Synchronicities at work

I have found that things tended to fall more into place after awakening, not only in my private life but also at the workplace. The following two stories illustrate this.

The hotline ticket

Sept. 2014. ‘Oh, no, ‘ I thought. ‘Not another complicated hotline ticket for me this morning, please!’

I stared at my computer screen at work and thought how my day would be ruined if I had to take care of this issue. It would probably take me a while to find time slots for meetings with two other colleagues who were involved, let alone discuss the issue and offer a fix.

Discouraged I did what I usually do when faced with trouble. I went to the restroom, got a fresh cup of tea afterwards, all the while trying to get back into inner peace.

When I arrived back at my desk, I was in a better state of mind. Things would be resolved, I thought. I would be able to handle it – somehow.

Then, later this morning, one of the colleagues who were also involved in the hotline issue came into our office and started to talk with my colleague.

I thought, ‚How convenient. Now I can get hold of him and ask him.‘ So, after they were finished, I asked him. And he could give me helpful information.

Later on the same morning, the other colleague who was involved also dropped by ‘coincidentally’ in our office, and I could ask him too.

With the help of these synchronicities, the hotline issue was resolved in no time without any sense of struggle on my part.

The godsent empty battery

I had worked on a project with a tight time schedule and a high workload. One of my colleagues had scheduled a meeting to discuss my results.

But I would not be ready for the meeting. It was just too much work.

I got tense and slightly stressed and anxious. I tried harder and harder to get things done faster and be more efficient. But I had little hope that I would make it for the deadline.

On the day of the meeting, I was not finished, but I had calmed down and decided  that we could try to discuss the results I had so far.

But when we sat down in the meeting, just after a couple of minutes , the battery of the headset of the colleague was empty and he could not continue. And – the next time slot which would suit him for a new meeting was in about a week.

What a relief!

Without having to do any additional struggle, I got one more week to finish my work.

I have found that this happened quite often that life got easier and things would fall more into place after awakening. It was as if there was an invisible force of support which would take care of everything. Maybe this flow of support had always been there, and it was only after awakening that I became aware of it. Or maybe I was more able to access that magic place of inner peace that would cause miracles to occur.


In the metaphor of the mountainhike, I had started to go downhill again. And that meant a phase of integration. This consisted of lessons, tests, training in intuition and courage, manifestations, and divine help.



This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


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