The rainbow: a Mercury retrograde tale

This series of events happened during Mercury retrograde in fall of 2022.

The rainbow and a letter to the wrong address

From our roof window, I photographed this rainbow above the house of one of ours neighbors.

I thought this is so pretty (you can even see a hint of the double rainbow), I wish I could send the picture to our neighbors. But since I didn’t know them that well, I didn’t pursue this plan.

Just a couple of days later, I got a letter from an administration office which did have our address on it, but the name of the receiver was unknown to me!

Now what to do with this letter?

We didn’t open it since our name was not in the address. But instead we checked whether we could find someone with this last name in our street. And luckily, we did.

And what was even more awesome was that this was the address of exactly the house of which I had taken the rainbow picture a couple of days earlier. (What are the odds, really? This seemed too orchestrated to be a mere coincidence.)

So, I went to the house of this neighbour, brought him the letter and also asked him, “I took a picture of a fantastic rainbow over your house. Would you like me to send it to you?”

And yes, he would like to get the picture.

This story in itself was already pretty awesome, just considering the synchronicity between my wish to send the rainbow picture to my neighbor and the letter with the wrong address just a couple of days later.

But there was more to it.

An email to a wrong address

My neighbor proceeded to give me his email address. I typed it into the receiver field of an email with the rainbow picture on my iPad right there at his door. The email would be sent once I was back home and would have Wi-Fi again.

As I walked back to our house, the neighbor came running after me and shouted, “We forgot the number!”

I said, “What number?”

“The number from the email!”

It turned out that his email address wasn’t correct. He needed to add a number at the end to have the correct email address.

So, still standing in the street, I pulled the former email from the outbox folder of my iPad and put the corrected address in. I was relieved to find that the email hadn’t been sent yet to the wrong address.

But after I came into our house, I saw that this rainbow-email had now actually been sent to two addresses, to the correct one and in addition also to the wrong one.

How could that have happened? I had no idea. But I figured that it would probably be good for something. The wrong receiver never wrote back. I figured, who knows, maybe there was a reason he needed to get a picture of a pretty rainbow on that day?

But the rainbow story was not finished at that point.

Meeting an old friend

On weekend right after the rainbow-email-story happened, I met an old friend in the forest. We hadn’t seen each other since 8 years.

And as fate would have it, we started talking about LGBTQ-related topics. Since the rainbow is the LGTBQ symbol, the topic seemed to be connected to the rainbow a couple of days earlier.

I kept wondering about the series of events. The rainbow, the wrong addresses twice, the chance encounter, the LGBTQ topics.

The sign of a rainbow kept coming up again after the meeting with the old friend, for example during the weather forecast of the evening news. Like a closing sign. This story started with a rainbow and also ended with rainbows.


My knowledge of astrology is still close to zero and I can’t talk competently about it, but I found it interesting to notice that this whole series of events happened during Mercury retrograde which is known for communication issues, technological errors, and also for reconnecting with old friends.

But more than musing about how this fits in with astrology, I am in wonderment, joy, and gratitude about the unseen force behind the veil which peeks through, says Hello, and orchestrates things.

Art in nature (part5)

When I go for a walk in nature, I enjoy the little things along the way. Here are some pictures from this summer (2022).

Fluffy beauties in the evening sun
Nature‘s bold color combinations of purple-green leaves
A dry leaf caught in a twig on an oak tree. Looks like a heart with wings.
Maybe it is a message? Let your heart take flight!

Art in nature

I love to take walks alone around the fields in our area. Nature makes me calm down. I appreciate the beauty of it all.

Naked trees against the sunset colored sky look like amazing work of filigree silhouette art. The branched shape of naked trees has something fundamental, basic, something which is found also in the form of river deltas, bloodvessels in the body, etc. Maybe that is why I like to stare at naked trees.

Sunlight shining through leaves of grass or leaves of trees and lighting them up from behind looks magical, too. I have read NDEs where people describe how plants in the heavenly realm look as if they are lit from inside. Maybe the leaves of grass are so fascinating because they remind me of some beautiful realm beyond the veil.

And the bold color combinations of nature. Leaves which combine a shade of pale bluish-green and violet. Or the sunset with hues of peachy orange, yellow, blue, and purple. I feel as if walking through an art exhibition – but with the added bonus of getting fresh air and hearing the song of the birds.

I took some pictures in spring 2022 and then had a lot of fun playing around with the photo app on my iPad changing the lighting and the colors. Here are the results:

Bridal gown show of trees
Sunset on the fields in Walldorf (Germany)