Divine shopping help

‘I so much want to see evidence that I am loved and cared for by my spirit guides,’  I thought. The past few months had been very stressful and left me feeling drained. In this state of exhaustion and overwhelm, I was craving for someone to cheer me up.

Later on that day, I was waiting in line at the cashier of the grocery store. The woman in front of me had just put a T-shirt on the conveyor belt.‘Oh, they’re selling T-shirts right now,’ I thought.

‘I don’t need a T-shirt, but I do need new leggings. I hope the universe will send me a special invitation when they offer leggings here.’

Then I looked to the right where they sell last-minute items. What did I see?

A single pair of leggings – right on top of the chewing gums and cough drops!  I took it out and saw that it was exactly my size.  What a synchronicity!

I was floored with gratitude for the divine shopping help and the demonstration of love and support.

Can thoughts influence the weather?

Have you ever tried to manifest weather conditions?

At first, I was skeptical. But after the experience that wishes can summon trash bags, I thought, ‘Why not?’

On a sunny summer day, my son and I were at a playground. It was a vacation, and I had ordered warm weather for the entire week. But my son had an issue with the sunny weather.

“Mommy, see what you have done! The metal of the jungle gym has heated up too much. It is too hot to touch it. You should wish for clouds now!”

I replied, “Ok, let’s pray for some clouds, but you have to help me.”

I didn’t really expect this to work since the sky was clear blue all over. But we could at least give it a try.

We sat there for about two minutes, when suddenly some small clouds started to appear before the sun.

‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘nice try, but that tiny white patch on the sky will be gone in a minute.’

But, no! Across the blue sky, there was a steady stream of small clouds, just big enough so they would cover the sun, one after another. And that lasted for about three to four hours!

The metal of the jungle gym cooled down and my son was happy.


I’ve had several experiences where I felt that my wishes seemed to have influenced the weather. The key ingredients for the manifestation were the same as for any other wish. However, the important thing was to learn how to turn the ‘volume knob’ carefully ( – please keep that in mind and don’t cause a flood if you just want a little rain).

Am I going crazy because I believe that thoughts can influence the weather? Well, it seems that I’m not the only one. I’ve found more examples of manifesting weather in the literature
(Time Is an Illusion, by Chris Griscom; long time no see, by Carrie Triffet).

Daylle Deanna Schwartz shares some stories around wishing for weather in this post:

[Edit Sept 6, 2017:] Here is a story of how inner peace can calm a storm (transcript of a Raj channeling):
When Paul and Susan lived on Kauai and hurricane Iniki came through, and they were sitting in the middle of 200 [mile-per]-hour winds and feeling their teeth going like this [some sound and/or motion], they had the opportunity and the invitation, you might say, to panic. And when it came right down to it, they made commitment to not panic. They made commitment to life, rather than death and the fear of death. And I told them that the fact that they made commitment to their peace and to life, instead of fear, was what caused every house on their street to suffer almost no damage. And that if they had managed to stay completely in their peace, in spite of all the evidence, there would not have even been a wind or a breeze on the property they were on. ”
Source : Raj (aka Jesus) channeled by Paul Tuttle, http://heavenlydesigns.homestead.com/Gathering.html, 1996, Asilomar Gathering, page 53-54(of 142).

Reality ‘out there’ is not really ‘out there’ , and it is much more pliable than we might have assumed. And the purpose of all these stories about manifestation was to teach me this lesson:
that I am not my body-mind, but that I am creative consciousness.

The shocking truth about who we really are

“I was flabbergasted by how unreal human life is, how I could possibly have ever thought that I was a human being!” Nanci Danison exclaimed as she described her near-death experience (NDE). (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN-S0D3N2WM, at 8:44)

She realized that she just needed to think of something and there it was. Think of a tunnel. All of a sudden, there was a tunnel. Think of a meadow. Suddenly, there was a meadow. And all of it seemed real. It was totally clear to her that she had manifested her environment by thinking about it first. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgrEl7flT20, 3:30-7:15)

Eben Alexander describes in his NDE book Proof of Heaven that the term ‘looking at something’ doesn’t really describe it since this would imply separation. But he wasn’t separate from what he saw.

On Earth, this is true as well, but it is veiled and we are easily fooled into thinking that we are just a body, separate from its surroundings, and that our thoughts are mere emergent phenomena of our brain.

The spiritual journey leads to these two insights:

  1. We are consciousness and have created all we draw into our experience.
  2. We are not separate from what we see.

Can you imagine what a huge, worldview shattering shift in identity this is? To go from feeling located in our head between our ears to knowing that we are the consciousness that contains our body as well as the computer screen over there?

Life is constantly pointing this out to me. Little synchronicities seem to say,
Look, you have manifested this. Beware, you are not separate from what you see.”

Moneyfestation miracles

I counted the money carefully. Twice. Two 20 Euro bills and two 5 Euro bills. Then I tucked them into an empty pocket of my son’s purse.

“I’ve just put 50 Euros into your purse. You can pick up your bike from the repair shop now,”  I told him.

It turned out that the repair of the bike was cheap, only 5 Euro. So I expected to get 45 Euros back.

But my son wanted to give 55 Euros back to me.

There was an additional 10 Euro bill now in his purse of which he knew that it was not his money. So, he thought it must be mine. Also, he swore that he had paid with another 10 Euro bill at the shop.

What had happened?

Either I’m getting Alzheimer’s. Or I do need to wear glasses. Or my two 5 Euro bills had turned into 10 Euro bills all of a sudden.

I gave him the 10 Euro bill and said, “Let’s assume it was a miracle. They really do happen, you know.”


During the spiritual journey, there comes a point when the outer world starts to behave in weird ways.

I recall a story in Robert Scheinfeld’s book Busting Loose from the Money Game, in chapter Postcards from the Road.
A woman who attended one of his ‘Busting Loose from the Money Game’ live events looked into her wallet and noticed $300 in there. Then she went out with the group for dinner. When she wanted to pay, she looked into her purse and found an additional amount of $500 in there. She was absolutely sure that it had not been in there before.

Nouk Sanchez told a beautiful story in her ACIM blog.
She wanted to rent an apartment which was $1200. But she told the landlady that she had not enough money and could only pay $900. Reluctantly, the landlady agreed. Nouk felt guilty about this at first, but then she decided for inner peace. And she trusted.
When the rent was due, Nouk withdrew $900 and kept the receipt. But when she handed the money over, her landlady counted it, twice, and found exactly $1200 in there.

All of this goes to show that the world ‘out there’ is not what we think it is. Reality is pliable and adjusts itself to our belief system.

 I am under no laws but God’s
(ACIM , Lesson 76)

Key ingredients of fast manifestation

Sometimes, a thought I have manifests really fast. So fast that I realized I need to watch my thoughts carefully because their results show up quite soon.
I have wondered about the key ingredients for fast manifestation and have come up with the following list:

  1. A Copernican shift in worldview
    The usual assumption is that consciousness arises from the brain. But that is not true.
    Rather, consciousness is what we are and the brain and everything else in the 3D reality arise from consciousness.
    Consciousness is one. There are not many soul-bubbles bouncing around randomly like molecules in a gas. It’s more like many branches of the same tree, or many arms of the same octopus. All is connected in consciousness. The illusion of the 3D world is the separateness of things.
    Why is that a key ingredient?
    Because the outside world shows up according to our belief systems. If we believe we are just a body-mind and all things out there are separate, then the universe will do us the favor and show up like this – as a hostile place. However, if we believe that everything is connected via consciousness, then the universe mirrors that belief system and shows up in a different way.
  2. Unconditional inner peace
    I found the peace that does not depend on anything outside by doing a 180 degree inward looking meditation. That is awareness looking directly back at itself.
  3. An unconflicted mind
    If  I have a deep wish, then I should not have a conflicting belief that says that I don’t deserve the fulfillment of the wish.
  4. Desire
    If a desire arises on top of that, then manifestation usually works fast. It can be a desire for the most mundane things (like french fries) or more complicated stuff.
    Since there is unconditional peace, the desire does not come from a needy ego place. There is no attitude like , “I insist that I must have this in order to be happy.”

I have written about a manifestation here:

A word of caution:
At some point in the spiritual journey, this manifestation business seems to break down. Then we are asked to surrender the reins and turn inside and ask Source, “What do you want me to do?”
As an example, refer to the story of Margot Ridler. She went through a breakdown, from a self-employed professional to almost homeless and penniless. Although she is a well-educated and intelligent person, she was not able to even keep the job of a waitress. That was when she threw her hands up in the air and asked Source, “What do you want?” And that was a turning point in her life.


Be careful what you wish for

On my way home from work, I bike through a small forest which features several raspberry plants. In summer 2013, I often stopped and indulged in the delicious red fruit. Yummy!

The smell of raspberries. Their taste. How wonderful! I just love raspberries.

During the whole summer of 2013, my heart was singing in joy and gratitude, ‘Life is like a giant raspberry cake. How blessed am I that I can pick raspberries on my way home each evening!’

Little did I know what the universe had in stock for me.

One year later, in summer 2014, I saw some unknown weed making its home in our small front yard. Long, fast growing canes with thorns winding all over the place.

At first, I tried to battle the weed. To no avail.

But then, I looked closer. The leaves looked very much like the ones from the raspberry plants in the forest. The canes didn’t carry fruit yet. So, I am not absolutely sure yet, but I suspect that I fell victim to a raspberry invasion.

I do love raspberries. But, for heaven’s sake, not in my front yard, please!

But the universe was just quietly smiling behind the scenes, whispering,
Always be careful what you wish for !

The power of forgiveness

My wise inner voice urges me to share my spiritual journey. Yet, often I still recoil in fear from that task. (Somehow, I’m afraid they might still hunt witches in Europe.)

So, mid of October 2014, I manifested three opportunities for sharing and writing under my real name. But each time, I had second thoughts about it. And I would procrastinate.

And each time, something in my surroundings would mirror that hesitation.

Often, this sort of fear-based procrastination was mirrored by some clogged things. Oh, I didn’t know how many things there are in a household that can be clogged! Coffee machine, dishwasher, drain, toilet, shower head…
A year ago, I even had breathing issues  – a clogged throat chakra.

Two weeks ago, the drain in the bathroom sink was clogged. I do prefer a clogged drain over a clogged throat chakra, but it still sucks.


I was aware immediately that I probably caused the clogging by my resistance to sharing under my real name.  I assumed that I would have to pour chemicals into it in order to fix the drain. How annoying! Sometimes, life on Earth sucks.

Then one evening, I confessed to my husband, “You know, the clogged drain is very likely caused by my refusal to respond to that newspaper call for readers’ experiences about spirituality.”

He listened patiently, probably not believing my theory. Then, he got up and went to the bathroom. “Honey, did you do something to the drain? It appears to be cleaned now.  I didn’t pour any chemicals into it. Did you?”

No, I didn’t either.


The power of forgiveness is that I come into alignment with my real being, i.e. that I find my inner peace even if faced with disturbing situations. As a result of that, the outer circumstances can change since they reflect my inner emotional state.


The magic wand of inner peace

I learned that choosing inner peace over anger brought a huge advantage. Not only did my light bulbs live longer (as I have described in the previous post), but little wishes seemed to be fulfilled promptly.

The trash bag story
Some years ago, when my little kids were out of the house for a week, I was cleaning out their rooms, collecting old toys that they would not need any more (- well, that I had decided they would not need any more).

I collected many small transparent trash bags full of old and broken toys. But the amount of toys was just too large for our garbage bin outside. So, I had to store the transparent trash bags in the basement.

Then I thought, ‘Oh, it would be sooo useful to have one of these really large heavy-duty drawstring trash bags, which are opaque, in order to hide the old toys, so that my children cannot see them when they come home.’ I was afraid they would l start lengthy discussions about whether these things can be thrown away or not.

That was just a thought. But we didn’t have any of these large opaque trash bags at that time and I did not consider buying any.

Two days later, when I got home from work, I saw some strange plastic lying in front of our garden door. I looked closer wondering what that was. And it was a large opaque drawstring trash bag, arriving just in time so I could continue with my toy-clearing work the next day.

Wow! I was sooo amazed at how this works. This sure seemed like a very strange synchronicity. Too strange to be just some random coincidence.


Over the years, there have been many such fast manifestations. They had some things in common. Always, the underlying feeling was one of inner peace. And on top of that inner peace, a desire occurred. A spontaneous thought like , ‘Oh, it would be sooo nice to have this now.’

The important point is that I didn’t make my inner peace dependent on the fulfillment of the wish. Rather, the inner peace was unconditional.

Choosing inner peace became important to me because it is like having a magic wand.