Possible blocks to divine guidance

Why don’t we sometimes get guidance from spirit?
What are the blocks to receiving guidance? Here is a collection
of reasons I have encountered in myself.

-) I don’t really care to know.
-) I am too afraid to know the answer.
-) I forgot to ask.
-) The question is not clearly formulated.
-) Wanting to know the answer is based on fear. (like ‘What
are the winning lottery numbers?’ )

-) I keep asking and asking but then I forget to shut up and
listen to the answer.
-) I can’t hear the answer because my ego chatter is too
-) I am letting all my thoughts go and clear my mind. I am
even letting go of the inner voice. (as in Esther Hicks’
story where she let go all of her thoughts, even of the ones which came from the guides. Eventually, the guides had her move her nose and paint letters in the air with her nose to get the message through. lol)

-) I don’t get guidance because the point of being in a body
is to not have everything openly revealed.
-) I don’t get an answer because my guides want me to
figure it out by myself via feeling into my joy. Being told
what to do would be like cheating.
-) I don’t get guidance because my human mind would not
be able to understand the answer.
-) I don’t get an answer because the timing is not right.

-) I don’t hear an audible voice. Is this still guidance?
-) I don’t believe the answer of the inner voice. It seems all
made up by my imagination.
-) I can’t tell the difference between ego’s voice and true
-) I don’t believe in interpreting events as signs. This seems
-) I feel a strong urge or desire to do something. But I don’t
trust that because I have been taught that desire is bad.

-) There is no clarity about the map of the spiritual journey.
Or even if there is clarity about the map, I still don’t know
where I am located on the map.

-) I get guidance but I don’t feel like doing anything.
My will has personal will has been punched and beaten during this spiritual journey and resurrecting the will is difficult.

For more information on divine guidance, you can download the script (pdf) of my divine guidance workshop (from 2017) here . (If you cannot open the link, try right mouse-click and then ‘save as’).

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