The sticky white feather

In 2022 from summer until December, there was a white feather on our cherry laurel hegde outside in the backyard. It was across from the living room window, positioned in such a way that I could always look at it during our meal times.

The feather stuck on the leaf for many months – even during storms and heavy downpours.

It was like a lovely message everyday. Something along the lines of a comforting ‘hello’ from spirit. Or like metaphor of resilience. No matter whether there were heavy rains or storms, the feather would always greet me.

How did it stick so well to the leaf? Was it glued to it somehow?

In December 2022 just one day before the gardener would come to cut the hedges, I went outside, took this picture and examined what made the feather stick.

It wasn’t glue or something sticky. It turned out that the quill of the feather got stuck in the finely serrated margin of the cherry laurel leaf. But even though that was a very natural explanation, it seemed like something unusual and special to me. Like something which was arranged from the forces beyond the veil.

A birthday gift

In the last years, I have noticed that life/the universe/my spirit guides/God (or whoever is pulling the strings behind the veil) comes up with some birthday gifts for me.

A couple of years ago, I received a painting in the snow. On my birthday at the beginning of March 2018, I wanted to treat myself to something special and relaxing and spent a whole day at our local indoor swimmingpool and sauna.

In the afternoon, it started to snow.

I was a bit annoyed. Why did it have to snow now? That was unusual. We had already March. I’d rather have sunny weather so I could stay a bit outside in the sun after the sauna.

When I came home in the evening and looked out of my bedroom window, I noticed the image of two hearts painted in the snow.

It must have been done by the tires of a single car which was driving back and forth. I tried to wrap my head around how they must have steered the car to produce these two hearts. But I couldn’t figure it out.

I took a picture and acknowledged the image with much gratitude. I hope you can see the two overlapping hearts on the left side of the picture. (Sorry for the grid structure; this is from the mosquito net).

The next day, the snow was gone. It had just been there for the picture to be painted. I marveld as I felt as if this whole event with the snow and the car had been arranged just for my birthday.

A sign of encouragement

A couple of years ago in June, 2018, I had found the inner resolve, eventually, to tell my story on my blog in a more elaborate way than just on the About page of WordPress.

Soon after I had set the intent to write, I was doing some grocery shopping and immediately after I had walked out from the cashier, I saw some candy bar on the floor. It was turned face down and I could not see what kind of candy bar it was. As it was after the cashier, I thought, ‘Ooh, how nice, this must be for me!’ and I picked it up.

When I turned it to read the label, I saw “Wunderbar” printed on it – which means “wonderful” in English.
(In the US, this chocolate bar would be named Starbar.)

I took that as a sign of encouragement for my writing project which I was about to start.

This was very welcome and desperately needed because I had to go a long stretch. The writing took me publishing weekly chapters from December 2019 until at least January 2021 plus some preparation time in 2018 and 2019. So, around 2.5 – 3 years. And it was good to feel that someone or some force behind the veil was cheering me on during that time. I very much appreciate that my guidance always finds a way to get their message across to me.

The result of this work can be read on the tab My Journey.