Communication steps for divine guidance

If you want to receive divine guidance, here are some communication steps:

-) Ask
-) Become still
-) Wait in expectation
-) Receive
-) Interpret
-) Ask for clarification
-) Trust
-) Act
-) Evaluate

Ask. Don’t forget this step. Guidance can only be given if we ask. If we don’t ask, nobody is going to answer. And be specific. If you state a fuzzy question, you will get a fuzzy answer. It does not need to be properly formulated. The intention counts.

Wait for the answer. That is, become quiet and listen to the inner voice. Or wait and watch whether the answer is going to show up in another way. As a sign or a pattern. It is like waiting for hearing the thunder after the lightning. You are sure that it will come and you become still enough to make sure you are not going to miss it when it shows up.

Receive the answer. Write down what the inner voice said. Notice it. Notice what the book or the friend said.

Interpret the answer. Try to understand. Some messages may not be downright clear at the beginning.

Ask for clarification and discuss with your inner voice.

Trust. There are two types of trust. One is trusting that what we received is from spirit and not from our ego. The second one is actually daring to act on the guidance.

Act on it. Or if you don’t act on it, then look at your reasons or fears. It’s important to pratice this with the little things in your life where a wrong decision would not have huge consequences.

Evaluate. How did things turn out when you acted on the guidance? Was your interpretation right? Or what happened when you refused to act on the guidance? This cycle will help you build more trust.

That was the process in a nutshell.

Each of these steps can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Not forgetting to ask can be a challenge. Interpreting signs, dreams, and the inner voice correctly can be a challenge as well. And, of course, daring to act on guidance (which may push us far out of our comfort zone at times) can be very challenging, too.

But there are also benefits, of course, when we follow the guidance, like an increased sense of going with the flow or an increased sense of protection. I also like the awe and wonder about getting signs from the other side of the veil at all. And things become easier with practice. But, as I wrote, it is important to start practicing with the little things, so that the trust can be built slowly.

If you are interested in more information about divine guidance, you can download the script of my divine guidance workshop from 2017 here

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