The universe’s bag of tricks

I want you to hold a workshop,’ said my spirit guide, while I was taking a walk alone outside in Jan 2015.  ‘A what? No way!’ was my initial response. ‘You know how much I hate having to organize my children’s birthday parties. I sure don’t feel like organizing a workshop.’

In front of me, a man was walking with a large dog on a leash. And right after my thought of resistance, he wrapped the dog leash around the belly of the dog in such a way that it became really short. This seemed to imply, ‘Remember, you are on a short leash!’   Afterwards, the dog was supposed to hop into the trunk of a car. But it refused. The man shouted, “Are you crazy?” and just lifted the dog into the trunk. That seemed to mean this would happen to me, too, when I resisted. Sigh. I would probably  have to yield at some point.

I had written a post about the many forms of divine guidance  and  was told by my inner voice that I should somehow turn this into a workshop format.

But doubts crept in. I would have to offer exercises. But how do I practice dream recall techniques in a workshop setting (when people are hopefully not sleeping)? More doubts came, about having to book a venue, marketing, travel, money issues. All of this resulted in me downright refusing to even think about it.

But the universe has its bag of tricks to convince resistant children.

The dishwasher mirrors my stubbornness
I seem to have a special affiliation with electric gadgets. They often stop working when I am not aligned with inner peace. And this time it was our dishwasher’s turn. The start button refused to work, or worked only after pushing it about 20 times. Not funny! Apparently, this was mirroring my stubbornness. Ok, breathe deep and say ‘Thy will be done’. And then the button started to behave well again. I am always amazed when forgiveness works.

Truck advice cheers me on
In summer 2015, I had agreed to write an outline at least, in order to demonstrate my willingness. I came across a truck with the inscription which means ‘don’t dawdle’. I took this as advice to get started and wrote an early draft version.

The unsolved error ticket mirrors me
In December 2015, my efforts had somewhat stopped due to overwhelm in other areas of my life. I was extremely exhausted with no energy or creativity left over. There were no further pushes by the universe regarding the workshop. Maybe I didn’t need to do it after all? I turned within and asked, ‘Do you still want me to take care of this?’ This time, I did not get an inner voice or dream as an answer. But the universe used another very creative method to let me know.

In October, I had created an error ticket about a technical issue. And in December, about two months later, the ticket came back to me, not with a solution but with the innocent question , “Is this issue still not fixed and do you still want me to take care of it?”

My initial knee-jerk thought was, ‘Yes, of course, you [Bleep], unless you have invented any self-fixing bugs, you better take care of it!’

But then I calmed down and remembered that the universe often uses mirrors to reflect back to me what is buried in my consciousness. I admired the universe’s sense of creativity and felt humbled (and was able to answer more calmly).

WordPress posts about letting go of doubt
Even though I got plenty of messages, I still doubted them. ‘Is a pattern really no coincidence? Do I really hear my inner voice correctly? You want me to hold a workshop? Really? Me?’
On Dec 17, 2015, I got three messages to let go of doubt. Two of these came via blog posts, one was delivered over lunch by a friend. Three messages on one day about the same topic. That was no coincidence and made a pattern. The universe was telling me to let go of doubt.

Dream advice about handling fear
I turned within and asked how to deal with the fear and then got a dream about handling fear that suggested to take it step by step and to trust.
Additionally, my iPad sent me some push notifications of an app with the text, ‘I should be telling you that it is better to be safe than sorry, but sometimes safe can be boring.’
Another push notification said ‘Guts over Fear  is today’s new song’.

Inner voice begs me to visualize
My spirit guide begged me, ‘Allow the vision of yourself being on a stage speaking to people.’ Since I had downright refused the idea to do a workshop, I would never indulge in daydreams of how I would talk to a group of people about this topic. But obviously, daydreams are important. Thoughts coupled with emotion manifest reality. Therefore, I needed to allow some visualization exercise.

Magpies are telling me to express myself
I was staring out of my kitchen window when a magpie appeared on the street. And then another one and yet another one. Until there were six or seven of them. Magpies keep showing up often for me since several years now. When I was active in a forum, a new participant showed up with  the nickname ‘magpie’. And one day, I stood behind a guy with a sweatshirt with the inscription ‘magpie’ on it. Though there are several meanings connected with these birds, I interpret their frequent occurrence as a message to express myself and to consider the importance of voice (i.e., speak rather than write).

Cosmic push notifications
On Feb 16, 2016, my iPad suddenly started to switch from standby to active mode when sending me push notifications of apps. Apparently, the ‘do not disturb mode’ setting had been disabled all of a sudden. Hmm, what did this mean?
On the same day, I got a post and an email both with the word PUSH in it. That was a pattern again.

Ok, got it. Apparently, the grace period was over, and I got a push to get moving now.

Dream series about what is holding me back
In February 2016, I then had a dream where I was dancing Latin rumba with my spirit guide. I was dancing gracefully, but my legs could not move freely since they got stuck in the long Latin dress which was tied together on the floor. In my dreams, dancing is a symbol of communicating about the spiritual path. That meant that I could not communicate to the fullest extent since something was holding me back.
But what was holding me back? I asked spirit to show me. As an answer, I got  a mini-series of up to three dreams per night on about five consecutive days which addressed all the reasons which were holding me back. It was so much that my guide asked me in between, ‘Are you sure you can take more?‘ The most important point was lack of commitment and that this would make me prone to give up at the slightest obstacle. Other points were fear based decisions, desire for reward, doing too much for my children, dwelling on the past, laziness and sloppiness, and being concerned with what others think about me.

Sickness as a consequence of resistance
I have pain in one foot. Homeopathic treatment, which is my preferred method, just shifts symptoms around at the moment but does not heal. I remembered that the refusal to express myself in writing resulted in breathing issues in the throat. The throat chakra reacts if there is lack of expression. Likewise, I think that the issues in the foot might point to the root chakra (connected to trust and personal power), and I get a hunch that the pain will lessen once I commit fully to this workshop project.

Feeling drained versus energized
So many messages and the threat of illness as a consequence made me willing to comply. I got that I have to work on the workshop project.

But then another blog post came up that said that it is not enough to do things just because we feel pushed to do them. No! We need to do them because we enjoy them and because it makes our heart sing.

Yeah, I know that. Except that my situation feels like standing on top of a high building, staring down into water and being told to jump. ‘Just jump! And don’t jump just because we threaten you! Jump because you really enjoy it!‘  Well, nice suggestion. But, frankly, that did not feel feasible for me.

So, I turned within and asked, ‘Show me. How I can become more intrinsically motivated?’

And the answer came. These past weeks in March 2016,  I felt quite exhausted and drained as if no energy was left for mundane tasks of preparing meals or other household chores. I felt only energized when I worked on stuff which was related to the workshop about divine guidance. I took me a while to figure out that this stark contrast between feeling drained vs energized was probably the answer to my question.

Thanks for the information, dear universe, but the feeling of exhaustion sucks.
Note to self: Always be careful what you ask for!


The workshop has grown into a pile of about 40 slides now, but it is still in a draft version.

Shouldn’t I feel super ashamed now that I am so stubborn and resistant? No, there is another way to look at this. Rather than to burden myself with additional guilt,  I can choose to think about it as an interesting research project. Resist and then observe with what tricks my guides come up. Can I do my PhD in resistology and procrastination?

I often wonder whether it is difficult to be a guide. I sure would have given up already on someone as stubborn as me! I so appreciate their patience and perseverance and am always in awe about the creative and humorous communication methods of the universe.



62 thoughts on “The universe’s bag of tricks

  1. I love all your cosmic signs and nudges (and pushes!). It’s inspiring to see you work through the resistance, which can be immobilizing and which we all face. I’m looking forward to seeing how the workshop journey unfolds! Thank you, Aleya

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    1. Thank you, Aleya. I’m glad that this resonates with you and also glad that we travel this journey together. It is much easier if we know that fear is common during this process and that there are ways to deal with it.
      Thanks for commenting,


  2. You certainly get a variety of signs via dreams, the environment, machines, health symptoms, etc. And you interpret them so seamlessly. I still miss so much! In any case, I hope that you can find the joy in doing this project. Look how far you have come and how your life has become enhanced? I know you know this, but felt called to put it in writing, hehe.

    Looking forward to a progress report asap :) I wonder if you have already been a guide to others? I think it would be fun, as opposed to this gig as a human.


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    1. Thank you, Linda.
      Yes, I get messages on many different input channels. And you get guidance, too. You are very intuitive and connected.
      Yes, you are right, I should look back and see that starting this blog was a good idea after all, even though I resisted it big time in the beginning.
      I will think about the progress report :-)
      Have I been a guide? Interesting question. I don’t think so. I thought this happens only for those who did not need to incarnate anymore. But recently, I came across a story where the guide was incarnate.

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  3. I love, love, love this post! So many synchronicities! I’m sure your workshop will come along nicely and everything will align as it should. If you need any help, feel free to email me. I have given several workshops on spiritual subjects and I have also been in the teaching profession for over 13 years now. Not that you even need my help on this, though. ;)

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    1. Thank you, Dayna! Glad that you liked it.
      Wow, you have given workshops on spiritual subjects! That is cool. Thanks for your offer. I will email you in case I need help.

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      1. You’re welcome. :)
        Yes, I gave workshops on spirit guides and meditation. I also spoke at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Austin the year I met my husband. I talked about how to meet your spirit guide and did readings on audience members. I use to do group readings as well. Seems like a another lifetime. Now I’m “normal” in comparison. lol

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  4. Karin,
    This post…well, it’s amazing. I know, I know…overused word, but Oh My Gosh this is so great!!! I laughed out loud several times. You are so funny! I love getting a PhD in resistology and procrastination. Your guides are so creative and humorous. They must love you. What fun they must have coming up with such outlandish mirrors! Can’t you just see them getting together, laughing and creating forces to come together at the perfect moment for you to see, just as they are telling you something?
    I love your process around this whole workshop idea. How we relate to ourselves during an issue is really the issue, and you are totally nailing it! Seriously, Karin!
    I love how Magpie is one of your mirrors. They are hilarious. I love hearing them talk. They make me laugh. It’s hard to concentrate on my tai chi when they are around because I end up laughing. They teach us so much about communication and about balance.
    I love every single message your guides have given, that you told us about. Every one is such a gift.
    So funny, how the gadgets are in on it! Your guides are brilliant, as are you!
    I hope you use all these examples in your workshop. I laughed out loud when you were talking about practicing dream recall in a workshop setting, where people are hopefully not sleeping! Haha! Although, if they were asleep, you wouldn’t have to do much. :) But no way are people going to doze in your workshop. They will be sitting up straight, hanging on every word of wisdom, and for the next funny example of guidance.
    And I laughed out loud when you were talking about jumping off the high building because you enjoy it!! Hahaha! But then, once you do this workshop, my sense is you are going to enjoy it so much, even if the jump wasn’t fun.
    I love your willingness to listen to your guide’s messages, and that you really pay attention. You are so fabulous, Karin. I feel so much love and respect for you. I am grateful we are blog friends.
    Congratulations on your draft of your workshop! By the end of the workshop, people are going to be watching for signs. You will have introduced a lot of them to the humor in the signs. They will be lighter and have a greater understanding about what divine guidance is. What a gift, Karin. What a beautiful, generous gift.
    With love, gratitude and respect,

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    1. Thank you so much for this very detailed and appreciative comment, Mary. I am so glad that this resonates with you. Yes, you can relate. You are seeing these signs everywhere, too. It becomes a new navigation method.
      Yes, I can picture how much fun my guides must have when they arrange these synchronicities.
      I thank you for all the encouragement regarding the workshop. That really means a lot to me.
      Much love,

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  5. This is a wonderful compilation of tools that your guides have used to give a little or a big push in the desired direction. I love it! I always find it fascinating (in hindsight!) to seed how I was guided along, sometimes in a very sublte, other times in a very direct way.
    These are great little stories…fun to read, not always fun to experience (at first). Spirit guides do have to be VERY creative to get their guided one’s attention. And yes, I not only believe but have been told that guiding is not an easy task. Don’t know if I had the patience :-)
    A very dear friend of ours recently published a book ‘Half-bead of Fundy: A Native American Mystery’ which presents one view of the guidance issue…wrapped in a Native America Mystery. It is fiction but she has also used some of her own experiences in the story. I am currently reading it and there are some good examples of how much frustration but also how rewarding this ‘guiding job’ can be. Fun – if you don’t mind the Native American story telling style, you may enjoy it too.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, spirit guides have to be creative. It is so amazing to see what they come up with.
      This is fascinating that you have been told what it feels like to be a guide! Thanks for the book recommendation.
      So, frustration can happen even if one is not incarnate or even if on is advanced enough to be a guide. That is interesting to consider.
      I should feel compassion with my guides now.
      Peace and joy,


  6. “PhD in resistology and procrastination” – this is very amusing, Karin. I think many of us can recognise this phenomenon of at times becoming paralysed by indecision. I am currently looking into buying my first digital camera and my mind appears quite determined to know absolutely everything about the development of digital optics over the past ten years. Then again, the more I research, the more I realise I would have made bad choices had I not – the answer, as always, is in finding a balance.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Hariod.
      Yes, indecision and collecting more data for a better decision is well-known for most of us. You have your own research project if you find out about the history of digital photography. It sounds like you enjoy the process of delving into that. And hopefully you will find out which camera to buy. Looking forward to great pictures in your blog!

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  7. Hi Karin!

    Yes, yes, yes! Go for your workshop! It is really high time.. ;-)

    Did you ever consider that it is you, that causes all these synchronicities? And that it might be just about time to identify yourself with the magical, divine Karin that can cause all kinds of crazy stuff?
    And that wants to lead the workshop now?

    Please tell me once you set up time and place for the workshop. I am very interested to join. But I am also already quite booked on the weekends (especially in May).
    So I hope I will be able to join.

    With love


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    1. Thanks for your comment, Gunnar.
      Yes, it seems that it is time to get this thing started.
      Have I caused the synchronicities? Depends on what you mean by ‘I’. Source, consciousness, the puppeteer has caused this. And my sense of I AM is connected to that. But the little me, the puppet, the human bodymind has not caused it.
      I will let you know when I run the first pilot workshop and hope you will be able to attend.
      Much love.

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    1. Thank you for your heartwarming comment, Molly. Yes, I hope things will turn out well and people will like it. I need a lot of discipline now to get this finished, and also a lot of trust that I will find a room for the workshop and find the right date when enough people have time to show up.

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      1. Karin – you are amazing and the Universe is supporting you! You’re so wise and observant, it will all work out! Excited for you and blessed are those who will be around and learn from you. Hugs!

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  8. Hi Karin,

    I loved this post and it was very timely for me. Sometimes it feels like the stages of opening up are not these lovely petals of a flower, but sound barriers we break through. Sonic booms. Fear is like this microphone next to the flower petal with an amplifier on it the size of Texas. When the flower petal wiggles gently in the breeze, what you actually hear is the sound of God filling the entire ocean for the upcoming swim season. You hear wind strong enough to push the Himalayas three feet to the right. You hear the inside of rocket engines and archangels trying to blow out a star on their birthday cake or something. All very frightening stuff…!

    There’s an instability that comes right as everything is rearranging from one condition to the next. I have been feeling some of that in me and so I recognize your symptoms and cracked up at all of the scenes you’ve witnessed. It’s amazing isn’t it… watching the signs go past… ooohh…! I bet that was for me! I better pay a little attention here! Ha!

    Your workshop will be amazing as people here have already said. I hope above all else you will enjoy it…

    Peace and Love

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging and thoughtful comment, Michael. I am glad to hear that it came timely for you.
      I love your analogy that fear is like a microphone coupled to the wiggling flower petal. Yes. Everything seems to be so much more dramatic. A slight movement causes a whole storm.
      So, you are also in rearranging mode. I see, your recent post about the bird and the lion seems to speak about this.
      Thanks for the encouragement regarding the workshop.
      Peace and joy,

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  9. So enjoyed reading this Karin.. and love your sense of Humour.. I think your guide must also have one too :-) as they certainly do not give up lightly.. So pleased you saw the connections of your synchronisities I smiled through many of them especially over the dishwasher and the error ticket about a technical issue :-)…

    And isn’t it amazing how when absorbed in what we are meant to be pursuing how energised we feel.. A great gut barometer to go by I have always felt..

    Plus to add to your workshop you have all of these synchronises you can add to help your new students see to just what lengths the Universe goes to to get us going on the right course of action..
    You will be brilliant with your workshop Karin.. We are often our own worst enemies, and self doubters..

    Trust in your guides.. they obviously know beyond doubt what you should be doing and are not going to every take NO for an answer.. ( Even though we have free will lol,, they have ways of making us bend to theirs )

    Lots of Love Karin.. great to see this post from you.. and Good luck with the creation of your workshop in progress.. It will be fantastic. I am sure

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Sue.
      I know you can relate. You are seeing these signs, too. I loved your story of how you were directed to the guitar.
      Yes, my guides have a lot of humor and do not take NO for an answer.
      I will need to practice trust more and and also go by the gut barometer, as you said.
      Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate that.
      Much love,

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  10. Gotta love the Universe’s timing, and inspiration. This post came to me at exactly the right time, just as I was thinking… what on earth am I thinking about putting together a workshop? Bah. Not my ‘thing’.

    hahaha, said the Universe. Here you are telling me to listen to my truth, and not the critter!

    thank you Karin for the wonderful insight and inspiration this morning (and for your comment on my blog which brought me right to where I need to be!) Blessings!

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    1. Wow, you are thinking about putting together a workshop? And came upon this post today? This is good timing, indeed.
      One of your posts played a role in one of the universe’s messages for me. It was a post by you from 2013, I think. It was before I had started blogging, and I came upon this post because it showed up as referrer to my blog. That was so odd. How could your old posting refer someone to my blog when there was no comment or Like by me in your post? I think your posting was about the subject of letting go of doubt and it was one of the three messages of letting go of doubt I got on that day.
      It is so funny that this post is now timely for you. I think the universe likes reciprocity.
      Have success and fun with your workshop.

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  11. Karin pretty soon “WE” will look at the clock and say WHAT ARE THOSE NUMBERS on that thing that used to give “US” the “time scheduale” As there is truly no time, no frustrations by your guides and no “resistance”. Just perfect EXACTLY as it is. Eternal time is truly “our” friend and “we” are in this together, exactly as it is. All in perfection Heart to heart Robyn

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    1. Ha! Yes, that must be the reason why my watch refused to let the time be adjusted from normal time to daylight saving time yesterday. I was wondering WTF is the watch doing? Not reacting to any attempt to change the time. The push buttons just did not react at all. But your comment today explains everything. What are those numbers anyway ;-))) Ah, it is all perfect.
      With timeless peace;-) ,

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  12. cosmic sun correction on wordless…getting less words… The power of going within… thank you for lighting up the cosmos… workshop jargon only… then within….one connection “one creation “in the “workless” workshop…calling it work is old vibration. Got this message in “Iam” “now” about my work “LESS” play Heart to Heart Robyn

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  13. “…Note to self: Always be careful what you ask for!..” this made me laugh. Yes, and do not forget to be detailed because filling in the blanks can always backfire. Actually, it always does and you realize that you indeed let the thought and desire out but the Universe took it in a twisted way.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that you found it funny. Yes, it seems we need to be detailed in the communication. That is strange. Does the communication with the universe have to end up like a law contract, which is very detailed but hardly readable? I hope not. Otherwise I would have to study law…


  14. I just love how you put all the pieces together. Your journey resonates with my journey right now. When you talk about ‘inner voice begs me to visualize’ allowing yourself to be a speaker. I am working on that idea. I don’t like to think too much in the future.
    I so feel you in the stubbornness and resistance area. I keep repeating to myself ‘it’s all in Divine Timing’ Somehow the ego mind…it is amusing how you refer it to PhD. Love how you think. ;-)
    I Cheer You Karin! Looking forward in reading your next journey ;-)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am glad to hear that it resonates with you. Yes, this fear and resistance thing seems to be very common and can be a real block for many people.
      Best wishes for you and your project´.

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    1. Thanks for your kind and interesting comment, Robyn. What has been happening is cave time lately. Maui sounds good even if I don’t know how and when that could happen.
      Best wishes for your journey and blessings,

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  15. Hi Karen Missing your stories… what are you busy with? Just posted our e-book on my post you can download the book by clicking on the first photo. love to you x Barbara

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment and the link to the ebook, Barbara.
      I haven’t been busy with anything. I am just currently taking some cave time.
      Love to you,

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  16. Hello, Karin. I loved this post! Apparently we went to the same University because I, too, hold a “PhD in resistology and procrastination” LOL This post was a direct answer to a struggle I have been having with my own guides.

    I feel the need to point out to those who do not know me that I have already agreed to follow the path, nothing is against my free will. That said, there are certain changes that must be made in my life to facilitate moving forward. Here is where the resistance and procrastination set in. Stepping out into the unknown, shaking up current relationships and work to the point of disintegration is giving me pause.

    I have agreed, when I see the path laid out before me I will walk it. I will not initiate the change. Until then, I should work on setting up what I can.

    The (income) work I did previously was as a VA for a business coach. I also handled her events from inspiration to follow-up, virtual (on-line) and live. If you have any difficulties pulling any part of this together, I offer my assistance to you. I see Dayna has also offered her experience. So you are supported even if you only need good vibes sent your way. Just ask. ;0)

    I am directed to speak publicly on the subject of Alchemy. I have allowed myself to be distracted, procrastinating what will be the very vehicle that gets me out of the rut I am stuck in. I just need to start. Your post is just another big push to start writing the script. (Doing a joint teleseminar in the future comes to mind, too.)

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad to hear this resonated with you. This fear, resistance, and procrastination theme seems to be a common one among the spiritual community. The flip side of bein able to hear guidance is, well, actually getting guidance. And it might not always be what we want to hear.
      So, you know how to set up teleseminars and are good at organizing events? That sounds good.
      I don’t know how I will do this workshop. My plan is to do a pilot workshop for six people at home. Planned timeframe probably four hours. And afterwards I could put the course material online. I haven’t planned running a teleseminar yet. And I don’t know how to set this up. But it is good to know that you have plenty of experience. Thanks for offering assistance. If I am guided to do a teleseminar, I will contact you again.
      I have looked at your website but it seems I cannot find anything there about your subject. Is there any website where you share what you have experienced and about the topic of Alchemy?
      When I had to come out of the closet with this whole thing, I was wondering why I had to do this. Aren’t there enough books and websites out there about these topics? Why do I need to add my viewpoint on this? Now, I think writing or talking about this is not so much about making the material available for others, but it is rather about stepping through the fear of speaking my truth about highly controversial topics. It is about being visible here with name and picture and telling what I have experienced and how my worldview has shifted because of that – and if anyone takes offense, then, tough shit, that is their problem, not mine.



    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the leash was connected to the dog’s neck, but in addition tied in a knot around its belly. The effect of that was that it was shortened. The dog was then only shouted at because he resisted to get into the trunk of the car.
      I felt that something similar might happen to me.
      Thanks for your wishes regarding the workshop. It is really time that I get on with this. I just have to trust that the universe will be supportive.

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