Dismissal of a negative spirit guide

If trust has been broken in a relationship with another human, it is difficult enough to restore it. But what about loss of trust in spirit guides?

In August 2016, I was lured by my guidance to go on a family hiking trip. Initially, I did not want to join this tour with 20 people in a mountain cabin. But signs and dreams occurred more than half a year in advance and were so persistent (-I even got a prophecy by someone else that I would get this task to go on this tour-) that I gave in eventually and agreed to join the trip. After all, I had learned in the past, that I had to obey guidance, otherwise weird stuff would happen or I would get sick.

While most of it was fine (the company of good friends, well-organized, good food, fantastic weather), the hike itself was way too strenuous for me. I had not  thought about it before, since it was a family tour. And because I remembered that my kids at age 5 would not hike a lot, I thought  it would be an easy tour which I would be able to manage  even though I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

But the hike itself was way too strenuous, too long, too steep for me. And even worse, I got a bad flare up of my arthritis in my right foot  due to going steeply downhill for a long time. This kept me unable to walk for 5 months afterwards. And even now it is not healed yet and my ability to walk is still restricted.

So, I trusted my guidance, and what did I get from that? Lasting physical damage!

I felt extremely let down after this experience. My emotions ranged from shock, anger, disbelief, sadness to fear that this might happen again.

How could I ever trust my guides again after that hike? Why, oh why did they lure me onto that hike?

I tried to get answers. My guides tried to rebuild the trust relationship after that, but I was not satisfied. Could I get a clear answer, please, about why they did this in the first place? Nope.

I tried my spiritual toolbox of forgiveness and acceptance. Maybe there was something good about it which I had overlooked. Maybe I just needed to accept the pain and learn whatever from it?

I asked some channels whether they could get more information. The answers ranged from “We just tried to show you how strong you are” ,  “You didn’t need to follow our guidance. You have free will.” to “You will be able to walk again end of January 2017”.


How could I ever talk about divine guidance with conviction after this had happened? I thought, ok, I would still hold the workshop on guidance end of March 2017, because I had promised it and I needed to get that task off my chest. But afterwards, I got a new assignment that I had to do a webinar.

I want clarity, dammit, before I hold this webinar! Otherwise, I will have to tell that following guidance can screw up your life and that I do not recommend it.

In summer 2017, my inner voice and dreams started to direct me to a certain psychic medium (Lisa Wechtenhiser) who is able to talk to one’s spirit guides. I contacted Lisa and told her about the lasting physical damage and the resulting loss of trust.

At first, she talked to my guides and gave me similar information to what I got before ,  “Oh, you have free will. Just because the guides suggest something, you don’t need to do it.”

But I insisted that this is no satisfactory answer  since I don’t really have free will anymore lately. I get assignments and usually weird stuff happens when I don’t follow.

So, she said, “Let me just channel them, so you can talk to them directly.”

And then something remarkable happened. As soon as she tuned into the guides, she was able to detect something like a disturbance in the force of the field. There was some guide in there that did not belong there.

She dismissed him from the group, and afterwards I got some completely different information about why this hike had happened.

The dismissed guide was a guide that I originally hired when I hired the entire group of guides. Initially, he was helpful. But later, he underwent a transformation, and his energy then fed off my pain and my suffering.  And so he needed to leave. 

There was a veil over the hike that I would go on this trip with all good intentions, so that the negative guide could get whatever he needed. He always needed something going on and so created situations that put me in pain and suffering.

The rest of the guides tried hard to lessen the effects of what the negative guide did. 

But the need for energy of this negative guide amped up over the last year. So, he was able to override the rest of the guides and put me into situations where all of my pain and suffering  fed him. And he would have stayed.

The other guides were sorry that the trust connection had been damaged,  but they said that they would try everything they can to rebuild that bridge with me.



My guides have sent me some signs of confirmation that this was real and not a made-up fairy tale. Now, they are trying to rebuild the broken trust, slowly and in baby steps. This takes time.

I would never have expected to which odd experiences my spiritual journey would lead me, when I first started out listening to teachings of ACIM and non-duality!
Now, I am left with a feeling of confusion about what to make of that story. How much of my past experiences has been influenced by that dismissed guide? Was he responsible for the very stern guidance I got up until now? And will I have more slack now? Time will tell.

I hope that my foot will heal over time and that I will be able to have a clear connection to my guidance and to trust them again.


Lessons for me:

-) Not only entities in the lower astral realms can be negative, but also spirit guides. It is very rare for spirit guides, but it can happen.

-) It might be a good idea to use some form of protection when communicating with guides. Something like a sovereignty statement or a visualisation of protecting light or so. Something that says, everyone who is not in my highest good, get out.

-) What a channel hears depends on whether they just talk to the guides or actually tune into their energy and channel them directly.

-) The concepts of acceptance and trust can be easily misunderstood. When one is in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship with another human or with a spirit guide, the most appropriate choice might be to leave that relationship.





31 thoughts on “Dismissal of a negative spirit guide

    1. Thanks for your comment. No, the other participants of the hike did not warn me. I don’t blame them. They were not aware that this would cause problems for me. I could have or should have looked up myself how long and steep the tour would be. But since I assumed that they would not do anything too strenuous with little kids, I was not suspicious that it would be a problem.


  1. Yes I am also surprised that the others did not warn you and that the one was able to override them all … that sounds really weird to me. I was really lucky to come across the book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya roman and Duane Packer, where they give clear signs by which you can discern a high-level guide from a not-high-level guide ;) And one of the signs of a high-level guide is that they never try to force you to do anything, As soon as you hear the word “obey” you should know that this being does not have the highest and best intentions for you. High level guides always want you to come into your power and grow spiritually, they do not manipulate you so you do what they want. The “low-level” ones love drama, they love to be the center of attention, they also love to create fear and predict catastrophes. They are not interested in your spiritual growth. I really recommend the book, it also has instructions on how to get yourself into a high vibe before you start channeling so you will not attract “lower-level” guides. It might even be good if you do your workshop because then you can teach your participants how to recognize true spiritual guidance from the fake sort. ;) Wishing you all the best for the future, and also a full recovery for your foot! <3

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    1. Thanks for your detailed response and the book recommendation. I will have a look at it.
      My guidance has forced me since 2013 with physical symptoms to come out and share online. I had read several stories of people on the shamanic path, for example, where they would get sick when they did not do what they were guided to do. Therfore, I thought that this is probably the way it works with guidance. Whenever I resisted, first there were warning dreams, then symptoms in my surroundings, and then physical symptoms. I did not get suspicious because of the many other stories I had read that showed the same pattern.

      But this hike was really too much. And it was totally pointless. Not at all related to sharing online about guidance. While before the hike, my guidance told me in dreams that this trip would be very necessary for my recreation, afterwards it seemed like a mere attempt to put me into much unnecessary pain.

      I want to make clear that this guide was not negative from the beginning. In the beginning, he was just very strict (in case all the physical symptoms were caused by him, which I don’t know exactly). And probably this strictness was needed because I was so reluctant to share publicly.
      But he underwent a transformation and turned into a negative guide later and then needed my pain as his food.

      This constellation (that his transformation occurred during our relationship) made it difiicult to get that something is wrong.
      But anyway, at some point was so pissed off that I requested new guides. I said, I cannot work with you anymore after you did this. But it was useless. I got a dream telling me that it is not possible to get new guides. If he had been a human being, I would have just left. But here, it seemed to me like there was no way out of this relationship. I wonder whether one always needs a third person, like this channel, to chase a negative guide away.


  2. hi Karin, long time no see!

    i have not been around much , not writing much lately, but this is another well written, helpful post from you.

    i know this may sound a little pollyanna, but is it possible that for your greatest and highest evolutionary goals, this happened the way it was supposed to?

    i don’t have much experience with spirit guides so i may be talking out of bounds, and sorry if i am.

    over the last couple years i have only just begun to get internal guidance at all, and i have no idea who/what it is. i just kind of think its another aspect of myself helping the little entity out from time to time.

    anyway, thanks for sharing and i will be careful about any future guidance i may get :-)

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    1. Hi Lee,
      Good to see you again! How are you?
      Thanks for your kind comment.

      Is it for my highest evolutionary path? Maybe. I don’t know yet.
      Certainly, looking at it this way would help improve my mood.

      I don’t know yet what good will come from it. A first brainstorming attempt yielded the follwoing results:
      I will put this comment on reminder and let you know again in about ten years when I have emotionally and physcially recovered,
      Until then, I am planning to create a workshop. But this time, not for human beings but for spirit guides. It will cover the topic of how to deal with spirit guides who turn into sadists and how to chase them out of the group of guides. I will write a proposal to Archangel Michael to make my workshop mandatory for all spirit guide teams. And then I will wait until I leave this incarnation and afterwards start my career as a counselor for inexperienced guides. lol. How about that?

      Seriously, I was told in the channeling that the rest of the team of guides did not know how to deal with this since they had not encountered this before. This seems to be so rare that even guides don’t know what to do about it. Boy that sucks. Life on Earth is diifficult enough already. We don’t need negative guides who put us into pain just for the heck of it.

      Good to hear you are getting guidance lately. Yes, it is difficult to find out where the inner voice comes from. Is it the higher self or is it a guide? Not easy to tell.
      I wish you all the best on your path.

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  3. hehehe, i like your future incarnation plans :-D keep us updated on all the developments, this is TOTALLY fascinating and people definitely need to know how to protect themselves from negative influences…who knows maybe you will be a HUGE help to others and possibly prevent this happening to someone else.

    GREAT to see you Karin!

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  4. Hey Karin,
    So sorry your arthritis is so painful! It can really be debilitating.
    It must feel so disturbing to sense that this guide has turned to sadism. Maybe he was a trickster from the beginning, luring your trust.
    I read all the comments, and everyone had good things to say. I love that the channel had you speak directly to the guides, instead of trying to tell you what was going on.
    What came to me is that maybe one thing to look at is to trust yourself as much as you trust your guides, and to really discern when parts of your self (little s) are at play, like parts that still need some healing from whatever. The Self (big S) can let you know.
    I don’t like that some guides seem so critical and controlling. Maybe all of that is him. It is sure time for him to go away. Hurting you like that is unacceptable, unless it really is for your highest good to be incapacitated. Who knows? Sometimes we don’t know what things were about until long after.
    There are some great ways to get rid of negative influences, including surrounding yourself with Light, which I’m sure you do all the time, but pointedly surround him separately and push him lovingly away and let him know firmly that he is no longer needed.
    I think this experience will really help the people in your workshop. Thank you for sharing it here, as it may not be as unique as it seems. Maybe there is one person in the workshop that is going through something similar, and your info will clear things up for them.
    I really really hope your pain is lessened very soon. It saddens me to think of you suffering in pain, Karin. Sending Love and Light.

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    1. Thank you for your kind response, Mary, and for your suggestions.

      Regarding learning to trust myself, that is an ongoing process.
      Usually, my self.has a different wish than my Self.

      About the suggestion to surround myself with light, no, I usually do not do that. I don’t use visualizations when I meditate. I know that other people find it useful, but it does not worlk for me. But I may have to get used to doing that.

      The guide is gone now. No more need to visualize him and push him out of my energy field.

      I hope that it won’t happen again.

      Thanks for your wishes that my foot will heal. I am really hoping for healing.

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  5. Hi Karin,

    This is a suggestion that came up because I ended up looking to “hire” the right spirit helper/guide a month or so ago. There was a vacancy that needed to be filled. Maybe this will help you with your workshop? What I did was write out exactly the roles and tasks that are required for the spirit guide’s job. I listed them all out on paper. Then I started to conduct interviews, and/or gave spirit guides a short trial period so they could demonstrate their level of “fit” for the position. You know, a win-win.

    Wishing you all the best; may your foot heal nicely and be better than before! I really sympathize with your pain. There were a few years where I was unable to do almost anything because of I was “on the path,” and had followed guidance and ended up in pain for many years. Much of that has resolved by now, though, we always are experiencing energies and processing, I suppose. I am almost always ready to say, “it was for a good reason.” I do have some skepticism though, which I think is healthy for me.

    Best wishes,

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    1. Thank you, Ka, for your helpful comment.
      Wow, you knew that you had a vacancy to fill and did a hiring and casting process? Amazing! It would never have occurred to me that this is possible. Sounds really fascinating,

      In my case, I know that there is indeed now a vacancy to be filled. I have been told that most people have six guides, but I have only five at the moment. But I am not sure whether and how the vacant position needs to be filled again. Maybe I could just continue on with five guides.

      And you were also in pain, even for many years, because you followed guidance? I am sorry to hear that. But you seem to have an optimistic and positive attitude about it. Good to know that your health is better now.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. It is good to know that I am not alone with these odd things.

      Best wishes for your journey,

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  6. Hi Karin,

    One thing I do know and that is that your blogging helps so many people and is such a beneficial service. I have pondered your situation many many times as it is so unique. i have altered my opinion slightly and recognize it is simply an opinion, because I am no more “knowing” than you are, or anyone else for that matter, much to my dismay!

    It has occurred to me that you may have planned this scenario prior to incarnating, and that this negative guide is really a positive spirit who was working with you to help you grow in consciousness.

    Thanks for being so transparent and I really hope you foot is healing well.

    much love, Linda

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Linda.
      I just got back from a vacation (without internet). That is the reason I did not reply sooner.
      Thanks for sharing your new idea about why this might have happened. Maybe I did plan it prior to incarnation. I don’t know.
      I think it is unlikely because the other guides were taken by surprise as well by this scenario. If it was planned, then they should have known, I guess.

      And I still think that this guide has shifted into a negative guide. He was a positive one in the beginning, but then he shifted. This does not fit into my worldview either, but I try to accept it as it is. Apparently, guides can fall. It is very rare, but it does happen.


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  7. Oh Karin! As we increase our light negative entities that present themselves has spirit guides can be very deceiving. I have the same problem and I’m getting fed up from all the latest dreams I’ve been getting from the not so friendly entities who always wants to create fear. Finally I’m getting real answers about not to get involved into those traps….a real messenger is name John Ramirez on youtube channel. I believe we need to understand between the battle of the mind and he mention it’s a spiritual warfare going on. I believe it’s true with all the dreams I’ve been getting and things that are happening in my life. I sure do know I need a coach to guide me in the right direction. I’m getting fed up and when I say, ”I’m fed up!” the negative entities better watch out. This short story gave me a great lesson of checking my boundaries and stay aware of my 3 portals my mouth, my ears and my eyes. The second lesson is to follow my heart and not my mind. When my mind gets the chatter going I check in to see if it belongs to me if not I say go away only God Almighty resides in my mind. I repeat myself over and over again until no more chatter. I’m getting good at my 2 lessons.

    I didn’t blog about it and been quiet for a while because I’m learning how to fight my own battle.

    I didn’t know you had arthritis and I hope you are feeling better.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed comment, Diane, and thanks for sharing your experiences here.
      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing deceiving voices, but it sounds good that you have found a way to deal with them.
      Thanks for your wishes regarding my health.

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  8. Sorry to hear Karin you had all those problems with your foot after going on that Hike.. Others have already said much of my thoughts as to the group of the hike and the agility and difficulty of the trail needed should have been made clearer at the onset..

    You are right about protection and a need to clarify our guides.. I at one time had a negative entity , And found my own energy being sapped.. Doing an Aura cleansing worked for me.. Projecting outwards of several feet from around ourselves.. Sensing any dark negative places within our aura..

    A great book for many ways of clearing is
    “A Handbook for Lightworkers by David Cousins ” it has many ways for clearing and connecting safely..

    Good to have caught up with you again Karin.. I have not been visiting as many on WP and only paying back visitors.. As I have had to rein in my own internet time.. Spending more time this Summer in our garden and with our granddaughter..

    I send you some healing thoughts for your pain..
    Love and Blessing
    Sue <3 :-)

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    1. Thanks for your compassionate comment, Sue.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with the negative entity you had and how you dealt with that. It amazes me that quite a few comments here have said that they had a similar problem, not necessarily with guides but with entities.
      Thanks for your book recommendation. I will have to look into psychic protection. But I hope that such a guide will never happen again to me.
      I appreciate that you comments here. I know that you are very busy when you answer all the comments you get on your own posts and then revisit other bloggers. I just want to say, please don’t feel obliged to comment on every post here. I mean, I really appreciate your helpful and kind comments, but I totally understand that you need to reserve time for your many hobbies of gardening, painting, guitar, and your family. I am just saying this because I don’t want this commenting business to become stressful for you.
      Much love,


  9. What an interesting experience! It sounds as though you’ve sorted it out and it reminds me to trust my heart also. Sometimes I ask for spirit “to help me perceive the situation correctly” which is from ACIM. It helps immensely. Thanks for sharing your personal story, it’s given me a lot to think about. With love, Sharon

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Sharon, and also for sharing your experience here.

      I also started out with ACIM ( and also ACOL). When I first connected to this inner voice, I just thought, ok, there is one inner voice; that must be Holy Spirit then. But there are voices of spirit guides in addition to that. And unfortunately, they can sometime be misleading. And how to distinguish between all these voices?

      At the moment, it has left me with more questions than answers.
      But I hope that things will get better over time.


      1. Yes that certainly happens! I go through stages of giving away working with angels and guides altogether (and only working with holy spirit) but then I always come back to them! I enlist their help many times in everyday. It’s always interesting anyway haha xx

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  10. I heard this from cobra that the guides who wonders around in astral plane can be effected by negative entities & implants. Like deceased loved ones who wonder in astral and try to be guides. But in higher planes of existence or guides who are another versions of you or part of your soul family or oversoul are really helpful

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  11. Wander*
    One guide named daryline in astral also tried to lure my loved one but thankfully she felt that she is not her guide. Always trust your higher feelings 😉

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  12. BTW never call spirits to help you out bc there is many kind of spirits. If you need help ask to your higher self or oversoul or to your soul family.

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