Postcards from cave time

I have been nudged and pushed by the inner voice to do a workshop on divine guidance. But I resisted this task a lot. So, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the resistance. Where does it come from?

With this intention, I entered into cave time.  I felt that I first needed to make peace with life and all the loss and pain that is part of the spiritual journey (- think of a caterpillar in the chrysalis stage grieving the loss of the former self), before I could move on with the task of creating a workshop.

Here, are  some postcards from the phase of cave time about the patterns I have experienced.

  1. Feeling confused while in the midst of it
    I find it hard to make sense of a phase when I am in the midst of it. It is much easier to look at a difficult time in retrospect and then see what it was good for and what I have learned from it.
  2. Connecting the dots in retrospect
    As I read through old journals, I was able to see common topics that came up over and over again. For example, one of them was “Learn to express your view and set boundaries even if that might upset others!” Maybe this is why I am guided to continue blogging?
  3. Working through old stuff goes roughly backwards in time.
    First, the most recent ‘forgiveness opportunities’ came up, like anger at work. After that, the older stuff came up for processing (like the painful and crippling rheumatoid arthritis I got after the birth of my first child). Last, some unpleasant childhood memories came up about being treated unkindly in a hospital at the age of 3 years.
    So, that goes roughly backwards in time. However, the whole review process was triggered by a disturbing past-life memory that was revealed to me.
  4. Reframing, witnessing, faith
    In order to make peace with emotionally upsetting stuff from the past, for me, it usually comes down to reframing in order to find peace of mind. There is probably some gold nugget in the experience that I must be determined to find.
    For current surges of emotional pain, the witness position was often the only peaceful place to be found.
    When nothing else helped, like with physical pain, I got signs by the universe to just have faith that things would improve over time.
  5. The universe uses WordPress
    Whenever I had an urgent question during this time, there would soon be several posts in my WordPress feed which contained an answer to my question. God listens. How comforting!
  6. Lists
    Besides journaling, I have found it helpful to make lists of all kinds. The list of recurring issues in my life. The list of things to be grateful for. The list of things my higher self would enjoy doing (sharing my experiences fearlessly) versus the list of things my personality self would enjoy (sitting safely on my couch and reading yet another book).
  7. Sharing
    Though I did not blog during the last 10 months, I journaled a lot. But somehow, this was not enough. Whenever I had moved through a topic, someone appeared with whom I was prompted to share. It was as if I was encouraged to spell out for someone else what I had experienced and learned or where I was stuck.Thank you to everyone with whom I could connect during that time!
  8. Honoring my inner knowing
    When sharing my process with others, they often felt compelled to suggest solutions to my issues. Often, that was helpful. However, in some cases I had to politely decline their advice and rather honor my own inner knowing about what would be the appropriate next step for me – even if I was sorry to see that the other person felt rejected and disappointed.
  9. Advice to others is advice for myself
    I often found that when I gave others suggestions about what I guessed would be helpful in their situation, that was the very thing I needed to tell myself in the next difficult situation.
  10. Circling at the fork of surrender
    For me, there is a fork in the road. Surrender and do the workshop on divine guidance and all that is connected with it –  or avoid it.
    On the path of surrender, I need to face much fear.
    On the other hand, the path of avoidance does not face the fear and I could stay in my comfort zone and feel safe, but this only leads to circling and coming back to the decision fork in the road over and over again.
    Unfortunately, the path suggested by the higher self is not always what my personality-self prefers.
  11. Twisted memory or jump to another timeline?
    Twice during the last ten months, I had the experience that current facts do not conform to how I had remembered things. Very odd! Is this my lack of memory or is it something like the Mandela effect and the jump to another timeline? Interestingly, both experiences seem to be connected to decisions which made me come into better alignment with my higher self.

What happened to my resistance after all of that cave time? It is still there and I still don’t know exactly where it comes from or what it consists of.

Now, I am back to the former mode of pushing through this workshop task with obedience and self-discipline.

At least, I have set a deadline now. A  pilot version of the workshop on divine guidance with a very small number of participants will take place end of March, 2017.

25 thoughts on “Postcards from cave time

  1. Hi Karin!

    I jut want to say welcome back! I had a double take when I saw your gravatar in my reader. Thought I was hallucinating, lol! I will return with a commentary on the content, but just wanted to say how happy I am to see you here doing your thing and spreading the light with your presence. :)

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    1. Thank you, Linda. Yes, I had to post. I got several nudges from the inner voice and from dreams. And one of your last posts about ‘doing it now’ was in line with that. So, you should know that you have contributed to that push that led me to post again. Thank you for that.

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  2. Many of those post card spoke to me Karin and it is so good to see this post from you..
    I have every confidence in you that you cave dwelling days are now coming to a close and Good Luck with your workshop.. I know it will be a great success..
    Those posts that guided you showed you that you were never alone in that cave… But spirit never push us.. They have all the time in there world.. lol.. And leave us to make up our own minds.. Free will and all that.. :-)
    So I am smiling widely my friend.. I see your likes many times.. and thank you for them.. and see your comments around and about.. So welcome back..
    Love and Blessings in all you do.
    Sue xxx

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    1. Thank you for your appreciative and generous comment, Sue.
      Thank you also for the wishes regarding the workshop.

      Spirit is with us all the time, yes, that is comforting to know. That we will never be pushed, however, is something that I do not find true in my own experience. I have been pushed a lot. At least in my case, free will seems to become less and less the further I go along this journey. This is something which should be mentioned in the fine print before one embarks on the trip.

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      1. Haha… well sometimes there are those who dig their heels in deeper when knowing they are being pushed LOL… I found out early on there was less pain and frustrations when I went with the flow.. When I fought things, Spirit usually had a lasting lesson to impress upon me.. :-) but each one made me grow stronger still.. So each path perhaps was meant to be walked after all.. ;-) xxx

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  3. Hi Karin,

    I re-read your post and know it will help so many to understand how you arrived at this point. I can relate to most of your postcards and acknowledge that communing with the higher self and staying open is crucial. Signs are everywhere, guidance is constant, but often it can be very difficult to discern when we are locked within in a state of pain.

    I wish you the best with the workshop. I believe in you wholeheartedly.

    hugs, Linda <3

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Linda. Yes, guidance can be difficult to discern when we are in a state of pain. I can relate to that.
      Thanks for your encouragement with the workshop.

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  4. You know I <3 you and loved reading this. Numbers don't matter… and in time the resistance will fade. It can be very hard/challenging… at first. I am so proud of you though!! I was thinking of you this evening – can I ask you to connect with me on fb (if you use)… you can message here: and we can take from there. <3 <3 <3 you!! And oh… have you thought of co-teaching a class… do you have a fellow spiritual teacher buddy??

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    1. Thank you for your appreciative comment, Molly.
      Yes, maybe the resistance will fade.

      Thanks for the invitation to connect via facebook, but I don’t use facebook. Email would be more practical for me.You can reach me via my contact page on WordPress.

      About co-teaching a class, Robyn has suggested doing a workshop on Maui. Maybe I could do a webinar for this. But there are no definite plans yet.

      I have connected to several people via WordPress. And also locally here in Germany. Some of them are spiritual teachers or coaches.

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  5. Wonderful to read you again on WordPress and love your post cards from the darkness… You have flowed well my friend and I know the essence of your wisdom will be pouring into your workshop… which will change as we are all naturally quantum leaping through timelines… as the old falls away we have to move otherwise we smother in our own layers of Human suffering. Much love to you Karin, Barbara…
    I would love you to find time to be featured in my guest blogger feature… please read about it here.. looking forward to hearing from you x

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Barbara. And thank your for the invitation to write for your blog. My guidance is nudging me to contribute. Therefore, yes, I will write something. I will let you know when I am ready. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share on your site.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been on a journey myself and trying to hear the whisper of God takes, for me, both quiet and courage. I think God has a way of getting us to quiet even if we resist.
    I admit I struggle though with the courage as sometimes I question myself even though the message comes through me quite clearly. I sometimes have to much concern for what others think but I pray that, that too, is a tool being honed in the fires that pound the sword to shape with a gavel.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Tommy.
      I agree, a quiet mind and courage are both important for getting messages. Courage for daring to listen, courage for believing it, and courage for daring to act on it.

      The concern about what others think is something which probably everyone who comes out of hiding (with blogging or in another way) has to deal with.

      When I started thinking about what other people will think about what I share here, then I came to the conclusion that probably 95-99% of the population have a different opinion. That is, nearly everyone.

      Materialists have a different opinion, of course. But even among those on a spiritual path, many have a different belief system and different experiences and opinions. Christians, Buddhists, Lightworkers…

      And they do voice their opinions. That means, even though I won’t be burned at the stake these days, I still get comments by people with different opinions. There is just no way that everyone will agree with what I write.

      I like how you put it “that too, is a tool being honed in the fires that pound the sword to shape with a gavel.” I agree. We have to deal with it somehow.

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      1. You know, I believe we all see “it” in our own way and some see “it” clearer then others and we try to use words to point at “it”, but words can never touch it because ” it” can never be understood and words are a creation of mind that thinks in way so mind believes it knows what it never can. So mind can’t know “it” and that is the juxtapose we all have in pointing at it.
        I believe that with the right frame of mind or how we think, our suffering, shows “it” to us in a clarity of no mind. Somehow that pain and struggle frees us of those chains we think our reality in and in that space we find a connection to something by letting go. A surrender to the part of us that wants to think it knows.
        So our sword is our connection and it is wittled and sharpened by our struggle and that isn’t something we can give anyone. We all have to face our own pain and fear
        So I believe your reluctance to give an “answer”. Is only met with resistance by those that cling to a thought that needs to think it knows. We can only show the surrender we can’t show a thought to know because that is the illusion we think is real and it causes our suffering. So by walking through that suffering and letting go we can experience what we can not know. A peace beyond any understanding.

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        1. ” So by walking through that suffering and letting go we can experience what we can not know. A peace beyond any understanding.”
          Well put. That sounds promising.

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