Divine timing and the preparation for the Corona lockdown

While my previous post was about the conscious or unconscious manifestation of timing, there is also something like divine timing when the unseen hand behind the scenes orchestrates events for our higher good without us knowing about it.

Inspired by Linda’s recent post https://litebeing.com/2021/06/19/prescient-nudgings-and-signs-of-2020-a-sober-review/ about how she was prepared by subtle nudgings for the Corona year of 2020, I pondered how this played out for me. Did I also get nudgings and in what way was I prepared to go into the Corona lockdown which started in March 2020 here in Germany?

Here are some thoughts about this:

Technical equipment

In 2019, my husband felt inspired to buy a new laptop for himself at home. And together with my younger son, he fixed another old laptop.

That additional amount of computer hardware we then had available at home came in handy when we were in the lockdown and both kids were in homeschooling and each one needed their own computer.


While I usually travel only once a year to see my parents in Berlin which is about 7 hrs away by train, in 2019 I went to Berlin two additional times to help my parents.

Additionally, my husband and I did a short travel on a weekend on a voucher he had received from his employer.

Together with the usual trips during Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation, the travel in 2019 was so frequently that I thought I’d really appreciate a break. Little did I know that I would soon get that break as 2020 would be a year with almost no travel.


My older son, both of my parents, and I had smaller or bigger surgeries done in 2019. Of course, these would also have been possible during Corona times, but it would have been more complicated, especially when there is rehab afterwards and nobody would be allowed to visit because of the virus.

My mom had an accident in 2019 which led her to prepone her intended surgery so that it was scheduled right before the lockdown. What a timing! Without the accident, her planned surgery would have been during the pandemic and would have been much more difficult. So, in retrospect, this accident was a blessing in disguise.

Leisure time activities

Dancing: My older son is passionately into latin dancing and had several competitions (dance school level) in 2019 and beginning of 2020 where he had much success. Sadly because of the pandemic, he cannot continue this hobby at the moment, but at least he had much fun and success with it the year before the lockdown started.

Sauna: I loved to go to the sauna regularly and found it always very relaxing. So, as Corona was spreading over the world, in winter 2019/2020 I went there even more frequently, like 2 or even 3 times per month, wondering how long I would be able to savor that.

In particular, I remember that the inner voice nudged me to go to the sauna also on Friday, March 13, 2020. My guides told me, ‘ Go. You will enjoy it. It will be good for you.’

But I didn’t go at that day. The pandemic had already spread so much that I was too afraid to take the risk.

Soon afterwards, the sauna closed and hasn’t opened again till today (June 2021). By ignoring my guidance, I missed the last chance to go to the sauna before the lockdown came.

Workshops: End of 2019 and beginning of 2020, I was fortunate and grateful to be invited to participate in an in-person workshop with a few people around such topics as meditation and training our intuition. It took place only three times before the pandemic started, but at least it took place at all. I am grateful that the people who organized this workshop followed their nudgings to start it in the fall of 2019.


I knew that I wanted to share my spiritual journey in some format. My first attempt during 2013/2014 ended with an unfinished draft which I sent to only 4 people.

At the end of 2014, I started blogging and shared a bit here on this blog. But then in 2018/2019, I thought again about writing about my journey in more detail but got stuck again.

In spring of 2019, I got some help from a psychic medium regarding this project. She generously offered a session at a pay-what-you-want rate, but it had to be for working on our projects. I told her that I was stuck with how to structure this whole thing. What theme or thread could I choose for the narrative? And she said, “Why don’t you structure it around turning points? Like what were your turning points in life?” That idea made all the difference and inspired me to draw the images of the map with the path which is slowly winding uphill with turning points.

End of 2019, the inner voice told me urgently and sternly to publish something before Christmas. So, after a blogging break of more than two years, I published the post A map of my spiritual journey on Dec 20, 2019, and then started weekly blogposts in January 2020 about my spiritual journey.

What does that have to do with the pandemic and the lockdown, you might ask. After all, blogging can be done at any time. Well, I think the regular, weekly blogging in 2020 gave me a focus away from everything related to Corona. If I hadn’t had this weekly assignment, I would have been tempted to spend too much time reading news about the pandemic.

So, in retrospect, I can see and appreciate that there is a divine hand behind the scenes which was guiding me and preparing me and my family for the time of the lockdown due to the Corona virus. And this lets me feel much awe and gratitude, but also hope and trust that I will be protected in the future as well.

6 thoughts on “Divine timing and the preparation for the Corona lockdown

  1. Those ‘inner’ taps on the shoulder can indeed be blessings all around. It is that art of listening that tests us. And I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored it and been bitten…but…we have to see the other side too so that we build that trust in who we are, inner and outer 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Thanks Karin for linking my post to your blog. I am glad my article inspired you to do some spiritual detective work around nudges and 2020. I don’t think I mentioned it in my blog, but like you and your family, I often got the nudge to do things quicker. For example, I was on a mission to get my driver’s license renewed in early 2020. Yes, it was a few weeks late but I was worried about that, I already had the document, but needed my picture taken. It was this sense I had to get certain tasks out of the way. Even at the time I was aware that I was driven to get things done. I cannot imagine what it would have been like sitting in an overcrowded poorly ventilated room for hours during the pandemic!


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    1. Thanks again for your great post about this topic. I think this would make a beautiful topic for one of your blogging challenges.

      Thank you for sharing that you felt the urge to do things quicker and get them out of the way.

      I found it interesting to see in how many different ways the guidance came through. Here, it was mostly as a feeling of being inspired or feeling the urge to do something. And sometimes the urge was triggered by circumstances.

      Guidance which came through as an inner voice was more rare for me than feeling an urge to do something.


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