Metaphors in nature: Growth

Sometimes, I find metaphors in nature. Here is a picture from my walks around the fields.

Sometimes growth isn‘t straight. Keep growing anyway.

A little announcement
Currently, I’m involved with video and audio editing for an online version of the divine guidance workshop. While I do appreciate that there are so many free tools for nearly every technical challenge and also many youtube tutorials, it feels as if I am taking the class ‘Learning how to do 1000 new things you never really cared to know about‘. And learning how to use all the new tools and the editing process is so time consuming that I don’t have time to write new blogposts weekly anymore. If I want to get anything done regarding the online class, I have to focus more.

Therefore, I would like to inform you that I will attempt to still post something on this blog, but I might resort to reblogs of old posts, just sharing some pictures, or maybe posting far less frequently than once a week.


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