Divine guidance during a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up

I just had a flare-up of my rheumatoid arthritis which I am trying to handle with homeopathic remedies.

On a side note, I want to mention that this flare-up occurred a couple of days after my first Corona vaccination.

Originally, I wanted to wait with the vaccination until next year (2022) until more would be known about side effects and whether it protects against the delta variant. But then I heard that we had the two school graduation ceremonies of my sons upcoming in July 2021 with many people gathered in closed rooms. Even though the Corona numbers were low here at the time, I considered these as potential superspreader events and started to worry.

When my employer had dates for vaccination left over, I made the spontaneous choice to get the first vaccination (with an mRNA vaccine) end of June 2021. Even though I would not be fully vaccinated yet for the graduation ceremonies in July, I thought it would provide at least some protection.

I have rheumatoid arthritis which I usually keep in check with homeopathy. Before the shot, the left knee was already a bit swollen and stiff. But 5 days after the first vaccination, the inflammation started to flare up. It became so bad that I couldn’t even ride my bicycle anymore. I am not 100% sure that it was caused by the vaccine but since it occurred after 5 days, I thought that there was probably a connection.

What to do about it? I searched for a homeopathic remedy. It is always a bit tricky to find the right remedy. There are many remedies for swollen knees. But I considered taking Lachesis since it had helped me a lot in the past and would loosely fit the situation in that the swollen knee was on the left side. I just wasn’t sure whether it would really work because in the past it hadn’t helped so much with pain in the big joints like the knees.

Then I recalled that just a day before the flare-up of the arthritis, I had seen small snake, a blindworm, on my path in the forest. Even though they are common here, to encounter one is a rare sight. Was that a sign that I was to pay attention to the snake remedy? I thought so and took the chance and tried the snake remedy Lachesis.

And thankfully the next day, my left knee started to become better.

When I took a walk, still worried whether things would be okay, I saw a t-shirt saying , ‘Never mind, everything will be alright’. And I took that as a comforting message from my guides for me.

After a week, though, the effect of the remedy wore off and the knee started to worsen again. And when I tried Lachesis the second time, it was effective, but unfortunately the effect didn’t last long enough. So, this isn’t over yet. Now, I’ll have to try some other remedy tricks to get Lachesis to work again.

In my experience, guidance shows up in many forms, not only as intuition, but also in signs along the way, be it a rare animal or something writte on a t-shirt. I think of the world I see as a giant organism which is animated by an unseen hand and which talks to me and I pay attention to anything unusual which I encounter on my way.


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is no substitute for professional medical advice. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional.

14 thoughts on “Divine guidance during a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up

  1. “I think of the world I see as a giant organism which is animated by an unseen hand and which talks to me and I pay attention to anything unusual which I encounter on my way.”

    I love how you said this Karin. I agree with you but for me the trick is to keep paying attention.

    hugs, Linda

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  2. Admittedly they rushed the vaccines through because they knew it wasn’t a good virus but the information that is now coming out isn’t sounding too good. In Israel they have stopped counting all breakthrough cases after vaccines are given from May 1 and now only tallies those that lead to hospitalization or death, a move their agency was criticized for by health experts. As usual the information we are given is cut to suit ‘their direction’ and not ours. If that isn’t an out and out lie by omission I don’t know what is. Hopefully Karin they will get better versions of the vaccine as time goes by 😀

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    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view and the information about stopping counting breakthrough cases. I have found it here where it says this about the US (not Israel):
      “The CDC doesn’t count every breakthrough case. It stopped counting all breakthrough cases May 1 and now only tallies those that lead to hospitalization or death, a move the agency was criticized for by health experts.”

      Interesting. Maybe they also stopped counting in Israel,, but I haven’t found information about that.

      I still hope that the vaccination will protect me from getting seriously ill, even if there might be a breakthrough infection.
      But first, I have to get rid of the inflammation in the knee before I can think of taking the second vaccination.


  3. I’m not surprised your arthritis acted up after the vaccination as it really gets our immune system going, but glad you’re able to follow your guidance to help yourself. I had temporary reactions to both my vaccinations and was curiously surprised to notice that after a short stint of body aches and fever from the second shot cleared I actually felt better than I had in weeks. Like it burned off some energy that needed to go.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. Interesting that you felt better after the effects from the second shot subsided. That gives me hope.
      I also had a remission of my RA after I had three or four days fever from the swine flu back in 2009 or 2010. Maybe the fever has some beneficial effects.

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  4. Hi Karin, thank you for sharing. I have a mild Psoriatic arthropathy and every time I get a cold or flu it flares up. I have had two AstraZeneca Covid vaccines and on both occasions, it flared up again, for a few weeks. I suspect the arthropathy is amplified by the generalised inflammatory state, induced by the sham infection from the vaccine. Maybe that shows that it is working.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. Yes, my RA also gets worse after a cold or flu.

      You got a flare-up for a few weeks after each vaccination. Oh my goodness. But good to know that it lessened after a few weeks.

      I found some links describing the connection between the vaccination and the flare- up of the RA.

      One man who had a flare-up in the knee after the second Biontech dose:

      And here, a study is quoted which found that about 5% of RA patients develop strong flare-ups after the vaccinations:
      “Other researchers have provided reassurance about side effects of the vaccines. Some 1500 people with RA and other rheumatic diseases had their experiences recorded in Europe’s EULAR COVID-19 Vaccination (COVAX) Registry. Those who got inoculated generally experienced short-term side effects that are similar to those in the general population, scientists reported at the same virtual EULAR conference and published the abstract in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases in May 2021. Only a small percentage, some 5 percent, experienced a flare in their rheumatoid disease following their inoculations, with 1.2 percent rating it as severe.”

      Yes, somehow it shows that the body is reacting to the vaccine even though I didn’t have any flu symptoms yet.

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  5. Hi Karin, Thank you for sharing this. I have OA, mostly painful in knees, hips and hands. My second Moderna vaccine resulted in only two days of severe pain and low fever, then a burst of energy. I assumed, too, that it was impacting my immune system.
    I usually treat flare ups with tumeric, kale, and tart cherry in a fruit smoothie. All reduce inflammation and are easy to use. Take a look online at their use to treat RA as well. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing this, Kiora. The burst of energy after the second vaccination sounds good. I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with OA, but it is good that you have found a way to treat the inflammations with food. Thank you for sharing.

      I have tried turmeric spice, but found no effect for me. Then I heard that the spice isn’t concentrated enough. So, I bought concentrated supplements. But they also didn’t work.

      I haven’t tried cherries and kale yet.

      I use flaxseed oil and powdered rosehip to reduce inflammation but I am not sure how much effect they have. I do know , though, some foods which enhance inflammation in my case, and I try to leave them out.


      1. Make sure it is tart cherry, which has more of the useful molecules. Also check out essential oils for orange, cinnamon, and frankincense. As always, read a lot and use your wisdom.🙂

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