Divine guidance through signs

Divine guidance can show up rather bluntly through words, pictures, and songs from the outside. But it can also show up more subtly in signs which have a metaphoric meaning like feathers, pennies, numbers, and animals.

In summer 2016, I sat on a bench in the forest and pondered how much of my life had broken down up to this point, how much I grieved the losses, and I wondered how life was going to continue with my current sense of meaninglessness. Then I looked down and saw a pink paper strip lying in the dirt with numbers on it “5!! 5!! 5!!” .

Number 5, for me, means “change is ahead”. That was a clear message. At that time, I did not know what kind of change it would be. But only a few months later in that year, there was a significant change in my family.

Numbers (like 11:11 on a digital clock or a license plate), pennies and dimes, feathers, or anything else that we have assigned a meaning to (like a certain type of car or a particular color, for example) can be used as messages by our guidance.

Please note that the meaning of a particular number can differ from person to person. 5 means ‘change’ (among other things) according to the information on several websites. But for someone else it can have a different meaning like ‘you are halfway there’.

Here my personal short list of what numbers mean for me (which I adpoted from one of Doreen Virtue’s books about Angel Numbers). But on the internet, there are more resources available which point to a much broader association of meaning with the numbers.

0 – God

1 – Watch your thoughts because they have manifesting power

2 – Have faith

3 – Ascended masters are with you

4 – Angels are with you

5 – Change is ahead

6 – Don’t worry about money

7 – Well done! Applause by the angels

8 – Abundance

9 – Completion

Animals which show up repeatedly either live or in dreams or as pictures can have a meaning according to the shamanic tradition.

For example, when I saw two articles about penguins within one hour, I looked up the penguin symbol (‘penguin symbolic meaning’ or ‘penguin shamanic meaning’). What came up was ‘Patience, discipline, endurance…’. At that time, I was busy procrastinating the creation of the workshop about divine guidance, a task which had been given to me by my spirit guides in 2015. The message was clear. ‘Continue with the preparation of the workshop with patience and discipline’.

One challenge with these signs is to notice them. The universe helps us with this and brings these things up over and over again until we do notice them eventually. What also helps is staying aware and alert. Just paying attention to what comes up repeatedly (and maybe writing it down in a journal) and being open to the possibility that these things might be communication attempts by guidance from Source / spirit guides or that invisible force behind the veil.

Another challenge with these signs is their interpretation. As usual, I need to ask whether it is to be taken literally or metaphorically. For signs, I have found that the meaning is mostly metaphorical.

For the interpretation, be aware of spirit’s play with words which sound phonetically (almost) identical. Having a small annoying stone in the shoe right under the heel could point to ‘heal’. (Other examples, jeans = genes, bald = bold, or sun = son). This also works across languages. I have had the German word ‘Kamm’ (which means ‘comb’ but is pronounced like ‘come’) show up on license plates and as a real comb lying on the forest ground on my biking way to work. It took me a while to get that these signs could simply be an invitation of my higher self to ‘come’ into its arms and into alignment, the call for surrender.

Sometimes, we can give a meaning to something and then it is used by spirit as a communication sign. One day, I decided that the color pink means ‘appreciation’ in my personal dictionary of meanings. And soon after that, I got many signs with pink from spirit. The wind placed a small heart shaped pink rose petal exactly in front of my driveway.

Sometimes, spirit selects a meaning to something and comes up with a sign repeatedly and I have to figure out what is meant by that. This scenario is a bit more difficult. Like learning a foreign language without having a dictionary. This can be annoying if there is no way to google it.

For example, I started seeing the color mint frequently a while ago. When I was outside for a bit of shopping, I would come across one or even two mint cars. Or a mint colored bike. And mint is an unusual color for cars or bikes. Or I coincidentally met my neighbor for a short chat and she had a mint colored handbag. Or the word ‘minted’ (for coins) showed up in a newspaper article.

Now what on earth does that mean? It was so frequent that it seemed to be a message of some sort. But I wasn’t able to figure out what the meaning was. Was I supposed to look up the healing properties of peppermint and maybe that would help me with my rheumatoid arthritis? Was I to use peppermint oil in order to antidote the homeopathic remedies I had taken? Was I to calm down and feel soothed? Was this a color of some archangel’s aura who wanted to work with me (-in the beginning of the recent channeling class in 2021, we as the students had to choose a divine being to work with)? I was not able to get any consistent hints on that. So maybe it does not mean anything. But because of the soothing quality of this color, I settled for the reminder to remain calm and have trust that everything will work out.

Signs can not only come from spirit guides but also from deceased loved ones who want to let us know that they are ok and nearby. They are known to use the following signs, for example, (among other communication attempts like dreams and touch).

  • Manipulated electricity (flickering light bulbs, CD player turning on for no reason, phone calls coming in from nowhere)
  • Cloud formations
  • Animals. Animals in rare places (like a ladybug in winter, for example)
  • Smells
  • Lights (dots of light or orbs)
  • Pictures falling down without reason

For me, playing with noticing and interpreting signs is a fun way to get divine guidance.

4 thoughts on “Divine guidance through signs

  1. Hello Karen, your column is very much appreciated. You write and describe everything in a very straightforward and clear way. It is easy to understand. Thank you for the new and continuing reminders that we live in an amazing way with love and support and information beyond our human family and friends. Onward, Nancy

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  2. Funny that you mention Peppermint Oil as I am using it today for a medical issue! Sometimes I struggle with how to interpret a sign. I see repeated numbers so often now that their meaning has become diluted for me. Recently I was at my beloved Longwood Gardens and spotted an insect ( wooly caterpillar) and found it significant so I took its picture. The image did not show up on my phone. However I did research its symbolic meaning. You did a great job with this post Karin, well done!


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    1. Thanks for your kind comment and for sharing about the peppermint oil and the caterpillar. When I went for a walk around the fields here recently, I saw many different types of caterpillars crossing my way. I also wondered whether that was some kind message or whether it is just the time of the year when they appear. But I have never noticed them before.

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