Finding the lost treasure inside of us

Whenever I fall into a state apathy and lack of purpose, usually some events happen where someone loses something, sometimes right in front of me, and I let them know. The most recent events were a woman who walked into the supermarket and who lost her shopping list. Or some guy who lost a health insurance card. Both people were grateful when I let them know. (The other things that used to happen were that I would walk by people who had some sort of fall or emergency breakdown. It also happened that I met people who asked me for the way.)

I think when I come across someone who just lost something and I remind them of it, this is the universe’s way of telling me metaphorically that part of my job description is to remind people of what they have lost.

Now, what is my message? What is it that people have lost that I should remind them of?

I think it is this:

Inside of each of us is a place of inner peace which is always there. It is the silent observer in the background.

The main reason to connect there is because we get to know ourselves as awareness.

But it also has some nice side effects.
Touching upon that peace not only feels good, but it can also shift things in the outside world. Because thoughts coupled with emotions create literally. And when there is an inner state of peace, joy, and gratitude, the outer world adjusts.

This place of awareness which is always there independet of the circumstances is like the diamond in the pocket of the beggar of which he was unaware. Or like the red shoes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz which were there all the time and would bring her home.

When I travel, I am sometimes worried about the things that can go wrong like delayed or missed trains or traffic jam. So, I usually make sure to put my mind into a state of inner joy, peace, and gratitude before the travel begins and then keep it like that throughout the travel – even when shit hits the fan.

When unpleasant things happen, I make sure that I go even more into peace, joy, and gratitude, as sort of an insurance which will be able to shift things on the outside.

I think it has saved me from some troubles in the past. I recall several instances of things going wrong, and I put on my happy mind, and then the situations suddenly were resolved . Of course, I cannot prove that my state of mind was the cause, but I have observed this.

On some areas I find this easier to apply than on others. The area of health, for example, is more challenging for me than travel challenges. When my son was sick and I thought it was dangerous, I found it very hard to deal with the fear, for example. Or when I am in physical pain, then I am prone to fall into despair and an inner temper tantrum about having to incarnate at all. I have to try to use the method of inner peace in these cases, too.

I find this place of inner peace with the Awareness Watching Awareness meditation which I described in the blog post Describing the ineffable. It is basically looking back at that which is looking. The beauty of this is that it is available even when a negative emotion is present. For example, there can be sadness and I can be aware of the sadness and feel it, but I can still put part of the focus of my attention back on the ever-present awareness.

But this method does not work for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, then I’d recommend any other method that works for you to get into a peaceful state of mind. Be aware, though, that this is not about suppressing emotions or about drowning them with drugs or addictive activities. It’s about acknowledging and feeling the emotions, but without wallowing in them. And then reach for a thought which feels better. Or do an activity which makes you feel better. Then you can observe how the disturbing events turn out.

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