3 Stories about the Manifestation of Timing

Here are three stories about how I wished for something to happen at a certain time and how this wish was fulfilled.

Birth dates of children

Back around 2000 or 2001 before I knew anything about spirituality and that thoughts can manifest or that prayers can be answered, I started noticing what I called ‘pretty numbers’, for example, something like 11:11 or 12:12 on a digital clock. I thought, ‘Oh, what a lovely coincidence that I get to see this number. I’m gonna treat this like a shooting star and make a wish each time I see such a number.’

And since the thing I wished for at that time was to have children, I repeated each time in my mind that I wanted to have two children and that they should be born two years apart.

So, my first child was born in 2003 and he came a week before his estimated due date.

After a while, I became pregnant again. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw that the estimated due date of my second child was two years and one day after the estimated due date of my first child? That was pretty close to the two year spacing I had prayed for.

But then I thought, ‘Oh no, I didn’t mean it that literally.’ Because it is highly impractical to have two children’s birthdays on the same day.

My kids ended up being born two years and 4 days apart. And in some years, I did have to deal with having to do two birthday parties on the same weekend and that was exhausting.

Was my wish causing the birth dates to be two years apart? Or was it my children who planned to be born in a certain astrological constellation who caused my wish? I don’t know.

I took it as a lesson about ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

Date of the end of a project

In 2018/19, I had a (non-work related) administrative project running which involved the collaboration with many other involved parties and which was tediously slow and time consuming.

At the end of the project, I would have to write a couple of letters with the announcement of the finished project. In autumn of 2018, while I was waiting for the project to progress and twiddling my thumbs, I thought I could use my restlessness and my free time to already pre-write these letters which would have to be sent out at the end of the project. So, I sat down, crafted a bunch of texts on my PC.

Then I had the silly thought, ‘What date can I put into the header of the letter?’ It was completely unnecessary, of course, to think about the date. But I allowed myself to feel the expectation or intention that this project would be finished by then and I would be able to send out the announcement letters. And I chose March 15, 2019 as a date for the header of one of the pre-written letters. That was still about half a year away and would be realistic and allow for enough buffer time for the project to be finished.

Months went by, and I had many phone calls and emails with all the different involved people and institutions, asking them about a status update and to please speed the work up a bit. Boy was that annoying.

Eventually in spring 2019, all the puzzle pieces fell into place, everyone delivered their piece of work, and the project came to an end.

Exhausted but happy, I sat down to send out the final letters and to my surprise I saw that I could keep the envisioned and pre-written date of March 15, 2019 on the header of one of the letters.

I was baffled. Did my intention or wish to see that project finished by exactly that date cause the delay in the process? Would it have been finished earlier had I not envisioned the date of March 15, 2019 to be on the letter? The connection between my pre-chosen date and the final result seemed to be no coincidence. Again, it was a lesson in the power of thoughts as well as in ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

Delivery date of a computer

My younger teenage son wanted to buy his own PC. But not a run-of-the-mill one. It had to be a special one for developer geeks who are into open hardware and open software. ‘Open’ meaning that it is transparent and won’t spy on you. It would require quite a bit of deep technical knowledge and fiddling around to put the whole thing together, but never mind, as a computer geek he was up for that.

So, this special computer was bought from a company in a foreign country end of February 2021 and was supposed to be delivered end of April 2021.

But then I thought that in June 2021, my son would have his final exams at school of his 10th year at school. This was the year of graduation. And if the computer arrived before that and he would be busy putting the thing together, then he would not have time to focus on the more boring things of life like learning for the final exam in math. So, I’f prefer the computer to arrive after his final exams.

Guess what happened. The computer was delayed time and again. My son kept writing emails and asking for status updates and was always told ‘It is expected to be shipped end of May’. Then after he asked again, ‘It is expected to be shipped within the first week of June.’

When he complained to me, totally frustrated, I said, “I guess it will come after your exams are over. That would be perfect. That means you have time now to focus on school and afterwards you can take care of the new computer.”

On Friday, June 18, 2021, he had his last graduation exam at school. And on the following Monday, the computer arrived. What a perfect timing!

Again, it seemed like my prayer to the universe had been answered.

I don’t want to imply that this always works to wish for timing and get the wish fulfilled. Sometimes, the manifestation works much slower or faster than I would like to have it. But in these three stories above, there seemed to be a definite connection between my wish and the outcome.

I think part of what we are learning here on this journey on earth is not only to get better at such things as compassion, patience, trust, and courage, but we are also learning here about the power of our minds and that thoughts manifest reality.

Letting go of perfectionism, procrastination, and precrastination

Before I published my journey on this blog, I thought it would be a book. I would write it from the beginning to the end, then proof-read and edit it and then release it to the world.

Ha, wrong. I ended up having done a bit of writing which was left over from the first draft version and then I felt the push by my guidance to start releasing weekly chapters and writing as I went along. So, I was never quite sure whether everything would fit together in the end.

And then I wanted to draw some pictures with the story. They didn’t have to be pretty, but just to give some visuals which would help to make my point clear. So I made some awkward drawings with the Microsoft Paint program and the computer mouse. Sometimes, I even drew them with my left hand even though am I right-handed because I would get pain in my right shoulder from my arthritis if I used the mouse on the right hand. Usually, I like to do my best and maybe I could have done some nicer drawings, but not with the time pressure of having to do a weekly post. So,
by this point, perfectionism had to go out the window.

Perfectionism and procrastination

Perfectionism can come from many root causes. For example, it can be a shield against criticism. Or it could be a welcome excuse to procrastinate. Both reasons are fear-based. I think, in my case, I would have used it as an excuse to procrastinate. But my guidance knew this and wouldn’t have it.

Recently, I met a gifted artist who had more than hundred pieces of work in a not quite finished, but raw version. None of her work had been published so far. Why? Because there had not been enough time or opportunity to put them into a publishable format – at least not to her high standards.

I think when guidance calls us to create something with our gifts, then we are called to do what we can do now in this moment. We are not called to do something which is perfect – whatever ‘perfect’ means.

I noticed that the work of writers, musicians, or probably of any artist evolves over time. Sometimes the message stays the same but gets ever more concise and compact over the course of writing of several books. Or sometimes the point of emphasis shifts along with time.

Who is to say what is perfect? Should the artists wait until they are 60 years old and feel mature enough to publish the perfect work? When you think of a ladder, would you recommend to leave out all the lower rungs, because only the highest rung is the one that gets you to your goal? Or imagine if the Beatles had only published their later work and left out all the love songs from their earlier years, what a pity that would have been.

A cartoon image of a gravestone came to my mind, with the inscription “Here lies the unknown artist. Her creations were never perfect enough to be born”.

I should draw that. But it wouldn’t be perfect. So, I won’t draw it.


While perfectionism can serve to procrastinate ad inifinitum, I have noticed another trait in me of which I am currently being weaned, and that is to do things too early when I know that I have to do them and cannot get rid of them by procrastination. The opposite of procrastination has been termed ‘precrastination‘.

I feel uneasy when I have too many things on my todo list and I hate running into last minute stress. So, I am motivated to get things done fast and efficiently and check them off just so that they vanish from my todo list and that I can relax.

For example, if it would be possible, I would prefer to buy all the sweets which are needed for the various occasions of each year in one shopping session: Easter bunnies, Halloween sweets, Advent calendars, sweets for Saint Nicholas Day, and Christmas goodies. And then I’d be done for the rest of the year. That would be cool. But unfortunately, Halloween sweets cannot be bought during Easter season.

During these past months (beginning of 2021), I ran into several issues when I did things way before they were due. At work, there were some hiccups because some processes could not deal with tasks being completed too early. In an online class, I sent in some homework for May 2021, only to find out around middle of May that the teacher had changed her mind and wanted us to do a different homework for May than the one which was originally announced. So, I ended up having to do more homework than necessary. Step by step, my guidance showed me that it is not always beneficial to do things too early.

The smart-ass inner voice smiled at me and told me, ‘Imagine you are playing violin in an orchestra. Would you play your part very fast and then say ‘I’m done. I can go home early. Bye, folks’ ?

Ugh, no, of course not. I got the point.

With regard to blogging, I used to have some blog posts in the pipeline planning for several weeks in advance. That would give me a feeling of safety that I would not run into last minute stress when trying to find a topic to write about. But due to other time consuming obligations which I have at the moment (2021), I could not keep this mode of working since end of May 2021 when my pipeline of blog posts was down to zero.

So, I thought, ‘Okay, universe/Source/God/spirit guides, if you want me to keep publishing once a week despite the high workload of my other tasks, then please provide some inspiration. What can I write about?’ .

And God listened.

For the past four blog posts, inspiration dropped in at the right time. Somehow questions started to come in which would serve as writing prompts. I either watched a video from someone who asked a question and then I felt the urge to answer that because the question resonated with me. Or people asked me questions directly and I used the answers as a writing prompt.

I think part of the journey is to learn to let go of perfectionism, procrastination, and pre-crastination and to learn to dance guided by the nudges of spirit, doing things exactly in divine timing.

How do you know whether the guidance you hear comes from spirit?

Recently, I was asked how I know whether the guidance I hear comes from spirit (and not from an ego-driven part of me).

Good question. Actually, I don’t always know this. There are many pitfalls in the process of guidance.

My higher self and my human personality self have a bit of a different agenda. While my soul probably wants to major in subjects such as compassion, trust, courage, growth, etc. , there is another aspect of me that cares more about being comfortable and safe (and having daily afternoon naps and dark chocolate). So, the higher self and the human part, which feels fear and wants to stay safe, are in conflict sometimes.

Therefore, it is not always easy to discern whether guidance comes from my higher self or from my egoic part.

The ego can come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, it may be that I feel I need to do a certain thing and I have only the best intentions, but it is simply wrong to do this from spirit’s point of view. Then I will get signs that this is not the right way to go.

Another difficulty is the interpretation of the received messages or signs. Surely the guidance of the inner voice or a dream may have come from spirit. But it usually comes in metaphors and I need to interpret it afterwards. What did it mean? And this process leaves much room for uncertainty.

I usually navigate as follows: I use several input channels for guidance, like what I would enjoy doing, what the inner voice tells me, but also what my dreams, some songs in the mind, and what signs and synchronicities tell me. And if they all point to the same direction, then I assume that this is the way to go. (And if I get over my fear-based procrastination, then I’ll eventually follow the guidance).

But sometimes, the signs from the various input channels point into different directions. Then I usually go with what the signs tell me.

It happened twice that I wanted to do something of which I thought that this was the correct way to go. And in one case, it was even in alignment with the message from the inner voice. But then weird things started to happen in my surroundings and messages started to come in via synchronicities which all pointed to the fact that I should reconsider my choice. And eventually, I followed the signs.

You can find more about the input channels which I use (with example stories) in my divine guidance workshop script here:

If this world is an illusion, then why bother?

In the book The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard about A Course in Miracles, I read that this world was not made by God, but that this world is a consequence of the thought of separation taken seriously.

This made sense to me. Thoughts are the blueprint of everything which is manifest. Out of the pure unmanifest potential of Source or the void comes a thought. This thought has manifesting power, especially when it is coupled with an emotion. So, if we find ourselves here in separate meat-suits with sense organs which enable us to experience a real-looking world which is seemingly out there, then we can sort of reverse engineer this and ask how this did come about. Knowing that thought is the blueprint of everything, it must have been the thought of separation which brought this realm into being.

Even though this made sense, it made me depressed. If this world is not only an illusion like in a virtual reality but also not made by God and the consequence of an erroneous thought, then why bother about anything here in this realm?

But later, I read in another channeled text that God/Source/consciousness is everywhere. I thought, okay, that made sense, too. It was also congruent with my experiences of fast manifestation of thoughts and other non-ordinary stuff like getting messages from living or deceased people in dreams.

So, then what is the illusion?

Well, the illusion is appearance of separation. It is like in a sandcastle. There are towers and walls and people, and we can even name the sand-people and pretend that they are real entities, but the sand is everywhere. So, one way of looking at the sandcastle would be to say that this is a castle with towers and walls and people which are all separate entities. The other way of looking at it would be to say that it is all sand and the form is temporary. The forms may look separate, but they are connected to each other by what they are made of which is the sand.
Another metaphor would be that of a puppeteer with two puppets on his arms. The puppeteer is dressed in such a way that he remains invisible. Only the puppets are visible and they look like separate entities. But they are connected via the invisible puppeteer.

Now, why bother?

We are consciousness, a bubble of experience. In this incarnation and after this incarnation there is always a witnessing I AM presence with an experience in it.

And here comes the important point. The content of this bubble of experience is determined by our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

I remember reading a story in one of Jurgen Ziewe’s books (either in Multidimensional Man or in Vistas of Infinity) about his out-of-body experiences. In the astral realm, he saw a woman who was in a depressed mood and desolate external circumstances. Jurgen felt compassion and went to talk to her. They went for a walk together and while they were walking, he managed to convince her to try on a different attitude, like see things more with compassion and hope rather than with anger and depression.

And the miraculous thing was that while she walked and changed her attitude during that walk, also the surroundings changed. The environment started to look more friendly and prettier than before. In the astral realms, the effect of thoughts and emotions on the surroundings is more immediate than here on earth.
So, she was experiencing a direct reflection of her own attitude – in the desolate environment as well as in the better environment. She just wasn’t aware of the mechanics of how the external world was generated by the internal attitude.

In the 3D realm of incarnation, the changes of the external world as a consequence of changes in the internal world (of beliefs, thoughts, emotions) are much slower than in the astral realms. But the connection works in the same way. It is just not as obvious that there is a connection at all. So, we are usually not aware of the connection and assume that it is perfectly okay to have prolonged states of negative emotions because we think that thoughts do not have any effect on the outside world. But they do have an effect. They manifest. And prolonged anger about undesirable circumstances can be the cause which creates more undesirable circumstances.

Now, back to the original question. If this world is an illusion, then why bother?

We have to take a closer look at what is meant by the word ‘bother’ in this context.
If to bother means to attempt to fix the outside world without taking care of one’s inside world first, then that would be pointless. It would be like trying to fix the mess of a bad hair day by trying to comb it in the mirror.
But if to bother means to take care of our inner world of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions first, which will in turn adjust the outer world, then that is very important.

I do not mean to imply that there is never any action to be taken in the outside world. I only want to underline how important it is to take care of our own inner state first. Doing this can lead to an appropriate action to rearrange or fix the outer circumstances.

Besides, the universe/Source/life can help us to start engaging again in case apathy hits. For example, after I had turned the focus of my attention backwards on awareness and found stillness and peace there, I had lost interest in engaging in life here. I think maybe that could be compared to what NDEers experience. Many of them also don’t want to come back to earth after having tasted the peace of heaven. What happened for me was that there was guidance. I got little tasks to engage with life again. For example, one of our budgies got sick and I had to take him to the vet. And in addition, my guides indicated to me that they wanted me to invite a bunch of old friends with their kids to our house. They even gave me a deadline for it. That induced a feeling of overwhelm, but I think it was just meant to drag me out of my apathy and give me some tasks to do. Later, whenever I fell into this apathy, the same thing happened. I would get tasks to do to keep me busy. I found that noteworthy and wondered why. Maybe spirit thinks that the state of being annoyed and in overwhelm is better than being calm and disengaged?

The journey is about coming into alignment with Source within us. This is not just the silent observer or witness and pure unmanifest potential. But it also has a direction to it, a will, like a river has a current. It offers guidance to let us know into which direction the current is flowing. Even though swimming upstream or clinging to the riverbank can feel like the comfortable or safe choice for the short term, it will exhaust or hurt us in the long run.

The guidance can come in many forms. I once read a book about dream work, and on the first page, there was a quote from the Gospel of Thomas (Saying 70) “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” When I read that I thought, ugh, that sounded like a warning that I better give up my resistance, obey the guidance I got, and get some work done.

To sum it up, the world is not an illusion. Only the appearance of separation is an illusion. And it is advisable to align oneself with the current of life’s flow or with the guidance from spirit, not only because that is where joy and fulfillment will be found but also because non-alignment means that the external circumstances can get uncomfortable.