More summer joys

Here are some more pictures from this summer. When it’s really hot, then I enjoy a walk in the shady forest around a lake.

Lake in Walldorf, Germany
Britzer Garden, Berlin
A blackbird in my parents’ garden. He was not shy and bathed very close to us.

Benefits of inner peace

The weather forecast had said there would be heavy rains. Would I still be able to take a walk outside? As I walked around the field trusting that it would work out, I saw that it was raining from dark clouds to the north and to the south very close to where I was. For me, however, it was sunny and I remained dry.

I enjoyed the beautiful view of a meadow glowing in the setting sun against the backdrop of a dark, cloudy sky.

Meadows in Walldorf (Germany)

I think this is a metaphor for how things work in life. Even if there is a bad forecast of shit hitting the fan, if I remain in inner peace and trust that things will work out well and that I will be taken care of, then life tends to fold itself in such ways that things do turn out well.

It does not mean to be a doormat. There can still be boundary setting and appropriate action against threatening behavior. But the action has to be inspired from that place within which is peaceful, i.e. the awareness which is looking out through our eyes and which is the same for everyone, the void, Source, however you want to call it.

It is like inner peace is the license for miracles.

I have to tell that to myself over and over again when I feel threatened with bad news in my personal life or on a more global level.

Art in nature (part 4): seeing faces

Sometimes, I see faces in trees. They might be man-made and obvious or very subtle and show up only after processing the picture with the photo app.

Some trees were marked by the foresters with two white dots and then someone else had fun with decorating them:

A face carved into a dead tree by an unknown artist:

I see a long, thin female face on the bottom part of this tree where the bark is missing. The ivy on both sides looks like it is her hair.

A chubby, doll-like face on the upper part of the purple area (which was originally greyish-white) appeared after processing the picture with the photo app.

And last, I noticed a face on a concrete cube at the side of a parking lot. There were many concrete cubes, but I didn‘t see faces of the others. Only on this one which is right across from the bench where I usually sit and take a break during my weekend walk. The weird thing is that I have come across this cube many times during many years already. But only recently (in June 2022) did I notice a face on it.

Is this just the human brain’s tendency to interpret faces into any pattern or is it something more? I don’t know. But taking walks is much more fun when I pay attention to unusual sights.

Be who you are

During the first half of June 2022, I’ve had several long conversations with different people, and the common theme was always about simply daring to be who you are and not giving in to the fear of „what if others don’t accept me?“ I realized that the fear of being ridiculed and ostracized is all pervasive and some people rather get sick or commit suicide than come out of hiding. So, I took this as the writing prompt for this week‘s post.


Here‘s to all the people who don‘t fit into the norm.

To all the people of the LGBTIQ spectrum who struggle to come out.

To all the mystics living secretly among muggles.

To all the introverts who are are coerced to party after work with their extroverted colleagues.

To all those who have been sexually abused by family members or by priests of the church and struggle to find someone who believes their story.

To all who’ve had extraordinary experiences like spiritually transformative experiences or alien abductions but who are ridiculed when they talk about it.

To all the black swans and white peacocks.

Be who you are. Unapologetically. Because the effort of hiding and pretense takes a huge toll.

Share your story. Writing your hero’s journey not only helps you to process your experience, but sharing it feels freeing and could also encourage and help others.

Dare to shine.

You are beautiful.

Art in nature (part 2)

Lately, I have been taking more pictures while talking walks outside and playing around with the pre-installed foto-app on my iPad. Changing the lighting and the colors is so much fun. Sometimes after I have processed the image, I zoom in and enlarge an area which then gets a bit blurry and looks more like a painting than a photography.

Among many other creative endeavors, used to paint and draw a lot up to the age of 14, but I am not a trained photographer or artist. I don’t know what the many different parameters on the foto app really mean, but processing these pictures is more an intutitive process which enables me to be creative and play around with colors and beauty, but without the effort, skill, patience, and money required for acrylic painting, for example.

Sometimes I wonder, though, whether this creative pastime is just a distraction from other stuff I know I should be doing (like putting that old divine guidance workshop from 2017 into an online workshop version, which I keep putting off).

I just know that I feel the urge to do it and that some little girl inside of me is jumping up and down and excitedly clapping her hands with joy each time I have produced something beautiful. And that is probably a sign that it is not only okay but even indicated to do it.

Here are some of the latest results.