My Journey

I think of my spiritual journey as a hike on a winding road up a mountain.
At the mountaintop, I found a lake.
And then I went downhill again. This time, following a river with more or less resistance.

Here are links to the posts in which I describe my journey.

Currently, this is work in progress. I add new posts and update this page about once a week.

Introduction and overview posts


Youtube video (5:40) : Awakening and my spiritual journey

A map of my spiritual journey
Emotions on the spiritual journey
Insights from the spiritual journey


Life in flatland

From rheumatoid arthritis to homeopathy

From overwhelm to spirituality (part 1/4)
From overwhelm to spirituality (part 2/4): miracles
From overwhelm to spirituality (part 3/4): more miracles
From overwhelm to spirituality (part 4/4): loneliness and lessons

From anger to acceptance (part 1/4): anger
From anger to acceptance (part 2/4): admonishments
From anger to acceptance (part 3/4): with stick and carrot
From anger to acceptance (part 4/4): letting go



Arrival at the mountaintop: awareness watching awareness


Part A: Integration (lessons, tests, and miracles)


Insights and integration: what is an appropriate action?
Trust and tests
Troubles and tests
A dream pointing to an important book
Two revelations about awareness
The link between consciousness and creation
Bringing spirituality to earth: the Golden Rule
I am not the doer
Guides don’t do our homework
PC issues mirroring intense emotions
Getting messages from people in dreams
Courage to set boundaries
Intuition and relaxation
Manifesting clouds
How we got the lost keys back
Synchronicities at work

What happened after publishing the previous posts

Part B: Guidance and sharing


Should I write? Tarot
Admonishing dreams
Throat chakra issues
Further instructions and the check mark sign
A healing session
Guilt comes up
‘Write that book! You are late’
Losing the towel
A leap of faith
Encouragements to keep writing

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