A different kind of graduation speech

As I was sitting through two school graduation ceremonies in July 2021 with several more or less interesting speeches conveying wisdom for life, sprinkled with many quotes by famous dead people, part of my brain got bored during the principal’s speech and dozed off into daydreaming.

Why couldn’t I appreciate these talks properly? What if I had to be on stage? What would I say to the graduates?

Or what would Archangel Michael say, the divine being I chose to work with in the recent channeling class?
I imagined him coming on stage with a flash of light, walking up to the microphone, folding his wings neatly, and starting to talk. Maybe it would sound like this:

Dear graduates,
as you are sitting here today waiting to go out into the next chapters of your life, you might ask yourselves, ‘What is this all about? What is important? What are the rules of the game now?’

I would like to let you know that at your core you are consciousness and that your thoughts coupled with emotions create – literally.

So, as you leave school and go out into the next chapter of your life, be aware of what thoughts and emotions you hold in your mind. Because this is what you will manifest.

Choose kindness, compassion, and forgiveness always.

And be aware that your soul has different goals than your human personality self. While you might think that a successful life is about things like career, money, and family, your soul finds it more important to develop qualities like compassion, forgiveness, courage, patience, trust, and surrender.

So, go out into your life and make your plans according to what you believe will be a successful life for you. Follow your joy. But know that all the obstacles you encounter on your path are there to teach you these soul qualities. So, as painful as these obstacles may be, don’t fret too long about them for they are the things that make your soul grow. They are like the sand in the oyster which makes the pearl.

And if the obstacles occur too frequently, then ask yourself whether you are on the right path. Maybe you are trying to swim upstream instead of going with the flow of divine guidance.

Know that the happiness you seek to find by getting things in your outer world can only be found inside of you. Therefore, strive to find that place of stillness of the timeless awareness in you and let that be your anchor point in life for this is your connection to Home.

You are never alone. We are always here to guide you. But you need to ask. And then pay attention. The answer can come in a variety of different ways.

Now, spread your wings and fly.

Then Archangel Michael left and as the speech of the principal was over, I emerged back from my daydreaming and joined in the applause.

15 thoughts on “A different kind of graduation speech

  1. I love your speech! It’s a great one. It made me think of students who would hear it and actually grasp it, and the students at this school would – https://youtu.be/V80-gPkpH6M This is Jim Carrey giving a commencement address to students whose curriculum included spirituality, and it’s not only funny but filled with spiritual wisdom.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad to hear that you liked it.
      And thank you so much for sharing this video. I just watched it and enjoyed it a lot. Hilarious! And so much wisdom.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad to hear you liked it.

      And I am curious to hear more about what that means for you to start all over again.


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