Dream advice: speak your truth

Usually, I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. But on January 1st, 2016, I had the following dream that showed me an important point for the coming year.

In the dream, I met a former colleague. He told me that he was a school teacher now.
“And when  I went to visit some of these kids at home, they showed me their toys. Some of them have toy guns, you know, awful stuff! An absolute no-no. I cannot understand how parents can allow this.” He raised his eyebrows and added with self-righteous demeanor, “Of course, I have written about this in their report cards and lowered their grades.”

I cringed. Our son had such a toy. Should I tell him?

No. Too dangerous. I was afraid of his judgment. So, I kept my mouth shut, wished him a nice day, and went away.

In the next scene, I was sitting in some kind of small  wagon on train tracks like they have in amusement parks and suddenly realized that there was a cheap bracelet on my left wrist, golden, with blue plastic flowers and red ladybugs. This was a bracelet I had when I was a young girl, maybe 6 years old. But how did this get onto my wrist? I knew that I had already thrown it away. Even more strange was the fact that it was wrapped in a transparent plastic foil as if it was new.

Then I woke up.  Strange dream. What did it mean?
With the help of inner guidance, I settled on the following message.

If you hold back because you are afraid of judgment, you will regress in development back into a child’s stage.

Speak your truth!


27 thoughts on “Dream advice: speak your truth

  1. I love your dreams and interpretations, Karin. They always seem wise.
    How did you feel about that bracelet when you were 6, especially when it was new? I wonder if it had anything to do with newness, since part of your psyche knew it was the new year. I wonder if it had anything to do with being childlike, which could be a wonderful thing.
    I love how dreams can have many different levels and meanings on each level. When I interpret my dreams or those of my clients, becoming each character in the dream can shed light on what we are trying to tell ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing this dream. I wish I had the kind of dream memory that you do.
    Happy New Year, Karin

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Mary, and for sharing your thoughts and possible other interpretations.
      The bracelet meant nothing special to me as a child. There are no special memories connected with it. I was wondering about the plastic foil wrapping after waking up and the inner voice commented, “We know that you have thrown it away already. We did buy a new one for you.”
      In the dream,the bracelet seemed to be an attribute of me as a little child. Like a metaphorical label. When I saw it in the dream, I was not delighted to have my old bracelet back. I felt more like, “What the heck does this mean? Why am I wearing a children’s bracelet now? Where does it come from? I have thrown it away.”
      This dream is an example of one where the interpretation is not that straightforward. I was not happy with the reproach-like nature of the message, but I was aware that fear of judgment is one of the top things which keeps me from posting more. So, I settled for this explanation.
      Dream interpretation is an interesting topic and one that is highly subjective.

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      1. Dreams have always been so fascinating to me. I love dreaming, hearing others dreams and how they interpret their dreams. Yes, all highly subjective. It is interesting to share my own dreams, and to hear if others get something that I might have missed. I used to remember my dreams, keep a journal, etc, but as I age and lose parts of my memory skills, sadly dreams were the first things to go. I keep trying to remember. Sometimes if I go back to sleep in the morning and wake up naturally, I can remember my waking dream. It is nice you have such a rich dream world. Thanks again for sharing it with us.

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        1. Oh, that is sad that the memory of dreams is lost for you.
          For me, dreams are among the top things for inner guidance. The other guidance means are inner voiceless voice and patterns of events. The interpretation methods for patterns of events and dreams are similar as in each case the metaphorical symbolism must be interpreted. But patterns of events occur during the waking time and are much easier to remember than dreams.
          Your do that a lot , too, I guess , when you wander in nature and look at the falling leaf and the water on the duck’s back. Behind every corner, there is a new metaphor for the spiritual journey.
          I don’t recall all dreams, of course. There is nothing I do to enhance dream recall, other than writing things down in the morning. I figure if I am meant to recall a dream then it will occur at such a time that I am able to remember it. That is usually around 4 am, and then I wake up and have to go to the bathroom. Or sometimes later in the morning at the weekend when I can sleep in.
          Peace and blessings,

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          1. Yes, you are right, I do. When in Nature I am often in a dream like state and symbols or metaphors appear. Often when a picture comes into my mind or heart, it is immediately validated by some creature or another, which fills in the rest of the message. I love that. Like when you said “patterns of events.”

            Peace and Blessings to you as well

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  2. Speak our truth, but don’t judge others. Be aligned with our higher self, while acknowledging the child within…. comes to my mind if it was my dream.
    We all apply our own filters and inner reflections… and its all good 💛

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Val, and for sharing your intuition about another possible interpretation. It is interesting to see how many different interpretation possibilities come up for different people. I think dream interpretation is highly subjective, and there is no common translation table of the symbolism which would fit for all.
      Happy New Year to you!

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      1. I agree Karin, there are many interpretations.
        I came across a book that interprets all dreams as relating to what is going on in our body – most involve digesting and eliminating apparently! … xo

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  3. As I was reading your dream I was reflecting on what it meant to me. If I believe everything is happening for a reasons then if I’m reading them why wouldn’t your dream be a window to my reality.
    I thought of how, when the time is right, God will put you were he wants you to carry out his will. Maybe much of our life is pruning and growing into the person he wants us to be to carry out our part in his plan.
    So I saw that as a note to myself to be ready to his bidding. If I’m looking for his will then I will see it when it is in front of me. I don’t have to strain to see it. I simply need to be were I am with awareness.
    Thanks for helping me be were I need to be

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Tommy.
      Yes, often posts we come across seem like meant for us. That happens to me a lot lately. I am glad to hear that this one resonates with you.
      God will put us where we need to be. We don’t need to strain our eyes to see it. I like this conclusion.

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  4. Happy New Year Karin! Such a treat to see your post here. You do have a gift for dream interpretation. I have some other thoughts, but I will let them marinate for now! I do agree though with the edict to always speak your truth, even when it is safer to let things go. I am not often applauded by others by my truth telling, but I know what work for me, although I do occasionally take the easy way out because I don’t like confrontations.

    peace always,

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    1. Happy New Year, Linda, and thanks for your comment.
      Speaking our truth can lead to confrontation, and it is always a trade-off. Speak our truth and risk that someone else judges us? Or shut up and take the easy way out.
      You are doing a great job with sharing here on WP.
      Dream interpretation is highly subjective and there is no common symbolism , no one size fits all,unfortunately. It is interesting to see how many different suggestions for interpretation come up here.

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  5. Wonderful entry for the beginning of the Year Karin.. We are often afraid to speak our truth for fear of reprisals or for appearing different and I think you interpreted your dream perfectly in regard to the teacher ..
    Your bracelet I feel could have been that cherished item you adored when a child.. And I feel when we become adults we forget to embrace the ‘Child within’.. Children live within their now moments,.. As adults we have lost that ability obsessing and worrying over things in our adult world..

    I feel you have read your dream correctly.. I would only add that you look through the eyes of a child into situations and add that sparkle/new/fresh/clear perspective to any given situations.. We are very good at sabotaging our own judgements. :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year in this New Week in January Karin..
    Love and Blessings Sue <3

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and caring comment, Sue.
      The dream was difficult to interpret. Thanks for adding your intuition here. It is certainly helpful to look at situations with a child-like mind. Thanks for that suggestion.
      The bracelet meant nothing special to me as a child. I felt that it was just a label for being a child.
      I realize that dream interpretation is highly subjective. It is interesting to see the many suggestions here.
      Happy New Year, love and blessings,

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  6. Hello Karin,

    I enjoyed your dream and your reflections very much. I realized in reading some of the reflections offered by other readers, and your responses to them, how rich and varied the act of interpretation can be. It reminded me about waking life, and how very similar it is– how we’re all overlaying events with interpretations and questions. That could be taken in several ways, but for the moment, perhaps because this reflection began with the richness of dreams, it spoke to me about the tremendous beauty and depth of this world we encounter. It is interwoven with meaning– interwoven with us and our dreams and our needs and our loves…

    Peace, and Happy Dreaming…

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Michael. Yes, not only dream interpretations are highly subjective, but also the meaning we interpret into occurrences of the waking life are highly subjective.
      And , I agree, life is interwoven with meaning. I was not able to see that before awakening. But now, it seems like everything moves as if guided by a single invisible hand with supreme intelligence. Every occurrence can have a symbolic meaning.
      Peace and blessings for the new year to you,

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  7. I love your interpretations Karin. So true. Your story about the judgement of the gun brought up my own experience last summer when I saw a boy playing with a toy machine gun on the next table at my local cafe, I was shocked and became afraid of what I was seeing and what it might create and posted it on Facebook to warn parents about what these toys might begin. A new friend on Facebook sent me a personal message and told me to be careful of my fear, because this focus on fear will actually bring my fear into creation. I looked deeply at this new perspective and saw indeed that my non-acceptance and resistance to what was happening, did indeed solidify my fear and could very easily bring a real machine gun into my reality. I now accept everything and focus instead only on my own joy of being… which I keep re-creating in my reality. What a magnificent life… Love Barbara x

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is an interesting turn of events that you thought about what your fear might draw into your experience. A new perspective to ponder.
      After the dream, I looked up some online discussions about boys, toy guns, and later aggression. Most discussions stated that even though parents forbid the guns, the boys will use whatever they can get, a stick, a pencil, a finger, and pretend it is a gun. The role play and pretending to be powerful and a hero is somehow normal development.

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  8. Sometimes it is such a hard line to walk. On one hand, helping to bring awareness to others is important – hence your facebook post. On the other, focusing on fear creates more of it. When do you whitewash over something potentially harmful and when do you let things go. As we transmute fear to love, I wonder how much to get involved. Thank you for your insight Barbara ,

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  9. This is my year to speak my truth as well. I have pissed off religious family members who don’t care for my brand of spirituality. I’ve had to deal with a woman who harassed me, but I’ve also met amazing people out here. I’ve loved reading about your journey today, and I look forward to more posts. Dreams can be incredible guides.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Tricia. I am glad that this resonates with you.
      Yes, speaking up is not easy. They don’t burn witches at the stakes these days anymore. But still, one can get unpleasant responses. I think that the speaking up part of the journey is about learning to learn to deal with these unpleasant responses. I get that, too. I didn’t want to speak up. But my guides insisted that I had to, by all means. Otherwise I would get sick, throat chakra issues. And so I started this blog. Of course, about 99% of the population will have a different opinion about the topics about which I write here. But I have to learn to let that not affect me.


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