The channeling class – a review

As I kept wondering what to write about this week, the inner voice of guidance told me, ‘Don’t you think it is time to let your readers know what you’ve been up to these last months?’. I thought, ugh, no, I’d prefer a different answer and asked again. But I got the same answer over and over again and no other writing prompts or inspiration came in.

So, I’ll share.

I took a 6-months channeling class with the very gifted channeler Lisa Wechtenhiser from February – July 2021 (still ongoing currently in July 2021).

When I saw this offer in the beginning of 2021, I felt a spontaneous gut-level ‘yes’ from myself and also a nudge by my guides and so I signed up.

My connection to my guidance was somewhat wobbly. I could not always rely on what the inner voice told me. This bothered me and I wanted to improve the connection and thought that the channeling class would help.

So far, we have been through more than five months of group sessions, partner sessions, one-on-one zoom calls with the teacher, and additional homework.

And now it is time for a review – even though the class is not finished yet.

What have I learned?

Differences in the content of channeled messages

Different people channel different answers to the same question. Rather than seeing these messages as contradicting each other, often they can be viewed as complementing each other, much like in the parable of the blind men who touch different parts of an elephant.

Hearing an inner voice vs feeling an urge to say something

Channeling can appear in many different forms. Not everyone gets complete sentences dropping into their mind word by word.

While I can hear an inner voice of guidance in my mind which I would describe as ‘thoughts which I did not think’, this occurs usually at 3 am or in the shower or during a walk alone outside in nature. But it does not occur in a zoom call with a group or a partner where I am not as relaxed as at 3 am in bed. Instead what does happen during a zoom call is that I suddenly feel an urge to say something as a response to a question. It is like a robotic arm which moves to a certain part of the storehouse of my memory banks and urges me, ‘Now share this experience.’ or , ‘And now recommend this book.’ Then the robotic arm picks up my pre-stored memory part and I decide to let it come out of my mouth (or not). In this imagery, the robotic arm would be the thing which is guided. And divine guidance can not only come as an inner voice but also as this inner urge to do or say something.

I was very critical of myself about this and rather frustrated that I could not hear this inner voice during zoom calls and I thought that this wasn’t really channeling. But the teacher encouraged us to speak whatever came through. And if it sounded like our own opinion, never mind, then we should bring that through. That was a relief for me. So, I allowed myself to say whatever I felt the urge to say. Not only did that feel freeing, but I also got encouraging feedback from some partners in the training sessions that what I said was spot on, helpful, and just in right timing.

Sensing energy signatures

One way to make sure to know with whom we are connecting from spirit is to sense their energetic signature. That was always difficult for me to grasp how to do that. I mean I can know how a person’s mood is when I look at them. But I depend on subtle visual clues. I am not able, for example, to sense whether someone is standing next to me when I don’t see them. And it is the same with spirit guides for me. I can’t sense their vibration. For example, I wasn’t able to tell that I had a negative spirit guide on my team.

In the class, we tried to sense the difference in emotional temperature in ourselves before and after connecting with the divine being we had chosen to work with and in this way to get a grasp on the energy signature. I chose Archangel Michael to work with and at first when I tried to connect, I felt physical heat. This was not only uncomfortable, but also not a sure sign because how do I tell the difference between an Archangel Michael hot flash and a menopausal hot flash? After my complaints, this was adjusted. The hot flashes lessened and instead I felt an expanding bubble of joy around my heart. Whether that is the energy signature of Archangel Michael or just my reaction to him, I have no idea. But I was happy that I was able to feel at least something.

Customizing meditations with guided imagery

I knew before the class that guided meditations with imagery usually don’t work that well for me. And I was afraid that there would be plenty of these meditations in the class. I could visualize light pouring down my head and into my body or growing roots from my feet and sending them into the earth all day long if I chose to. While it did work powerfully for others, it just wouldn’t have any effect for me.

So, I ended up choosing to adjust all the guided meditations we got with my own processes. Which was okay ( – it was encouraged by the teacher that we do what worked for us). Dropping my roots into the core of the earth in order to feel grounded was replaced by a quick body scan to sense my body. Imagining a big lamp with divine light under which we should step was replaced by my favorite Awareness Watching Awareness meditation, etc.

Synchronicities and the interaction with class students

We had several partner zoom sessions for practice and also a connection in a facebook group. It was very enjoyable to meet other people who are also on this path. Many of them are doing amazing things and are very talented channelers.

I also noticed many synchronicities around our interactions that would demonstrate that the spirit realm was involved and how interconnected we all are. For example, after I had chosen Archangel Michael as my divine being to work with, a group member posted an Archangel Michael channeling in the facebook group. When I read it, I noticed that the original channeling was received on my birthday. I took that as a birthday gift from Archangel Michael and as another sign that he really did connect with me.

There were several more lovely stories like that, too many to tell here, but they left me with a feeling of awe and comfort.

Handling fear and stress

I perceived the workload of the class as high ( – note, that does not mean it was objectively too much; just that I personally felt the pressure). And on top of my other responsibilities of household chores, family, work, and weekly blogging, this put me in an overwhelmed and stressed mood. I tried to cut myself some slack and wanted to stop posting weekly on my blog, but got the sense that my guidance would not want me to do that. I hate it when I have too many things on my todo list. And my response to that is usually to go into a frantic pre-crastination mode to just get things done and off my todo list in order to be able to relax again.

In addition, I felt anxious around the first partner sessions, the group channelings, accessing the Akashic record for someone else, and also the channeled videos we had to do as homework (eek!). What if I screwed it up and looked foolish?

Eventually, I did get it all done and I didn’t screw it up in the partner sessions. But after three months by end of April 2021, I felt already so exhausted that I just wanted to drop everything and rest. And so, I manifested a little sickness, some fluish cold and a big rheumatoid arthritis attack afterwards from which I am still recovering (in July 2021) but which did help to slow me down. It is interesting to see how the body reacts to thoughts of something like, ‘I can’t go on anymore. I am going to drop everything. I need rest.’

In addition to the fears around this class, the universe put me through several other fear-inducing situations during this time. I felt like back in 2015 during the time when I wrote the post When the universe says Boo!. Many (seemingly) bad things happened and my task was always to try to remain peaceful inside and not freak out which was sometimes difficult to achieve.

So, it was an intense period of time, but eventually things turned out okay.

Akashic record access

Since many years, I wanted to have Akashic record access. I had received readings by other people about my past lives, but why wasn’t I able to do this myself? Even though this wasn’t planned initially, the archangel who was in charge of this class decided to teach us how to access the records and the class teacher adjusted the course spontaneously. In the class, we got a process of how to enter the Akashic records, how to behave in there, and what kinds of questions to ask ( – surprise, surprise – it was about much more than past lives).

But for myself, I must admit that this didn’t feel much different for me than the usual channeling. I didn’t get images of a library or so. But what I did get in connection with this process was a dream about something that I interpreted as a past life. So, maybe my process of getting information is different. I am not able to go into that deep, connected state when awake and during zoom calls, but information comes to me in dreams.

Tuition covered by the universe

Before I signed up, the price of the class made me hesitate. But then I got nudges from my guidance that I shouldn’t worry about money.

So, I signed up.

And around 6 weeks later, my mother-in-law came to visit us and gave us a lot of money (more than twice the price of the channeling class). She had given the same amount of money to her other son for some reason and now felt we should also get money. She suggested that we buy new sofas from that. But we didn’t need new sofas. I was very grateful and took that as a gift from the universe that my tuition fee for the channeling class was covered. How cool!


And now some more backstory about how this post was written:

I did a brainstorming for a first draft on my tablet and when I thought that it was complete I went on to send the file as an email to my PC for further processing.

But while I was trying to send the email, the lamp behind my head started to flicker. I took that as a sign that something was off. I started to listen inwardly, asking what it was that my guidance wanted me to add. But I didn’t get an answer. So, I thought about what was missing and added another bullet point to the list: ‘Akashic record access’. As soon as I had done that, the lamp stopped to flicker.

I thought, okay, someone from the spirit side wanted me to mention the Akashic records in the blog post. And I tried to send the email again. But again, the lamp started to flicker. What did this mean? Was there something else missing? So, I wrote down some more items on my brainstorming list, but the lamp kept flickering. Eventually, I wrote about how my MIL gave us money which I saw as a gift from the universe covering the price of the class. As soon as I had written that, the lamp stopped flickering. Amazing. So, that was the other thing they wanted me to mention. Okay.

And right after I had sent the draft to my PC, I checked my mail on my tablet and saw a new email from my channeling class teacher. And the text in the email preview said “Are you waiting for a sign? This email is super good!” . This was meant to refer to the teacher’s email, of course, but because of the timing, I took that as a confirmation sign that my text was okay now.

This shows that even after the channeling class I am still not able to access the inner voice on demand clearly any time I wish, but my guidance tends to come in on many different input channels (as it usually does), which is okay, I guess, as long as it works for me. It probably takes more practice to be able to have access to the inner voice clearly at all times.

6 thoughts on “The channeling class – a review

  1. It took me many years to ‘believe’ what was coming into my mind. As a child I thought this was what everyone got, but soon learned to keep quiet because they said I was ‘weird’. And it wasn’t fully there until I decided to do Remedial Massage Therapy that it stoked right up and passed on information about my clients. At that point you believe or ‘let go’ of who you are.
    And I’ll never forget the first client that it came through loud and clear, the lady has ulcerated ovaries. And by law we are not allowed to diagnose anything, just suggest a trip to the doctor if we come across something. Have you ever wanted to tell someone they have a problem with their productive system but not allowed to call it that (because that is diagnosing).
    She must have thought I was absolutely bonkers in saying she didn’t feel right around her stomach, to which she looked at me odd and I could see she was thinking of never coming back here again.
    But I got a visit a few weeks later and she said thank you. She had gone to the doctor and went through an examination and decided to push the doctor to check it out because she had no symptoms. I had been waiting for the police to call and drag me off to prison.
    And I find it doesn’t happen with everyone, just those that it’s time to bump into me.
    Great post Karin, your listening, that takes a lot to just take that step and believe in yourself in doing so 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experiences. Amazing that you had this gift of knowing already as a child. And how fortunate that you became a Remedial Massage Therapist eventually and bring this gift forth.

      I understand that this must have felt difficult and dangerous to convey to the lady that she had ulcerated ovaries.

      When this gift of knowing is there, then there is also the question when to voice this knowing. Some say that it does not need to be told if the other person didn’t ask. I would agree.

      But I also know someone who has to tell other people what knowing he gets. He finds it uncomfortable to go to people he does not know and tell them about their health or relationship issues. He told me that once he tried to keep it to himself because he was too embarrassed or shy to say it, but then he had a very uncomfortable hot flash. He said he started sweating very strongly. I thought that sounded like a sort of traffic jam of spirit in him which wasn’t allowed to flow through but got stuck instead.


  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. How awesome that you followed your gut and guides. I’ve had gut reactions to pretty much every class I’ve taken. And I love Lisa! I’ve never taken a class with her, but have had a few readings that were great. I love how you said that when several people received different information about something it wasn’t that someone was wrong, but that they got different bits of information that when added together gave a greater picture. And yes, I’ve also had an experience of working with a teacher who was guiding us to do this or that and I modified it slightly to work better for me. We each definitely have our own ways of connecting to information and learning how we do is half the battle. I love taking a class to improve my own abilities and to see how other people’s abilities work.

    Once in a one-night workshop I was part of the audience watching our teacher’s 6-month psychic development students demonstrating something they’d learned. At one point the teacher had me come sit with the students who were reading an audience volunteer, and when the woman asked something health-related, the word endocrinology suddenly popped into my head. The students each talked for quite a while about what they saw in her various aura layers and eventually got around to recommending she see a doctor. Some recommended her seeing an endocrinologist and had an idea of what might be going on. Because I was very new to all this I pretty much stopped at the recommendation to see this sort of doctor. But for me the information came very quickly and claircognizantly popped into my head. No pictures or other information, but today when I can sit and keep focus on something information rolls in in the form of pictures or movies, feelings, and direct knowing. Oh! And I love how the Universe paid for your workshop!! Fantastic.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your kind and detailed comment. I am glad to hear that this resonated with you.

      I also had a couple of helpful readings from Lisa.

      And thank you for sharing your experience. Amazing how the word ‘endocrinology’ popped into your head. You seem very connected to your inner knowing.

      Liked by 1 person

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