Spiritual guidance through illness

Guidance from spirit can come through many different input channels like an inner voice or signs and synchronicities. And one of these possible input channels can be illness or injury.

A blocked throat chakra

Did you ever feel afraid of speaking up because of what others might think of you? I know that feeling all too well.

End of 2012, I wrote a post for an internet forum about my spiritual journey. About anger and burned out light bulbs and the importance of inner peace. I even diligently corrected all the typos and the punctuation.

But after that, I didn’t feel like posting it anymore. I saved the draft in a folder and felt perfectly felt at peace with the decision to keep my mouth shut.

Don’t they always tell us in the spiritual literature, “All is well. Nothing needs to be done. All happens in awareness. No need to change the world outside”?

Afterwards, I got some dreams that were designed to nudge me to share. But I shrugged them off. In spring 2013, I developed breathing trouble due to an inflammation in the throat. Some nights, I could hardly sleep.

I didn’t connect the illness to the refusal to post my writing. I thought it was due to residual anger attacks about the situation at work.

After some unsuccessful attempts to cure the breathing trouble with an alternative healing method (homeopathy) which had served me well in the past, I was referred to a spiritual healer. I didn’t actually go there. I just had a remote treatment.

And that worked. I was able to sleep again through the night without fear of suffocating.

But about two weeks after the healing, something unusual happened.

I turned inside and asked, ‘Father, what would you have me do?’

Immediately, the answer came, as a voiceless voice in my head,

Write that book! You are late.’

Then it became clear to me that the breathing trouble was caused by my resistance to share my story and I sat down and wrote the first draft version of my story and shared it with only one other person end of 2013. It took me till 2020 to share a more complete version. You can read the result here: https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/my-journey/.


Not every illness is a sign of guidance. But sometimes guidance uses this input channel.

In order to use the sickness as guidance, it is important to find the reason of the sickness.

But what is the reason for it?

I once came across a blogpost which said something like, “If you want to figure out whether you have high or low vibration, then look at your health. If you have a chronic illness, then that means that your vibration is low.”

I don’t agree with that point of view.

Illness can come from a variety of reasons.

Emotions can directly affect the body. For example, long term anger can affect the heart.

If emotions are not felt but suppressed, they can show up as illness. For example, suppressed grief can result in chronic fatigue or addictions.

Sometimes, the body can get sick because of the resistance to our calling. There are many stories about shamanic sickness in the literature, mysterious symptoms that don’t go away until the sick person agrees to aline with their divine path. And I had breathing trouble in the throat (throat chakra blockage) due to resistance to express myself. This only vanished after I started writing about my experiences on the spiritual path.

After the birth of my first child, I got rheumatoid arthritis. This disease set me on a path of discovering the benefits of homeopathy which in turn opened me up to spirituality. So, even though it was and still is painful, the illness has had some benefits.

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti was sick for many months when the universe weaned him from the self-image of being a great athlete. So, here sickness was a tool to break the attachment of the ego to a former self-image (which is an important point on the spiritual journey).

Sickness can stem from a past life. For example, a woman had pain across both thighs throughout all her life. After she had found out in a hypnotic regression that she was run over both legs by a carriage in a past life, the pain stopped (book Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton).

Some illnesses were planned pre-incarnation in order to challenge the soul to grow. It could be growth of the sick person. It could also be for growth of the caretakers who want to learn about compassion and patience, for example.

There is also the possibility of having caused an illness or injury as an excuse for not having to do something.

For example, during a vacation when I always used to do the cooking for my family, I saw my husband relaxing on the sofa and reading, I thought, ‘Why do I have to do the cooking and he can just relax? I also want to have time to lie on the sofa and just read.’ And, boom!, soon after that thought, I sprained my wrist, had to do everything with only one hand, and had the perfect excuse to not do the cooking anymore.

Another example was a former co-worker who had to travel to China for work. He hated the though of it and didn’t want to travel there. But it was for work and he grudingly had agreed to do it and the flight tickets were already booked. Then, his body manifested a serious sore throat and middle-ear inflammation so that he was not allowed to go on a flight for medical reasons.
Our thoughts are that powerful and can manifest.

Some types of symptoms can also be caused by rising Kundalini energy. Some are what is sometimes termed ‘ascension symptoms’. Dolores Cannon was a past-life regression hypnotherapist. In her book The Convoluted Universe – Book Three, chapter 32, I found the following statement:
I have received much information about the physical symptoms that people are experiencing as their bodies adjust to these frequency and vibrational changes. Many of these include: tiredness, depression, irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains in the joints.

So, there can be many different reasons for an illness. Having a “low vibration” may be one of them, but there can be many other reasons.

So, how to use sickness as a hint from guidance? First, figure out what the underlying reason for the illness is – which admittedly might not be easy to do. After that, the appropriate path forward might be clearer.


For more information about divine guidance, you can download my workshop script (pdf) here: https://karinfinger.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/divine_guidance_workshop_script.pdf

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    1. Yes, like the attempts to cope with any painful circumstance can lead us down some amazing paths. I remember reading in a channeled text something like, “Humanity has chosen to learn through pain.”
      Thanks for commenting.

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