More encouragements to keep writing

I did my best to keep writing regularly, but it continued to be difficult. The following stories illustrate how my guidance helped me through my fear, doubt, and procrastination.

Don’t fear the creepers

On November 26, 2013, one of my sons who was playing the computer game Minecraft at the time, told me with wide open, fearful eyes, “Mommy, I am so afraid! In Minecraft, I have to do some construction job in the mine. And it is dark there. And at night, the creepers will come.” (note: Minecraft is a bit like LEGO, but for the computer. And Minecraft creepers are aggressive monsters.)

I didn’t say anything but just thought, ‘Seriously? Come on, this is just a virtual reality game. And one which does not look very real at all since everything consists of cubes. How can he be afraid? Oh well, kids…’

And then he added with more confidence, “I have to be brave. But it’s okay. I’ll manage.”

Oh, how cute! This was heartwarming.

Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute. Is he meant to mirror me?’
Wasn’t this 3d realm also just a virtual reality? Then what was I so afraid of when I thought of publishing my story?

The thought amused me. How fascinating in which way my beliefs and behaviors were mirrored back to me! Even though, this message did not eliminate my fear right away, I confirmed to my guides that I got the message.

The receiving and the giving valve must both be open

End of November 2013, two minor accidents happened in our house that both involved water flowing through a tube which had an incoming and an outgoing valve. In one event, the watering system for the garden was involved, and in the other one, it was the central heating.

Both events together seemed like a pattern to me which might contain a message and I pondered the meaning.

I came up with the interpretation that both valves, for the incoming as well as the outgoing flow, needed to be open. Then, and only then, there was flow. Otherwise, the flow would be blocked.

I thought about what this might mean for my journey through life at that point in time.

Probably it meant that I had to be able to receive first in order to give.

But it also meant that once I had received, I needed to give. Otherwise, an unhealthy pressure would build up inside of me which would cause damage or flooding.

And hadn’t I received all these instances of divine guidance? Clearly, it was time to share now.

Writing and the Polar watch

Around January 2014, a long-term pattern of synchronicities started to emerge. During that time, the Polar company was about to bring a new sports watch to the market. Whenever I thought about writing down my story in a book-like format, my husband started to think about buying the new Polar sports watch. And whenever I doubted and thought that I would rather stop writing, my husband said, ‘You know what? I think I don’t really need this new, expensive watch.’

The whole process of my writing and sharing my story on one side and of the release and arrival of the Polar watch on the other side started to evolve in parallel. It was fascinating and funny to watch.

Being pulled to the right path

On January 29, 2014, while I was riding my bike on a path in the fields, suddenly my handlebar was turned to the right side and I came off the asphalt path and into the muddy side of the road. Luckily I did not fall down.

I didn’t think much about it until it happened a second time. Out of the blue. As if an unseen force had interfered with my bike.

What the heck was going on?

I thought about it and came to the interpretation that it could mean that ‘I was being pulled to the right (path)’ (- rather than being attacked by evil spirits or having a dangerous lapse in my sense of physical balance).

If that interpretation was correct, then that would mean that I did not need to worry so much about whether I was doing the right thing with writing. My guidance would take care of pulling me to the right path. I could do my part of the deal and relax. That was a comforting thought.

Going home on the fast track

In February 2014, I pondered and wrote in my journal about the shift of my interests. While I was feeling more and more uninvolved and disinterested at work, writing (i.e. journaling and also writing emails to others) about spiritual matters became very important for me.

Then I had the following dream: I was in my home town, Berlin, and took the public transport to go to my parents’ house. I was shown two scenarios. In the first one, I took a longer route home and was able to sell some stuff (like old household items) on the way and make some money.

In the second scenario, I took a shorter route home where I could sell less stuff and make less money, but I arrived at home faster.

I thought this was about my situation at work. Shifting my focus away from being engaged at work and more towards pondering and writing about spiritual matters would mean less money.

But it also meant that I was on the fast track Home.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).


5 thoughts on “More encouragements to keep writing

  1. I also fear when I think of doing something especially art work and I got stuck because I was fearing about if writing and creating content will help me in future and this constant struggle bring back anxiety n then m lost…

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and that you can relate to the struggles.

      I hope you keep up your good writing.

      Btw, I just noticed that your current blog address is, but at the moment your avatar does not lead to this address, but to which is not a valid address.

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