Guidance through an inner knowing

Guidance can come not only via signs from the outside or an inner voice, it can also come as an inner knowing. When there is an inner knowing, we just know but are not able to say how and why we know.

Several years ago, someone told me that if I completed a certain task then he would give me something in return (which I wanted very much and had already been waiting for for many years). But the very moment he made this promise, I knew he was lying. There was no inner voice telling me this. And there were no dreams and no signs outside. I just knew. But I couldn’t say how I knew. It was just gut-level intuition. And as it turned out over the course of the next years, I was right.

Another example (which happened around 2012) was the story when the principal of my younger son’s elementary school called me at home saying, “You must come and pick up your son real fast. In the playground, some other kid accidentally stepped on his eye. You might need to go to a doctor immediately.”

Instead of going into emotional turmoil, I remained calm and thought that I would not go to a doctor with my son. Instead, I would give some homeopathic remedies which are used after such eye injuries and all would be well. All this was instantaneous during the phone call with the principal. I guessed that there would be a different reason for my visit at the school to pickup my son and I wondered what that was. Why would the universe send me there?

When I arrived at the school, my son had already recovered a bit, and it turned out that the reason I was sent there was most probably that I needed to see his teacher in action during teaching who mirrored some unflattering qualities back to me (e.g. annoyance and impatience with the kids).

So, sometimes we just know, but we can’t say how we know what we know. In order to access my inner knowing, I need to shift my attention from the mind to the heart and gut. While my mind may be busy with many thought streams trying to figure out which way would be the best solution to a problem, I need to ignore this internal discussion. Instead, I shift the attention to my body and notice the feeling there.

The response from the body bypasses the endless discussions in the mind and just says, โ€œYes, this is the right guy to marry. Yes, this is the right job for me. Yes, this is the right house to buy. Beware, this guy is lying.โ€

Like with the inner voice, there can be an additional validation with dreams, songs, and signs which makes it easier to trust the inner knowing.

5 thoughts on “Guidance through an inner knowing

  1. We put so much reliance on cognitive knowledge and undervalue the huge resources of our entire sense system. I was once told, in the course of a meditation session, to imagine a world where each sense was removed until I had none. I realized that my very being, my existence in our world, depends on neural experience. The ‘gut’ notices things all the time, which we ignore. Like who to avoid, and who to trust. Your reminders to listen always come at a good time for me. Grateful ๐ŸŒน

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, cognitive knowledge is overrated and the gut-level knowing is neglected.

      Thanks for sharing this interesting meditation exercise.

      Happy Thanksgiving! ( We don’t celebrate it here, but I guess you probably do celebrate it)

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  2. Thankfully that is my main input, fine tuned by life. Initially by fear I would ‘read’ people to see if their intentions were honest towards me or not. And in doing that, even though tuned by fear, it gave me the ability to read hearts. bodies and minds. And once I stepped through my fear and began to stand in my love and integrity it opened accordingly and that ‘knowing’ would come forward. It wasn’t a full ‘knowing’ in the beginning because I wasn’t spiritually mature enough to use it with the love it was given. I had to have a few ‘life’ stumbles first to gain the wisdom to use it in my healing, with that love and integrity, because of its nature. Great post dear lady, thank you โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿฆ‹

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing and for describing your process your of how this knowing developed in such detail. I appreciate that. You have amazing gifts for helping people.


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