Useful lists during the spiritual journey

I like to keep (check)lists for all sorts of stuff. There are, of course, the lists which come in handy for more mundane things like shopping lists or vacation packing checklists. But I have extended this habit to other areas of my life and want to share which lists I found useful regarding the spiritual journey.


I keep a journal. This is a list, too, even though you might not think of it as that at first. I write down dreams, messages from the inner voice, synchronicities, little signs I find along the way, and also musings and rants about my inner conflicts.

I find the journal useful for relieving pressure when something triggered me. After I write an angry rant, I try to find another angle to look at things. And maybe a channeled message from the wise inner voice comes through to give me some insight.

It is also good to keep track of things regarding what happened when. While I do remember most things which happened, I tend to forget in which order they happened. It was useful to have journal notes when I wrote down my story and shared it here on WordPress.

Books I’d like to read and books I have read

I read a lot. Especially in the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2006/2007, I devoured books during every free minute I had during the day. When I read a captivating book, it feels better than eating the most delicious piece of chocolate candy. Yummy, rich, makes me euphoric and feels deeply satisfying.

Here, I keep two lists. One with the books I would like to read. Everytime, I come across some fascinating book author, I put it on my list. This ensures that I always have a pipeline with chocolate candy equivalents filled up.

The other list contains the books I have read, just very short with title, author, and date when I read it.

Mission vs Fears

Another useful list is about my mission. Whenever I had an insight about what it was that my sould wanted me to do here on earth, I wrote that into the list. The insight could come from a dream message, from recurring patterns in daily life, or from a channeling from a psychic medium, for example.

Whenever I get confused and stuck, I can return to this list and read it again. It contains many puzzle pieces collected over the years which together give a more complete picture of where my path is heading.

Connected to the list of puzzle pieces which point to my mission is another list. Why am I not doing what I am obviously supposed to do? What is holding me back? This is the List of Fears. Here, I write down all the “what ifs” and everything which comes up as reason for my resistance to guidance ( – and, yep, unfortunately it is a long list).

Now, I don’t suggest that this is the best way to do it for everyone. Some might argue that it solidifies it to write all the fears down and that it would be better to write it down on paper (instead of electronically) and then burn it afterwards. And maybe they are right. I just share how I did it.

Writing down the fears can be a first step of getting some clarity about them. What to do about the fears would another topic entirely.

The Long List of Many Blessings

At some point in my journey around 2016, the inner voice told me regarding a good thing (the long awaited promotion at work) which had just been announced, ‚This is just the beginning of many blessings.‘

I heard that and thought, wow, I wonder what else will happen? And whether it is really a blessing or not ? Because sometimes my spirit guides and I have very differing viewpoints on whether something is a blessing or a curse.

So, I wanted to keep track of all these promised future blessings and I started My Long List of Many Blessings and wrote short entries (one liners in bullet point style) for everything extraordinary or noteworthy which occurred and for which I felt grateful.

This list is useful for reading when I have a low, grumpy mood, fretting about how much reincarnation and the recurring amnesia suck. Or whenever I am about to write a list inside my mind about the top 100 behaviors which piss me off about people trigger me, I can catch myself and go back to read that list of blessings. It tends to lift my mood and shift me into gratitude when I review it or when I write new entries into it.

Writing this blogpost was a welcome opportunity to revisit the list of blessings.


6 thoughts on “Useful lists during the spiritual journey

    1. Thank you for your wise comment. I never thought about it that way. For me, journaling was always about venting, digesting, processing, pondering, keeping track of experiences, and trying to make sense of life or finding the underlying thread in my life.

      You said it takes courage. Yes, courage is needed for honestly looking at the shadows, for example. But also maybe for looking back at awareness, the void, which we are.
      You brought up a good point here. Thank you.


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