Dream advice about handling fear

Often, my inner voice asks me to do things which make me cringe with fear. Starting a blog, doing a youtube video, and more which I don’t dare to think about. Recently, fear and overwhelm came up big time again about what changes in lifestyle would be requested from me in the long run. So, I turned within and asked, “Do you have some tips for me on how to handle this fear issue?”

The following night, I had a dream:

I was on a bike ride to the home of my parents and had to cross a bridge. But it became too steep. So, I decided to get off and walk my bike uphill.

On top of the bridge, I was struck by my fear of heights. No balustrade at the side –  eek! Sick with vertigo, I had to focus on just the next step and could not look too far ahead or down to the side.

After I had safely crossed the bridge, I wanted to go home to my parents. But it was too far for a bike ride and I needed to take the bus. After I had asked where the bus stop was, I wondered whether I would be allowed to take my bike inside the bus. At that moment, the bike folded itself so that it was no larger than a closed umbrella. Perfect!

All of a sudden, I was inside the bus taking me home. I wondered how I got in there without actually having entered through the door.

Then, I thought that I must pay the fare and searched my purse for money. But before I could pay, I woke up.

On your journey Home,
when the road gets too steep, go slowly.
When it is too high, just look to the very next step.
When it is too long to go by yourself, ask for a ride.
And you don’t even need to pay.


17 thoughts on “Dream advice about handling fear

  1. Brilliant seems to be the word of choice. I’ll go along with that! So cool you were able to fold your bike up into umbrella size, and not have to pay for the bus. Your needs will always be met, step by step. Lovely Karin.

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    1. Thank you, Mary. That dream was pretty straightforward. Yes, getting these answers is comforting. I feel cared for and protected when I get these messages. Needs will always be met. Isn’t that awesome to know.

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  2. Yes awesome! It’s the trust part that’s hard sometimes. I find life so much easier when I can stay in trust. Fear is so uncomfortable! :)

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    1. Yes, fear is really uncomfortable. Each time the feeling is for me as if I am on a high tower and someone asks me to jump down into the water. The fear is awful and I would like to turn and go back. But, judging from my past experiences, I am not allowed to do that. I would run into all sorts of trouble (health issues, clogged drains or other things which mirror my resistance). So,the only way out is through.
      It is definitely easier with trust, as you said.

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    1. :-)
      Thanks for your comment, Linda.
      Do you suggest I should think up some merchandising items , like coffee mugs or T-shirts? Maybe before Xmas is the right time for this, hehe.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Fran. This interpretation was pretty straightforward. I tried to make it short, not poetic. I’m flattered that you find it is poetic.
      Thanks for reading and commenting here.


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