Getting messages from people in dreams

On the integration part of the downhill path, there were not only lessons and tests but also development of heightened intuition. Here, I share two stories where I received messages from people in dreams.

The red-haired woman

I saw an ad about an upcoming African choir concert in our town and made a mental note that I wanted to go there. Then I forgot about it.

But three days before the concert I had a dream. A woman appeared to me and told me that this concert was going to be great.

The woman in the dream had a very peculiar haircut. Reddish, straight, glossy hair down to her shoulders, and she had a pony. Usually I don’t dream with colors. But if there is a color then it means something.

So, I went to this concert, enjoyed it, and wondered all the time, “Who was that woman with this red hair who appeared to me in my dream?” I couldn’t see her.

Then it happened. After the concert was over, a woman went around and distributed flyers for the next upcoming choir event. She had the exact same haircut and face as the woman in my dream! Except that the one in my dream looked twenty years younger than the actual one.

The children’s bike

When my younger son was in kindergarten, he had a little red kid’s bike which he loved and rode frequently.

Then another mom at the same kindergarten was looking to buy a used bike for her daughter. She asked me whether we would sell my son’s red bike.

“No,” I replied, “we can’t sell it yet. He hasn’t outgrown it yet and is still using it a lot.”

One night at the weekend, this woman appeared in my dream. In a very enraged tone of voice, she told me that she had waited long enough and she must have the bike now.

She didn’t come to me personally after the dream to bug me about the bike. But right after the dream, I saw a new request on the notice-board of the kindergarten “Looking to buy kid’s bike”, and the phone number below it seemed familiar.

“Is that your ad on the notice-board?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “I am still looking for an affordable bike.”

Ok, even though my son was still riding his bike a lot, I felt that I should offer her to buy it since she had managed to show up in my dream. That was a sign that I felt I should take seriously.

She bought the bike and her daughter was happy. My son was finally ready to ride a bigger bike.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


11 thoughts on “Getting messages from people in dreams

  1. Amazing how your dreams picked up real people… And the second lady with the bike… Her thoughts forms I would think were being sent out strongly so that they manifested within your dream state.. And you being so in ‘Tune’ were able to pick all of that up..
    Thank you Karin for sharing… :-)

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      1. :-) its surprising just how strong a thought form is.. :-) I know I have had the not so nice ones thrown my way many years ago… So much so I had to do a mental clearing and physical smudging cleansing of my home….

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes it was, but thankfully I also had the experience of my friend who was also more Spiritual aware than I was at the time… She taught me many things… And A great book as a tool is A Handbook for Light Workers I got in the 90’s by David Cousins…. It really covers the who spectrum.. :-) And I recommend it I have used it often… :-)

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  2. My heart rejoiced to hear you listened to your dream’s guidance. Hearing and listening are different things and the subtle inner messages require the ongoing self-discipline of developing spiritual focus to benefit. Love given is always love returned tenfold 💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your kind comment.
      I agree it is important to listen to the messages.
      And then in addition, it becomes important to act on them. However, that is not always as easy for me as it was regarding these two dreams.


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