscriptions.

  1. When I was doing a lot of forgiveness work and reading a lot of ACIM (which is a Jesus channeling), I saw a truck saying, ‘Christ. Die erste Adresse für Umzüge’, which means ‘Christ. The first address when you are moving house‘. Moving my belief system from one set of beliefs to another also required Christ.
  2. In summer 2015, I had promised to write a draft for a course about many forms of divine guidance. When the deadline was approaching, I saw a truck with the inscription ‘www.nicht-bummeln.de’  
    (back then, this led to http://www.utke-transporte.de).
    ‘Nicht bummeln’ translates into ‘don’t dawdle’. I took the admonishment personally and wrote a large part of the draft on that same day.
    It is interesting to note that I never got this sort of push regarding my day job or household chores. Source seems to care more about waking up than about anything else.
  3. ‘I am so sad, I am really longing for someone to comfort me,’ I thought.
    The next day, I saw a truck  with the inscription ‘Trost Transport’ , which translates into ‘Solace Transport’. How nice! I can have a truck load of solace;-)

Behind the scences, there is an awesome orchestrating intelligence at work. It uses whatever it can get for communicating with us. And it definitely has a sense of humor.

Eventually, these synchronicities lead to the insight that we are not who we thought we were. But that we are consciousness which contains all. And that whatever is going on within the body-mind is mirrored in the seemingly outside world.

21 thoughts on “Divine communication devices: trucks

  1. Great post, Karin! I especially love, “we are consciousness which contains all. And that whatever is going on within the body-mind is mirrored in the seemingly outside world.” I love the synchronicities too. They can be so humorous. Once, I was walking in San Francisco. I was really sad because my brother was dying. I was thinking about the Dali Lama saying, “in every moment, it is a choice to be happy.” Just as I had that thought, I looked up to cross the street, and in a stopped car right in front of me was a clown with a tear drawn just under his eye. He looked directly at me and drew a smile with his finger on his mouth leaving a smile there. It was so much a beautiful mirror. Then I was working with a client, who was distraught at himself for not exercising more. I asked what exercise he enjoyed. Swimming. He left my office and the first car that drove by, the license said, “Go * Swim. Haha. Sorry to go on like this, but all these synchronicities are so GREAT!! They are constant! If we just pay attention.

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  2. Hi Karin,
    I will just cut to the chase: What is this course about? Don’t recall any mention of it here. I always enjoy your stories. The answers are so direct! They inspire me to keep asking for more, rather than just staying open to what appears. I think the give and take makes it all more interesting.

    So keep on truckin’ :)

    love, Linda

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Linda.
      About getting direct answers:
      I guess I may not draw the conclusion from the fact that I get direct answers (sometimes) that it is like this for everyone. I rather think that maybe this mirrors my preference of blunt,frank, and direct communication. So, folks who like to express themselves cryptically will probably get cryptical messages.
      About the course:
      In early 2015, my inner voiceless voice told me to create a workshop about the subject of divine guidance. After the usual battle of resistance, I gave in and said, “Ok, I am willing.And to demonstrate my willingness, I will write a draft for a workshop format (even though I have no clue how to practice dreaming in a workshop…) .”
      But this is still in draft mode. I am still collecting ideas about what people would need (- and the communication with you is a catalyst for that topic. So, thank you for being here!).

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  3. Hi Karin!
    This reminds me of the truck that had been parking for weeks in the last active working days at the crossing, where one road led to my last employers office building and the other led out of town. The road leading to the office building was called “Carl-Benz-Street” like my company car. The truck on the other hand parked right at the beginning of the street that led rather out of town. It has a big picture on it that said “Beatrice Egli (a singer) – Pure Lebensfreude Tournee 2014/ 2015” meaning something like “pure lust of life tour 2014/ 2015”. It pretty much showed the decision I had to make: Either to choose the road to the office, keeping the company car, or to choose to quit/ go out of town and follow the “lust of life”.
    As you know I chose the latter. :-)
    Much love to you!

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    1. Hi Gunnar,
      thanks for sharing this story! This is awesome. I am glad to hear that this resonates with you and that you get these messages, too.
      I wish you a joyful journey of life and am curious how your path develops.
      Blessings and love,


    1. Hahaha, great comment, Hariod! I am in awe of your ability to make me look up words in the dictionary. You manage to do this even if your comment is just one line long. Awesome. Now I know what articulated trucks are. :-)
      Thank you,

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Louise. I’m glad to hear that this resonates with you. Sounds like you have had your own experiences of the outside mirroring the inside.
      Best wishes for your journey,


    1. Thanks for your comment, Fran. Yes, synchronicities are awesome. The guides are always at work. And guidance can show up in so many different ways.


  4. Loved this.. and so laughed too at Hariod’s comment lol.. :-) And yes the Universe is throwing out the ‘Signs’ at us all the time, its brilliant when we take notice and see the synchronisities which are being sent.. Showing you that you are far from alone and being comforted and guided all the time.. :-)

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I am glad that you can relate. Yes, these synchronicities and signs make me feel that I am never alone. I am always in awe of the perfect timing. My guides must have some unique organizing and orchestrating skills. Or maybe that is an inherent feature of the discarnate state.
      Love and blessings,

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          1. :-) it may be a while in being printed. LOL . I am still finding my inner sanctum ;) Lots of Vivid Dreams too this past week… All pointing in the same direction.. as I shed more layers of me.. :-) But I am so Soooooooo thankful I have you and others who so understand the process we are working our way through right now…
            We are being tested again and again..This time I nearly went under..But here I am :-)…. :-D

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