A flower for our wedding anniversary

My guides (or whatever these forces behind the veil are) not only send me signs for guidance. Sometimes, I also get little gifts.

On our wedding anniversary in August 2022, my husband and I went grocery shopping.

As we checked out and were already through the cashier, I looked down and saw a few white blossoms lying on the floor.

I thought, ‘Oh, how nice! This looks like a gift for our wedding anniversary’. And I picked it and put it in into a bowl of water at home.

I guess this is a dahlia. So, I looked up ‘white dahlia symbolism’ and found that they represent purity, innocence, and rebirth and are often used in wedding bouquets.

I really enjoy the interaction with the universe. Signs for guidance, signs of comfort, little gifts for special occasions – I just need to pay attention. And when I find something, then that little girl inside of me jumps up and down and claps her hands with excitement.

Working with the moon phases

On September 1st, 2022, when I was in the grocery store, I came across a woman with a t-shirt twice which made me pay attention. The shirt had the moon phases on it and an inverted triangle and the words “Moon Magic”.

On the same evening a few hours later, I sat outside admiring the clouds during sunset when I suddenly noticed a weird cloud formation.

It looked like a person wearing a cape. And in the right hand was a sword pointing over to his left side. I didn’t have a camera with me and couldn’t take a picture of it, but I attempted to make the drawing below with a digital app to give you an approximate idea of what this looked like.

I thought, the sword symbol reminds me of Archangel Michael. Why is this image showing up for me now?

Then I saw where the sword was pointing to. It was the crescent moon.

Somehow this was new. I was blissfully unaware of most things related to the moon before. I didn’t know the dates when we would have a full moon or a new moon. I didn’t even know whether a moon was growing or shrinking when I saw it. But I thought that the signs I received regarding the moon meant that I should look that up.

It could also mean metaphorically “pointing to the moon” which is meant to say pointing to awareness, to that which can’t be described with words. But in combination with the t-shirt of the moon phases before, I thought it rather meant to point to moon phases.

According to my internet search, some people suggest that creative projects can be timed according to the moon phases. And while the moon is growing, it would also be a good time to invest in the new project.

I had never timed my projects according to moon phases before and I didn’t know whether it would make any difference for me. At that time, I was busy with the production of the divine guidance workshop video. So, I looked up the date of the next full moon (Sept 10, 2022) and thought, alright, 9 more days to go and until then I should probably reach an important milestone regarding the video project. I took this sign as a message to stop procrastinating and get going.

I still can’t say for sure whether working with the moon phases would make a difference for me. But I wanted to share this story as an example of how guidance can come in.

Pyramid signs showing up

In May 2022, I participated in a workshop about joy and expansion held by channel Lisa Wechtenhiser. And in this class, we were first to envision a pyramid in our minds which contained everything we loved and by which we felt supported. Then we also had to choose some pieces of music which we loved to go with the pyramid.

Except for the music part, I was a bit like “meh” about it since I usually don’t do well with visualization exercises. I mean I can do the visualizations, but I don’t feel anything from them. I assume that the exercises are supposed to get me into a certain mental space or vibrational state or whatever, but I feel that this doesn’t work so well for me.

But a bit later, upward pointing triangles kept showing up in my life frequently, and they reminded me of pyramids.

The picture below is a nature reserve sign accross from my favorite bench when I walk around the fields.

Originally, it was held by four screws. But two of them had already been loosened a while ago. And then during this pyramid exercise, the wind had blown so long and so strongly that it had loosened the third screw of this roadsign so that it turned upside down. From an inverted triangle to an upright triangle, as if to underline the importance of the pyramid exercises of the workshop.

Another upright triangle showed up under unusual circumstances, too.

My husband went shopping. And as he was at the cashier in the grocery store, another cashier came over to his cashier, gave her a red soap bottle and said something like, “This is a gift from the management for you.”

But apparently, the cashier who received the soap bottle didn’t care and wanted to get rid of it. So, she immediately passed it on to my husband who was next in line.

When my husband brought it home, I thought that it looked like a sign or a message. Reminding me of the importance of the pyramid exercises again and also of love.

I took the pyramid visualization exercises a bit more seriously after that. I don’t know whether they had any effect, but at least I tried.

So, I can’t really say anything about the significance of pyramids and the related visualization exercises, but what I can share with you is that there is an invisible force behind the veil which orchestrates some amazing synchronicities.

Spiraling forward: a story about the confirmation of the inner voice

During one of my walks in April 2021, as I sat down on a bench at the side of a large parking lot, I saw a twig in an unusual spiral form lying on the ground. There were no bushes near that place and the ground was made of paving stones. So, it was a bit unusual to find any twig there at all.

An inner voice said, ‘This is for you. This is like your journey. Spiraling forward. Even if you don’t move in a straight line forward, keep moving forward and keep growing like this branch did.’

I never know whether I am making this inner voice up or not. But I thought, why not? I‘d take this twig home. It was pretty and I planned to use it for decoration purposes.

At that time, I was also participating in a 6 months channeling class.

One participant of this class posted something in our facebook group about how he imagined the spiritual journey to play out for each of us. It was about climbing up a ladder. And while climbing up, we would increase our vibrational frequency and get more and more above the clouds which had blocked access to truth and guidance.

He looked for a suitable image of ladders online, but none of them felt right. Then he found an image of a spiral staircase which felt right and he posted it.

I shared that I had found this spiral twig a couple of days earlier and that the inner voice had told me that this was like my path, spiraling forward. Now I was much more confident in the message of the inner voice. It seemed that I hadn’t made it up.

When I am in doubt about the messages I receive from the inner voice, there are several ways for me to look for confirmation. In addition to the inner voice, the message could also show up in dreams, signs, songs on the radio, etc. And, as in this story, it can also show up in other people’s experiences or the messages they receive.