Divine Guidance Workshop

After much resistance and many pushes by the universe, I gave in and held a pilot version of the divine guidance workshop.

It was the ‘lite version’ of it. Just half a day with only six friends in my living room. No hassle with having to book a venue, no marketing, no traveling.

This event was not only heavily enforced by nudges and pushes of the universe, but many details of it were also guided.

A dream about the target group
When I wrote the script for the workshop, I was not sure who should be the target group. Materialists? Lightworkers? Buddhists?  Christians?

When I asked, I got the answer “We will send you a dream”. And then I dreamt about one of the participants and interpreted that as the prototype of a member of the target group.

Dreams about the chapter on the basics
I wondered whether I should include a chapter on the basics of the spiritual journey in order to let people know that guidance will shift their identity and will also result in a loss of free will.

But wouldn’t this information  deter many readers who might just want to know how to find the right romantic partner or how to make more money?

Then I had two dreams which both indicated that it would be silly  to cut away the foundation and therefore decided to include the chapter on basics.

Advice on the date
In November 2016, I was finally ready to stop procrastinating and set a deadline – just so that I could get that task off my chest.

But when should the pilot version of the workshop take place?

I asked the inner voice and heard “End of March 2017”.

So, I set the date to March 31, and everyone of the participants had time on that day.

Help with single chapters
When I wrote the chapter on synchronicity, I needed a good example as a story to include.

But I was at a loss. I did not want to just quote the old story of Carl Jung and the scarab beetle, but rather tell my own story.

As if to answer this request,  a bird flew against my window. It was a special bird – a canary.  And it had a special connection to our family on that day. You can read more about it in the chapter on synchronicities in the script.

An email which should not be sent
After a draft of the script was ready, I sent it to a friend. He wrote  a lot of detailed feedback into the comments.

When I attempted to answer all his remarks in a lengthy document, my computer program just did not save my answers. About two hours of work were lost.

I took that as a sign that this answer was not to be sent – for whatever reason.

Advice on whom to invite
Three weeks before the workshop, the inner voice told me,  “Can we talk? I don’t want you to ruin this. You need to invite F., too.”

I said, “Yes, I can do that, but F. usually works on Fridays and he will probably not be able join.”

The inner voice replied, “He will come. I promise.”

So, I invited F., and indeed, he participated. And it turned out that his presence was a blessing in several ways.


During the last two years, I have learned over and over again in how many ways an endeavor is guided if my higher self wants to make it happen by all means. At first, there are gentle nudges and not so gentle pushes. After the realization that resistance is futile, there is surrender. And in the end the whole universe conspires to support it.


I am very grateful to the six participants of the pilot version of the workshop who took the time to test this and who gave me valuable feedback and to all fellow bloggers here on WordPress who have shared how guidance shows up for them, who have encouraged me, and who have offered help in many different ways. Thanks a lot to all of you!

The link to the free script  of the divine guidance workshop (downloadable pdf) can be found here .

36 thoughts on “Divine Guidance Workshop

  1. Hi Karin, it’s wonderful to see you back on WP, and very inspiring to read about your creative and spiritual endeavours! Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to reading more! :) Aleya

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  2. Hi Karin,
    It is always wonderful to see you here and I am inspired greatly about how specific and timely your guidance was in response to all your questions and concerns. I wish I was there and will continue to support you my friend!


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    1. Thank you, Linda, for your kind comment and for all your encouragement and support along the way. Discussing these topics with you over Skype has helped me a lot when I needed to get the first structure of this workshop done. Also your book recommendations were very important and I have included some of them in the script (books by Martha Beck and Robert Moss).

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      1. thanks!
        BTW, did you get to listen to the Robert Moss interview? If not, the shift network keeps offering free interviews with him on various dream topics. I am very happy to support you and you have no idea how much I learn from you.

        hugs in abundance, Linda

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        1. Yes, I did listen to a replay of the Moss interview. The story about the time traveling woman who was seeking information or help from him was amazing.

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    1. Thank you for the congratulations, Dayna. And thank you so much for your support. The fact that you share all your dreams, songs in the head, synchronicities and signs, and inner voice guidances in your blog has helped me a lot. Also thank you again for your initial encouragement and support with ideas how to set up such a workshop. And thank you for the free channelings. All of that was wonderful support along the way.

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  3. WOW… SO loved this Karin.. and so happy you followed those nudges and you listened to those guiding you.. And I am under no doubts that this will be the first of Many such more workshops… You sound to have gone into depth within your workshop material.. And I smiled even wider when they knew ‘F’ would be available to come and prompted you to ask him..
    I am always amazed at how Spirit work through us.. And they are firmly by your side .. Well done..

    Sending you lots of Love and so Happy you have taken this next step at last.. :-) <3 Hugs to you

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    1. Thank you so much for your very appreciating comment, Sue.
      I am not sure whether and how I will continue with more workshops. Having to organize events is not my favorite thing. I was hoping to get by just by putting the script out there. But I will see. My guidance tells me to relax and allow.
      Much love,

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      1. You may well be surprised how Spirit get you to work.. I never ever thought I would lead a development group or trance group and become a medium working the platform as I did for 20 years alongside a full time job.. But it gets juggled into the mix.. :-) So yes go with the flow.. and let what happens BE… But I bet before long you are asked to do another.. ;-) xxxx Hugs xxx

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        1. Wow, you did this alongside a normal day job. I was not aware of that.
          I will see what comes up now as next thing to do.
          Thanks for all your support and encouragement with comments and with sharing your own stories of guidance.

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          1. Yes all voluntary.. I would have at least between 30 and 40 bookings in Spiritualist centres around our area for a Sunday or Saturday service.. Monday nights I would take Meditation classes..and Awareness groups.. Later this turned into trance in a home circle.. Tuesdays was the spiritulists church Development class.. Thursday I was a healer, and would never miss unless on holiday.. Friday night was a physical phenomenon circle.. I sat for someone else.. :-).. And in between I was the secretary and treasurer of our local Spiritualist centre booking mediums and taking care of finances.. All this while I worked in a factory environment.. :-) in Textiles.. :-) It all started out from me going to a meditation class.. When spirit want you to work they will get you to work.. LOL :-) HUGS.. xxx

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              1. They will only ask what you are willing to give.. :-) But they have nudged you.. And you are now listening more.. So the Signs will come more too.. Its always our free will to follow or not.. But they are wanting others to become aware.. and we are after all.. ‘Lightworkers ! ‘ lol.. You will be fine.. xxxx Big smiles xxx :-D

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  4. Waaahooooo! I am so proud of you and happy for you!!! This wonderful! I have been struggling with doing just this….the timing keeps being off…..but you give me hope that in good time it will unfold for me as well. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Martha.
      So, you are planning your own workshop? About what topic?
      And what do you mean by timing is off? Is it that the pieces don’t fit into a fixed time frame of like 4 hrs? Or do you mean something different?
      Putting things into the tight timeframe of half a day was a challenge for me. But it worked out somehow. Just the exercises should be a bit longer for next time.
      I wish you all the best for your workshop.


    1. Thank you, Brandi! Yes, that would have been fun to have you take part in the pilot group. I saw that you found the script. I hope that helps a bit.
      While the clear direction of guidance is a nice aspect, the other side of that is that it can feel like an inner voice is barking orders at me and bossing me around. So, be careful what you wish for when you ask for guidance;-)


      1. Thank you very much to you as well sister for choosing a challenging but exiting life & being an example to me and others and helping us to remember our true self through you. I really made me feel good bc I am going through some hard time.

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        1. Thank you so much for your appreciative comment. It is good to know that my struggles might have been good for something, or that someone else can benefit from it. Knowing that helps me to make peace with hard times.
          I am sorry to hear that you are going through tough times at the moment. I hope that life will get easier for you soon and that you will be able to make peace with the hard times and find meaning in them.
          Blessings and peace,

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  5. Hi Karin, I haven’t been around for a while and when I first saw your post didn’t have the time to respond. Well, here is a bit of time … and here I am. I am so glad, you found your way through the struggles, accepted this huge challenge and pulled it through. I know it wasn’t easy for you. You’ve mentioned it for a while and it sounded like a big test. But here you are, you’ve done it YAY!!!
    Does it feel like a relief?
    In any case: congratulations! You’ve made a big step and can be proud of yourself….and as has been said before: you are a great example to many who are afraid to open up about their experiences, to share their path…

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    1. Thank you for the congratulations and the encouragement. Yes, it is done and I did my best and now feel a sense of relief. The relief did not last too long, though, because I already got the next assignment to put this into webinar format. And it must be a ‘live’ webinar. But I want a break and don’t want to continue with this right now. So, the usual inner tug of war has started again.


  6. Ita nice to meet someone with the same level of thinking and understanding of things. All we have to do is to just have faith un the universe. It alligns itself whenever needed. We just have to have faith.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Amal.
      Yes, we need to have faith. It can be darn hard sometimes to be faithful after we feel that we have been let down. But with faith things tend to improve.


    1. Sorry to hear that it does not work.
      Please try it as follows ( – this is how it works on Windows):
      First, go to my “Products” page,

      There, do a right mouse-click on the link (not on the picture), and then in the pop-up choose “save target as”. Choose the directory in the browser pop-up. Then, click on ‘save’.
      Please let me know whether this helps.

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