Spirit intervention at the locker

The forces behind the veil can use many different means to guide us. This is a story about how they meddled with the electronics to influence events.

I work part time in the corporate world. And in spring of 2023, the Corona pandemic situation became better and our department at work was told to go back to the office for the very moderate amount of one day every other week.

Our department is located in a new building now where there are not enough places for everyone anymore and therefore the sub-teams have to come in in shifts. One group only on Tuesdays, another one on Wednesdays and so on.

That also means we cannot store our personal stuff at our desk anymore but instead we have to put it into a locker when we are not in the office.

In March 2023, I packed my stuff which I needed for the office. It felt like packing for a vacation trip. Not only did I have to take care of having the technical stuff at the office like keyboard, mouse, headset etc, but I also needed clothes for changing since I planned to bike there again. So, I ended up with three large bags of stuff and hoped they would fit into a locker.

My husband was so kind to drive me to the office by car with all the stuff before the first day so that I could find a free locker and have everything already available when I would come into the office the first day by bike.

Before we were going into the office, I asked spirit to please make sure that there would be still a free locker available for me and also that it would be the best locker in the sense that it was large enough and located somewhere where I wouldn’t have a long way to walk to get my stuff (because my feet hurt from the rheumatoid arthritis).

There were white lockers right at the entrance in the lobby and black lockers with a longer way to walk to them.
I had been told to use a black locker and had also been informed about the procedure to operate them.
It was not as easy as at the swimming pool where one had to just insert a coin and then turn the key. Here, it was much more technically complicated or sophisticated.

I asked my husband to help me with operating the locker so that I didn’t mess up anything with this procedure.

I put my badge to the central cockpit screen of the black lockers and chose “open new locker” on the display.
And then the screen said “open your locker with number <blank>” .

But where was the number of the locker I was supposed to open?

My husband and I were staring at the screen. We both could not see a number in the large blue dot on the screen.
I tried for about five times. Always the same result. No number was displayed.

I was steaming with frustration and anger. Here I was with all my stuff. Three bags. I would not be able to transport them on my bike from home to the office. And my husband had taken time off work to drive me there by car. And now the lockers did not work. But I desperately needed to store my stuff at the office – RIGHT NOW.
WTF was going on?!

After we had given up, we went outside to the white lockers right in the lobby of the building. Maybe they would work.

Just then, a colleague walked by and I asked him to help me with how to open one of the white lockers (who worked in a different way). He stayed patiently and helped me find a white locker which was still free (not easy at all) and also showed me how to open and close it (also quite tricky).

All my stuff fit into the white locker. What a relief!

About a week later, when I had my first day at the new office, I tried to open one of the black lockers again because I wanted to find out whether I needed to report the malfunction. And this time, there was a number displayed. No error anymore. How come it didn’t show me a number the first time when I tried it?

Here is how I made sense of this afterwards:
Even though I was originally told to use a black locker, the white ones have several advantages. They are close to the entrance and closer to our office. In addition, they have a hole in the door which enables a bit of air circulation. The black lockers are completely closed and I figured I might have ended up with mold when I would leave something a bit damp or wet in there for two weeks (like my teapot or so).

So, I believe the fact that mysteriously no number was displayed when my husband and I tried to operate the black lockers and the subsequent chance encounter with my colleague was an intervention by spirit in order to get me to use a white locker. After all, I had prayed to get support in finding a good locker and that prayer was answered.

The resting place – a story about gaining trust in the inner voice

Getting guidance via the inner voice can be a challenge for me because I tend to question “Did I really hear this? Or did I make this up?” Here, I want to share a story about gaining more trust in the inner voice.

The channeling homework

In 2021, I participated in a 6 months channeling class with Lisa Wechtenhiser. One of the homework tasks in June 2021 was to record a video channeling with messsages which our chosen divine being ( – in my case Archangel Michael – ) would share with the other participants in the class.

The video had to be 7 minutes long. What on earth would I talk about freely for 7 minutes while in front of the camera? I found that task extremely challenging and fear inducing and tensed up about it. (And we had to do not just one of these videos, but four. All about different topics and ranging in length from 5 minutes to 15 minutes).

Regarding the homework, I knew I wouldn’t be able to channel while sitting nervously in front of the camera. So, I took a walk around the fields, which is one of my favorite methods of relaxation, and tried to receive some messages.

I was a bit grumpy inside. Like, ‘I am sure I will not hear anything for this darn homework assignment! Poor me. What’s the point? Why even try?’

But then a little voice inside my mind said,

Why are you so sure that you can’t hear me when you haven’t even tried?

Oh, where did that come from? Okay, so maybe I just needed to keep an open mind and try.

I didn’t really hear an inner voice during the walk. It was more like getting the message from my inner guidance for myself that I needed to keep walking.

Keep walking‘ and ‘I’ll walk with you‘ ,

these were the statements that were always reiterated. Even though every step was painful due to the rheumatoid arthritis, I needed to keep going forward. In a physical sense and in a metaphorical sense.

What also came through was that we are never alone and always have company from the spirit realm on the journey. And we should’t forget to ask for assistance.

And then the channeling attempts were all about seeing things outside and taking them as messages or metaphors. So, I thought about the metaphors of everything along my way. The growth cycles of the trees, for example. The blossoms, bringing fruit, and then the phase of rest. And how that relates to our own lives.

Did Archangel Michael really talk to me about nature’s cycles? I have no idea. But I put it into the homework anyway because we were supposed to do it for certain length of time and I needed to fill time.

Then, I saw a fresh apple lying at the side along my way. It was not one of the apple trees here, but it was a fresh, bright green Granny Smith apple. How amazing and unusual. Normally, I didn’t find fresh fruit lying on the ground here.

I didn’t pick it up. But I thought about what a synchronicity that was since I was indeed short on apples in our frigde. And I could have picked it up as a gift. I interpreted it as a sign that I was always well taken care of and put that message into the channeling homework, too.

Next, I thought about how I had heard a crow barking like a dog at that place recently. And how that sounded funny and had pulled me out of a sad mood. So, I translated that experience into the following message:

If you are sad, I will send a crow which barks like a dog to put a smile on your face.’

When I went further, I came to a field where the wind was blowing through green barley. The sun came out and the barley made waves in the wind . I looked like waves on an ocean. A beautiful sight.

I thought how this would translate into words for the channeled homework message. Probably something like

I caress you with the sun and ruffle the hair of the earth with the wind.’

Even though my inner critic came out and said ‘Whoa, now we are going to wax lyrical about it’, I still kept it that way because the moment was truly beautiful.

Then I saw grey clouds to the left and the right and was wondering whether I would get home dry. But I did.
And then I translated that experience into

Don’t worry, I can part the clouds for you and make sure that you get home dry.

Then I went home and sat down in front of the camera to record my channeling homework video by basically repeating what I had just received during the walk before. It worked. I managed to speak freely for more than 7 minutes – with lots of repetitions and long moments of silence, though. But boy was it an awkward experience!

I struggled with this. Was this really valid channeling? Wasn’t I cheating because I was unable to do it freely in front of the camera without any preparation? And in addition, I didn’t really hear an inner voice most of the time. I just translated the experiences into messages. Was this valid? My my inner Officer of the Department of Doubt and Discernment was having a field day.

Towards the end of the recording session of the channeling, a surprising message dropped in, this time rather spontaneously.

And if you are hungry, I will provide a resting place along the way, make sure that the weather is fine and that you have something to eat. I fill your cup.

I was surprised about what just escaped my mouth. Where did that come from? Was Archangel Michael going to build another bench plus a table as a picnic place for me? Probably not. But I had said it anyway.

But then something happened which reminded me of that sentence again and which also restored trust that maybe I might not have made all the stuff up, but maybe I had received the messages correctly.

The fallen tree

Much to my surprise, a few weeks after I had done the channeling homework, we had a storm and an old tree at the corner of the field fell down. It must have been already rotten inside so that it could not withstand the storm.

Then the farmer hauled the tree to the side of the field (see picture below). And there, it served as the bench that Archangel Michael would provide as a resting place as the channeling had promised.

The location was perfect for my walk around the field since it was placed about half way. And nobody seemed to use it except me. The other people only used the real benches. And if the other benches were occupied but I needed to sit down to rest my legs and feet which had pain from rheumatoid arthitis, then I was very grateful to have this lying tree just for myself.

It was not just a place to rest when exhausted. It was also a place to rest when hungry, as it said in the channeling. Because prune trees were growing around that fallen tree.

The carving

A while later, I sat on another (real) bench along the field when I saw someone drive by on his bicycle. I looked at the brand of the bike and it said ‘Carver’.

I had never seen that bike brand before around here and thought maybe there was a message in that. Maybe I needed to pay attention to something. But what? I decided to look closer at the woodworm carving marks in the fallen tree.

So, when I sat down later on the fallen tree and as I glanced over the large amount of woodworm marks on it, I saw something special. It looked like an angel. A head, then a body with a long gown, two wings, and a sword. Seeing something resembling and angel alone would be awesome enough, but the sword pointed me to Archangel Michael. And that was the guide with whom I had been supposed to do this channeling exercise. Interpreting something into these carvings is very subjective, of course, like seeing images in clouds. Certainly, someone else might have seen something different. But for me it was meaningful.

So, even though that whole homework channeling exercise felt somehow forced and awkward and like I was making it all up, that chain of events with the sentence ‘When you are hungry, I will provide a resting place‘ and the fallen tree helped me to gain trust in the inner voice.

So maybe in my case, that is the way to go with attempts to channel. I can just start with something. Just start talking or writing even if it feels made up. And then at some point some message may slip in which might be surprising but turn out to be true later.

Another message on the bench

Around the new year, I usually get a message about what the coming year is about for me. Mostly it happens in a meaningful dream on Jan 1st. But it can also happen via signs.

On January 3rd, 2023, I felt like I needed to meditate and process some shadow work stuff and I went to the bench in the woods where I had once found a lovely message written on it.

To my surprise, the old message had vanished, probably from the influences of rain and sunlight. But there were new messages written on it.


There was also another similar message on the same bench which said


What a great message from the universe for me for the new year 2023!

Singing after shadow work: the snowman

I found this tiny snowman during my walk on Dec 24, 2022. Here in Germany, we celebrate Christmas on Dec 24. So, it was a special day.

During that time, I also stumbled upon song We’re Walking in the Air (version with Peter Auty) from the short children’s film The Snowman. Such a gem! I read that it was well-known in the UK, but here in Germany I had never heard of it before. This series of events seemed like more than a mere coincidence to me.

The song was so beautiful that I felt the urge to learn how to sing it. And then I couldn’t stop singing it for a couple of days and I sang it everywhere, in the shower, in the kitchen, and in the forest during my walks (when I was alone).

What preceded this series of events was a period of shadow work in late 2022 triggered by a suggestion to do this work by Lisa Wechtenhiser in her channeling class.

I had looked at my anger that boiled close under the surface. Where did it come from? In my mind, I went back to all the incidents where I was mistreated from when I was a small child up to young adulthood.

While nothing super dramatic showed up, the incidents were still disturbing for me. Like when I was threatened to be robbed around age of 4. Or when I was wronged but was forbidden to speak up about it and defend myself. Or the three times I was sexually harassed from my teenage years to young adulthood. I felt victimized.

From these incidents, a lot of anger had built up and also some other emotions. And I needed to process that. Feel it and release it. So, I spent some time feeling all the confusion, rage, and grief.

The class teacher Lisa W. channeled the suggestion to come in as the protective parent in my meditation and sort of reparent myself in those situations where I was a young child. So, I did that, too. I felt a bit silly doing it. My rational mind questioned whether this would really help. But I did it anyway because it was a homework assignment of Lisa’s channeling class.

I have no idea whether I did this shadow work correctly. When is feeling an emotion enough to process it? And when do I start drowning in it and it becomes too much? Is feeling it for an appropriate amount of time enough to release it? Or will it come back? I guess that it probably comes back in waves which hopefully get smaller and smaller each time.

Afterwards, I settled into a calmer state of mind. And that was when the urge to sing started.

I had another period during the spiritual journey when I felt the urge to sing. It was around 2008-2010. Back then, I even joined a choir. I felt that it had something to do with my preceding onset of the rheumatoid arthritis, the discovery of spirituality, and my newly shifted worldview.

I had even read somewhere that in the shamanic traditions, some people go through the initiation of shamanic illness, then get well, and then they start to sing. There seems to be a connection between coming out of a difficult time and the joy that bubbles up afterwards and can be expressed in singing.

Among other things, singing probably helped me to let go of the anger about too little recognition and unfair treatment at work which came up in 2009.

This snowman song reminded me that it was now time to stop drowning in emotions of anger and grief, but instead to start metaphorically rising up and flying and to enjoy the lightness of being.

As a summary, I wanted to make the points that shadow work is important. The relief afterwards is palpable. And the force behind the veil sends synchronicities to guide us through the stormy waters of this journey.

The sticky white feather

In 2022 from summer until December, there was a white feather on our cherry laurel hegde outside in the backyard. It was across from the living room window, positioned in such a way that I could always look at it during our meal times.

The feather stuck on the leaf for many months – even during storms and heavy downpours.

It was like a lovely message everyday. Something along the lines of a comforting ‘hello’ from spirit. Or like metaphor of resilience. No matter whether there were heavy rains or storms, the feather would always greet me.

How did it stick so well to the leaf? Was it glued to it somehow?

In December 2022 just one day before the gardener would come to cut the hedges, I went outside, took this picture and examined what made the feather stick.

It wasn’t glue or something sticky. It turned out that the quill of the feather got stuck in the finely serrated margin of the cherry laurel leaf. But even though that was a very natural explanation, it seemed like something unusual and special to me. Like something which was arranged from the forces beyond the veil.

A birthday gift

In the last years, I have noticed that life/the universe/my spirit guides/God (or whoever is pulling the strings behind the veil) comes up with some birthday gifts for me.

A couple of years ago, I received a painting in the snow. On my birthday at the beginning of March 2018, I wanted to treat myself to something special and relaxing and spent a whole day at our local indoor swimmingpool and sauna.

In the afternoon, it started to snow.

I was a bit annoyed. Why did it have to snow now? That was unusual. We had already March. I’d rather have sunny weather so I could stay a bit outside in the sun after the sauna.

When I came home in the evening and looked out of my bedroom window, I noticed the image of two hearts painted in the snow.

It must have been done by the tires of a single car which was driving back and forth. I tried to wrap my head around how they must have steered the car to produce these two hearts. But I couldn’t figure it out.

I took a picture and acknowledged the image with much gratitude. I hope you can see the two overlapping hearts on the left side of the picture. (Sorry for the grid structure; this is from the mosquito net).

The next day, the snow was gone. It had just been there for the picture to be painted. I marveld as I felt as if this whole event with the snow and the car had been arranged just for my birthday.

A sign of encouragement

A couple of years ago in June, 2018, I had found the inner resolve, eventually, to tell my story on my blog in a more elaborate way than just on the About page of WordPress.

Soon after I had set the intent to write, I was doing some grocery shopping and immediately after I had walked out from the cashier, I saw some candy bar on the floor. It was turned face down and I could not see what kind of candy bar it was. As it was after the cashier, I thought, ‘Ooh, how nice, this must be for me!’ and I picked it up.

When I turned it to read the label, I saw “Wunderbar” printed on it – which means “wonderful” in English.
(In the US, this chocolate bar would be named Starbar.)

I took that as a sign of encouragement for my writing project which I was about to start.

This was very welcome and desperately needed because I had to go a long stretch. The writing took me publishing weekly chapters from December 2019 until at least January 2021 plus some preparation time in 2018 and 2019. So, around 2.5 – 3 years. And it was good to feel that someone or some force behind the veil was cheering me on during that time. I very much appreciate that my guidance always finds a way to get their message across to me.

The result of this work can be read on the tab My Journey.

A flower for our wedding anniversary

My guides (or whatever these forces behind the veil are) not only send me signs for guidance. Sometimes, I also get little gifts.

On our wedding anniversary in August 2022, my husband and I went grocery shopping.

As we checked out and were already through the cashier, I looked down and saw a few white blossoms lying on the floor.

I thought, ‘Oh, how nice! This looks like a gift for our wedding anniversary’. And I picked it and put it in into a bowl of water at home.

I guess this is a dahlia. So, I looked up ‘white dahlia symbolism’ and found that they represent purity, innocence, and rebirth and are often used in wedding bouquets.

I really enjoy the interaction with the universe. Signs for guidance, signs of comfort, little gifts for special occasions – I just need to pay attention. And when I find something, then that little girl inside of me jumps up and down and claps her hands with excitement.

Working with the moon phases

On September 1st, 2022, when I was in the grocery store, I came across a woman with a t-shirt twice which made me pay attention. The shirt had the moon phases on it and an inverted triangle and the words “Moon Magic”.

On the same evening a few hours later, I sat outside admiring the clouds during sunset when I suddenly noticed a weird cloud formation.

It looked like a person wearing a cape. And in the right hand was a sword pointing over to his left side. I didn’t have a camera with me and couldn’t take a picture of it, but I attempted to make the drawing below with a digital app to give you an approximate idea of what this looked like.

I thought, the sword symbol reminds me of Archangel Michael. Why is this image showing up for me now?

Then I saw where the sword was pointing to. It was the crescent moon.

Somehow this was new. I was blissfully unaware of most things related to the moon before. I didn’t know the dates when we would have a full moon or a new moon. I didn’t even know whether a moon was growing or shrinking when I saw it. But I thought that the signs I received regarding the moon meant that I should look that up.

It could also mean metaphorically “pointing to the moon” which is meant to say pointing to awareness, to that which can’t be described with words. But in combination with the t-shirt of the moon phases before, I thought it rather meant to point to moon phases.

According to my internet search, some people suggest that creative projects can be timed according to the moon phases. And while the moon is growing, it would also be a good time to invest in the new project.

I had never timed my projects according to moon phases before and I didn’t know whether it would make any difference for me. At that time, I was busy with the production of the divine guidance workshop video. So, I looked up the date of the next full moon (Sept 10, 2022) and thought, alright, 9 more days to go and until then I should probably reach an important milestone regarding the video project. I took this sign as a message to stop procrastinating and get going.

I still can’t say for sure whether working with the moon phases would make a difference for me. But I wanted to share this story as an example of how guidance can come in.

Pyramid signs showing up

In May 2022, I participated in a workshop about joy and expansion held by channel Lisa Wechtenhiser. And in this class, we were first to envision a pyramid in our minds which contained everything we loved and by which we felt supported. Then we also had to choose some pieces of music which we loved to go with the pyramid.

Except for the music part, I was a bit like “meh” about it since I usually don’t do well with visualization exercises. I mean I can do the visualizations, but I don’t feel anything from them. I assume that the exercises are supposed to get me into a certain mental space or vibrational state or whatever, but I feel that this doesn’t work so well for me.

But a bit later, upward pointing triangles kept showing up in my life frequently, and they reminded me of pyramids.

The picture below is a nature reserve sign accross from my favorite bench when I walk around the fields.

Originally, it was held by four screws. But two of them had already been loosened a while ago. And then during this pyramid exercise, the wind had blown so long and so strongly that it had loosened the third screw of this roadsign so that it turned upside down. From an inverted triangle to an upright triangle, as if to underline the importance of the pyramid exercises of the workshop.

Another upright triangle showed up under unusual circumstances, too.

My husband went shopping. And as he was at the cashier in the grocery store, another cashier came over to his cashier, gave her a red soap bottle and said something like, “This is a gift from the management for you.”

But apparently, the cashier who received the soap bottle didn’t care and wanted to get rid of it. So, she immediately passed it on to my husband who was next in line.

When my husband brought it home, I thought that it looked like a sign or a message. Reminding me of the importance of the pyramid exercises again and also of love.

I took the pyramid visualization exercises a bit more seriously after that. I don’t know whether they had any effect, but at least I tried.

So, I can’t really say anything about the significance of pyramids and the related visualization exercises, but what I can share with you is that there is an invisible force behind the veil which orchestrates some amazing synchronicities.