Insights and integration: what is an appropriate action?

I regard coming to see myself as awareness as the arrival on the metaphorical mountaintop of my spiritual journey. Afterwards the downhill part of the journey started.

I think of the downhill part as two strands. Strand A is about integration, that means  getting lessons, going through tests, and gaining some insights. It is also about developing intuition and courage, and about divine help and manifestation.

Strand B is about guidance to share and my resistance or surrender to it. Since this resistance vs surrender topic was huge for me, I present it as a separate strand. As a visualization for strand B, I chose a river. Resistance to the flow is like running in circles at the riverside. Surrender is like being in the river and going with the flow.

I have thought about how to structure this properly and come up with the decision that I will start with stories of strand A  roughly in the order in which they occurred in time,  and then I will mix in stories of strand B when they fit.

What is an appropriate action?

Around May 2012, I’ve had some events and also dreams around the question ‘What is an appropriate action?’

On the spiritual path, we are often told that we should do what Love would do. But here,  it can get difficult. What is it exactly that Love would have us do?

Regarding the time frame, these stories occurred during the time period on the mountaintop. But since the topic is about lessons, I place them here.

Rejected book recommendations

For example, I had come upon a website where someone wrote reviews about many of his favorite spiritual books. Through his site, I had found Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God  which had touched me deeply. So, I contacted him and thanked him for his book recommendations.

Then I thought since he was an avid reader, maybe he would like to know more great book titles. And so, I shared books which I had liked a lot, like Life of a Yogi  by Paramahansa Yogananda, Path to No-Self  by Bernadette Roberts, and ACIM.

But  he rejected every single one of these books. Then, he even admonished me not too read too much. He said that the path wasn’t about the books. But what really counted was the application in real life.

I agreed that it was about application in real life. But I was just starting on this spiritual journey and was hungry for reading. I devoured books in every free minute of my otherwise busy life. Imagine getting that admonishment not to read too much from someone who had published reviews of about hundred books on his own website! Why was it okay for him to read a lot, and why was it not okay for me to read a lot? I was a bit surprised to say the least.

After that event, I thought, ‘Was it an appropriate action to share my favorite book titles with him at all?’

It felt like the right and most loving thing to do. But shouldn’t my intuition have warned me that it was futile and not an appropriate action at all?

Last minute movie tickets

In another story, I had wished to see the movie The Intouchables.

At 6 pm, my husband checked the internet and found out that it would be shown at 7 pm right in our movie theater in our town.

So, we had dinner and then arrived at the cinema at 7 pm and got the last two tickets – and these were even two places just next to each other.

It all worked out perfectly. So, last minute decision to go and watch this movie obviously was an example of an  appropriate action.

The melon and the bus driver

Then I had a dream. I wanted to bring a watermelon to a bus driver. I remember running to the bus driver while carrying the heavy and big watermelon in my hands. It was awkward and exhausting for me, but I felt very determined to bring my gift to the bus driver.

The bus driver was about to drive away. But as he saw me, he got out of the bus in order to take my melon.

Suddenly his bus drove off all by itself without the bus driver in it.

I thought that the dream meant to tell me that even a well-meant action can have bad consequences. I saw it as a lesson that I should never be so sure that my well-meant actions will always be in alignment with what my Higher Self wanted me to do.

I felt reminded of a funny advertisement video (in German, 36 seconds) where an old lady is waiting at the bus stop. A young man comes up to her and assumes that she wants to cross the street. So, he grabs her arm and leads her across the street even though she protests. When she gets to the other side of the street, her bus arrives but she cannot enter the bus anymore because she is on the wrong side of the street. The young man, however, walks away, seemingly very content with himself about the good deed he has just done.

Now, what is an appropriate action? How come that people sometimes do harmful things even if it comes from a place of good intention? I had no answer. I was only made aware of the issue.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


12 thoughts on “Insights and integration: what is an appropriate action?

  1. It is amazing those things we think are good and have dire consequences. And as you said about the books, we are all in our own stages of awakening and will learn as our hearts need.
    In the beginning I wanted to help everyone to where I now was, but in hindsight it wasn’t far at all. And eventually I just let it all go, only then did those things that helped me, and another, attract those things that no longer caused hiccups.
    Now having said that, I still get lessons in my sharing. We will only attract as we are and if I need a rap on the knuckles it will do so…with a great love for me to see 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Insights and Integration – the journey continues. Appropriate action – I do my best, I sometimes fail, I try to learn, I do my best, I sometimes fail….. There is a lot of not knowing.

    Books and Intellect seem to take us only so far, there comes a point where one has to trust in one’s own process and work with any failure. I went through an early phase of extensive reading, looking for understanding, orientation and the way through but I suspect we have to live our own journeys and grow our own organic way. It is essentially what Adayashanti said was the message of Jesus Christ, in his book Resurrecting Jesus – find your own way.

    But I expect you know all this. It sometimes helps to hear it from someone else though :)

    Thankyou for the post.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your own experience. I agree that we all have to find our own path eventually. The paths can have some similarities (like a phase of excessive reading, for example), but they can also be very different ( – for example, some have very intense Kundalini symptoms while others do not).

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  3. Really enjoying reading your story karin and giggling at resonating with some questions and wonderings I also had, about what is right for us and most often than not according to others!

    AND then hindsight kicks in… everything comes together and we each realise…

    The journey of the Human is long, as long as he believes he has to get somewhere or be something because he has been told he’s incomplete and separate!

    Depending from where we look, a lot of books, teachers and practices can keep us on this journey! AND can also cause the instant shift in our awareness where everything is revealed❤️

    Thankyou for being part of our journey Karin, for sharing divine wisdom that flows through your words. Divinity nudging us all to remember the truth and relax❤️ much love to you x

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      There are many different approaches to this.
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      I wish you much success.


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