How we got the lost keys back

Sometimes, the divine intervenes in unusual ways. On a day in July 2017, I went grocery shopping together with my son. We biked to the supermarket.

When we came out of the supermarket, we realized that my son had lost his keys somewhere. The key of his bike lock as well as the key for our house.

I started to worry that we would have to buy a new lock for our home. And I reproached him, “You should wear a waist pack like I do. Then this would not have happened.”

We decided to walk home without my son’s bike, bring the groceries home, and deal with the lost keys later.

On the way home, we unexpectedly met my husband. He had been running and was finished now. I wondered why he took a walk in the street. He hadn’t showered yet. That was unusual. We told him what had happened. He nodded and then continued to go his way.

My son and I arrived at home, put the groceries away, and then started to discuss what to do about the lost keys.

But just then my husband came back home and had the lost keys! My son had forgotten them in the shopping cart of the supermarket and the next client took our cart, found the keys, and handed them to the shop clerk. Only a few minutes later, my husband had arrived at the shop and could pick them up.

What a relief! I was in awe and gratitude.

What amazed me about this story is the fact that we met my husband on our way home. Usually, he would have taken a shower after running around the fields. He would not have gone for a walk through the town. He also took a route where we met him. Had he taken another street, we would have missed him. I asked him, why he went to town after running. And where did he want to go? He could not answer these question. He was just aware that he went into town.

Isn’t that strange? Similar to the story in the post I’m not the doer, some benevolent, invisible force put my husband on remote control and gave him the urge to go a certain way and meet us accidentally – and then to continue to go to the supermarket and ask for the lost keys.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


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