Art in nature (part 2)

Lately, I have been taking more pictures while talking walks outside and playing around with the pre-installed foto-app on my iPad. Changing the lighting and the colors is so much fun. Sometimes after I have processed the image, I zoom in and enlarge an area which then gets a bit blurry and looks more like a painting than a photography.

Among many other creative endeavors, I used to paint and draw a lot up to the age of 14, but I am not a trained photographer or artist. I don’t know what the many different parameters on the foto app really mean, but processing these pictures is more an intutitive process which enables me to be creative and play around with colors and beauty, but without the effort, skill, patience, and money required for acrylic painting, for example.

Sometimes I wonder, though, whether this creative pastime is just a distraction from other stuff I know I should be doing (like putting that old divine guidance workshop from 2017 into an online workshop version, which I keep putting off).

I just know that I feel the urge to do it and that some little girl inside of me is jumping up and down and excitedly clapping her hands with joy each time I have produced something beautiful. And that is probably a sign that it is not only okay but even indicated to do it.

Here are some of the latest results.

15 thoughts on “Art in nature (part 2)

  1. Fun! And you have to have fun. The nice thing about using photo apps is you can experiment with effects. You don’t have to understand photography terms like dodging and burning or exposure, just click and adjust and see what it does.

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  2. That happens to me, and for me usually means I need a break or something else needs to happen before I begin a project. A refreshed heart and mind creates on a whole new level…ask any child 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I like that idea that the little girl can help me with the workshop.

      After reading your comment this morning, I took a long walk alone in nature and attempted to have a conversation with the little girl, somehow like you do in your focusing sessions. As usual, I don‘t know whether it was made up or whether it was really channeled, but very much to my surprise, I got some answers. The little girl suggested that I let people paint a colorful, gorgeous butterfly and then have them tell a story about their butterfly – which would be their own life’s story. This process was somehow to shift out of the left brain more into the intuitive mode.

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      1. Wow! That’s an idea to play with.
        As you may know, my little girl was with me in creative mode when I drew her picture and turned it into a cartoon, put it on my Facebook page and set her off dancing around the world! (23). I see her as part of me. Mine likes to shoplift so I do not let her have free reign; she needs parenting. They are amoral so I have to stay in control.
        I would like to think that this idea could encourage and help you with your course. Thanks for letting me know. Best wishes.

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        1. Thanks for leading me back to your lovely post #23,

          I just revisited it. I remember having seen the drawing of the girl, but I didn’t remember the animation gif. I think it was not properly displayed on my old iPad which I had back then in Nov 2020. That gif is cool!

          Your Puella likes to shoplift. lol. That is funny. I wonder whether mine is up to any mischief, too.

          In my vision, my little girl wears a similar dress! Just with some added frills at the seams and floral design. She also likes to dance and has little respect or regard for all the boring organized, disciplined stuff of grown-ups. Interesting. I may have come upon one of these archetypes.

          Thank you so much for sharing your journey with your focusing sessions. This has encouraged me to start the conversation with this little girl.

          I‘m not sure whether this exercise makes it into the online workshop. But I found it very interesting.

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