Throat chakra issues

Dream: a feather in the throat

After my resistance to share my spiritual journey and some admonishment in dreams,  I was given a warning. In a dream on February 26, 2013, I saw a transparent model of a throat. And in there was a tiny blue feather tickling the throat.

Were my guides going to tickle my throat until I would finally give in and post my text? That prospect should cause me some concern. But I didn’t have any health issues in my throat at that time and dismissed the warning.

But then I got the following dreams that were also warnings.

Dream: the violent dance teacher

On May 10, 2013, I dreamed that I talked to a dance teacher. He told me that he believed in violent teaching and education methods.

I felt deterred when he said that, and I thought about whether I should better flee and get away from him.

In the dream, I was drinking from a cup of tea with loose peppermint leaves in it. It tasted disgustingly bitter.


The next day, I remembered the dream. I also happened to make cup of green tea for myself – with loose tea leaves in it (which was unusual as I normally use tea bags). And because I took to much of the tea leaves, it tasted horribly bitter – just like the tea in the dream.

I used to dance a lot and passionately when I was younger (ballroom as well as latin in competition). And when dancing comes up in my dreams in the context of the spiritual journey, it usually means communicating and sharing my stuff and also letting myself be guided (just as I would let myself be guided when I was on the dance floor).

I think this was a guide who warned me that I would be pushed violently if I didn’t obey.

The bitter tea was an allusion to bitter medicine. And what a synchronicity that I made a bitter tea in waking life the next day! I think it was meant to make the recall of the dream easier and also to underline its message.

Dream: guilt after stealing labels

On May 29, 2013, I dreamed that I was in a shop and stole a bunch of neon-green freezer labels. Afterwards, I felt a terrible sense of guilt. Expecting a penalty, I wanted to flee and hide what I had done.

I needed the green labels for a Christmas gift. Then, at Christmas, a woman came and signed the gift. Somehow, I felt calmed and assured that I would not get a penalty for stealing the labels after all.

After that, I dreamed that a mixture of milk and blood were pouring out from a big hole in the middle of my chest.


I wasn’t sure what to make of the color neon-green and the hole in my chest. Did the combination of these point to the heart chakra?

But the feeling of guilt was significant and more easily to interpret. I used to feel like an innocent person. I did not feel guilt usually. But that dream changed the situation. After this dream, a lot guilt came up. Not only the guilt in the dream about stealing, but also long forgotten guilt about little forbidden things I had done as a child, like plucking flowers from some random front yard.

At that time, I did not connect the guilt to my resistance to the guidance I got that I should share. But in retrospect I think that it was connected. This dream prepared the way for the feeling of guilt to come up full force later during that year. And I think that I was supposed to feel that way for being disobedient and not following guidance.

Breathing issues

It was only shortly after the dream with the labels that I got breathing issues. I had been angry again about the unfair situation at work, so angry that I got a feeling of swelling and constriction in my throat and could not breathe properly. This time, I was able to heal it with a homeopathic remedy. But the breathing issues would occur again later, and then no remedy would help.

The dream from about three months ago  with the feather tickling in the throat had obviously been a warning that this sort of trouble would occur. Because I resisted expressing myself, my body reacted with issues in the throat chakra area.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


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