The Polar watch synchronicities

On the spiritual path, the inner world and outer world become more closely connected, and sometimes it is hilarious to see in which form these mirrorings and synchronicities appear.

January 2014: a pattern emerges
As I mentioned earlier, in January 2014, I started to notice an emerging long-term pattern of synchronicities between my writing of the (never-published) book draft and a certain type of new sports watch. During that time, the Polar company was about to bring a new sports watch (Polar V800) to the market. This watch with all sorts of cool new features was thought to be a game changer and was already eagerly awaited by the people in the runners’ community.

Whenever I thought about writing down my story in a book-like format, my husband started to think about buying the new Polar sports watch. But whenever I doubted and thought that I would rather stop writing, my husband said, “You know what? I think I don’t really need this new, expensive watch.”

The whole process of my writing and sharing my story on one side, and of the release and arrival of the Polar watch on the other side started to evolve in parallel, both of the releases (my writing as well as the watch) having a lot of delays. It was fascinating and funny to watch.

Here are some of my milestones which I already shared in previous posts, but this time combined with the Polar watch synchronicities.

End of April 2014: delays
After several postponements, the really cool new sports watch was announced to be released by May 2014. The people in the runners’ community were getting excited and impatient.

That sort of put some pressure on me that my writing was supposed to be ready by that time, too. But I thought, ‘Dear universe, forget it. My book is never gonna be ready by May.’

End of April, I saw a story of a guy who wanted to test a pre-release of the new sports watch while swimming in the ocean. However, when he went into the water, he got severely injured by a stingray and had to call the ambulance. No test of the watch possible. So, there was a delay.

Since I was aware of the parallel unfoldment of my writing and the release of the Polar watch, I felt a bit uneasy about reading about this guy’s accident. But then I settled on the perception that even though our stories were connected in mysterious ways, this accident was not really my fault.

June 3rd , 2014: the decision
In the beginning of June, I managed to post my story (about my anger and burned out light bulbs and about the value of inner peace) in a forum. Finally. Afterwards, I felt exhausted and relieved.

Finally, my husband had made up his mind and ordered the cool new GPS sports watch from Polar. It was not available yet, though. The release date was delayed again and was now planned for end of June 2014.

We had both made our decisions. For me, it was about sharing online for the very first time. And for my husband, it was about ordering the watch.

What a synchronicity!

July 10, 2014: shipment
I had sent the second draft of my book to my friend Lena.

In the evening of that very same day, my husband got the confirmation that his new sports watch has been sent out.

Really, there was no way that this parallel behavior of my book and the watch could be mere coincidence.

July 14, 2014: still room for improvement
I was exhausted, but relieved that I managed to send out the second draft. However, I realized that the text still needed much improvement.

My husband loved the new watch. Some software features were still missing, though.

December 2019: an ending and a new beginning
While the first version of the book has never made it beyond the 2nd draft version, in December 2019 / January 2020 I started to publish my story (which you are currently reading) on my blog in weekly blogposts. Now, the older version of my book had become obsolete.

Even at this point, there was a parallelism. The Polar watch of my husband broke down around December 2019. And, guess what, in 2020 he repeatedly thought about buying another new, expensive watch.


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Mother’s Day encouragements

I knew I was told to share my story. But resistance crept in again.

As the following stories illustrate, my guidance continued to push me forward through my fears of coming out of hiding, using a mixture of gentle and stern dreams, signs, and songs playing in my head.

Dream: Dare to take the plunge

On the evening of May 5, 2014, before going to sleep, I asked my guidance what I could do to speed up the process of writing. I was still working on my book project, but it had become slow and tedious. I felt this by now familiar sense of reverence and submissiveness towards the divine, but because I knew that I was off track, it was mixed with fear, hesitation, and the ensuing feeling of guilt and expectation of punishment again.

The following night, I dreamed that I was standing at the side of a large public swimming pool. In the pool, there were around five people swimming and having fun.

But the strange thing was that even though the water was quite shallow, they were all wearing ridiculously oversized, white life jackets. I thought, ‘Why do they have these huge life jackets on? It is not dangerous at all.’

But I did not enter the water. I stayed at the side, watching. Shy, reserved, and hesitant.

Then I woke up with the song playing in my head ‘A little party never killed nobody’ .

After I got to work and had logged on to my PC that morning, an advertisement of a phone company popped up with a picture of a girl standing in hesitation on a spring board high above a swimming pool. The (German) text on the picture said something like, ‘Dare to take the plunge!’

I found it remarkable and impressive how I first got such a blunt dream and then saw a picture in real life which transported the same meaning. It probably referred to communicating more with other people, in an online forum, for example.

Dream: If you go online, it will be a downhill ride

About a week after that, I dreamed that I was riding my bike in our town and wanted to go home. While waiting at a crossing at a red traffic light, I saw a huge computer screen on the way straight in front of me. It showed a street which was going downhill for a long stretch.
I wanted to go there, right into the computer screen and on this long downhill road. The ride would be wonderfully effortless. But I waited and waited and the traffic light would not turn green for half an hour.
Completely annoyed, I finally gave up and took a right turn instead. But here, I had to go uphill over a small hill. This way would take longer to get me home. And I should better call my family and let them know that I would be late for dinner on that day.

Going online with my writing (computer screen) was the fastest path home (it was an easy downhill ride). But I should not wait for the green light. If I would choose not to go online, then my journey to go ‘Home’ (spiritually) would be more arduous and take longer.

Dream: Finger pointing to the moon

Then I dreamed that I was in a lab with several scientists. One of them wore a black T-shirt with a picture of the moon in several different moon phases printed on it. The scientists were all pointing with their fingers to these moons. And they asked me when I would finally join them.

But I shook my head, still hesitant. And because I was so stubbornly resistant, one of the men pulled me over his lap and started to spank me.

‘The finger pointing to the moon’ is used as a metaphor for pointing to the divine. In the original metaphor it says that one should be concerned with the divine, but not with the finger which was just pointing to it.

I was asked to join them in their work of pointing to the divine. And it was a funny metaphor since my last name is Finger. Should I be a finger pointing to the moon?

The spanking at the end seemed to be a warning that I would experience trouble again if I did not comply. It could also be a consequence of the feelings of guilt and expectation of punishment which I had because I felt that I was still not in alignment with what my soul wanted.

Dream: Things breaking down

The next dream showed me many things breaking down in my house. There was a large area where water was seeping through the ceiling of our living room.

I concluded that this hinted at problems (technical problems and health issues) which I would encounter if I did not share online.

Mother’s Day encouragements

On May 11, 2015 (Mother’s Day), during a walk in our nearby forest, I met an old friend. On her T-shirt, I saw the encouraging words, ‘Do what you love! ’ I noticed the message and said a silent Thank You to the invisible forces behind the veil.

But then I added in my mind, ‘I sorely need encouragement that going online is the right thing to do. I am so scared. Please give me another sign. How about a four-leaf clover?’

I looked down to the grass and started to search for clover. And, lo and behold, after a short time, I found my four-leaf clover. What a gift on Mother’s Day!


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From anger to acceptance (part 4/4): letting go

It had been 2 years now since I heard that I would not get a promotion at work. Two years of anger –  and now I was ready to let go.


July 2011. I was in my cozy bed, slowly waking up, when suddenly letters came into my mind. WYTAR, all capitalized.


Confused I asked what this meant. It wasn’t any word that I could identify.

After some pondering, I decided that because the letters were capitalized, maybe it was an abbreviation? But for what?

Then the thoughts came that it could mean, ‘Watch your thoughts and relax.’
Or ‘Wipe your thoughts away, relax.’

It sounded like an attempt from my guidance to communicate with me. And since I was not trained to listen to their words, they had to use an abbreviation to get their foot in the door.

Giving up at work

I had finally made peace with the fact that I would not get a promotion. I still did all the work as before. But I was not attached to the promotion anymore.

Journal entry of Sept 9, 2011:

I have given up at work. It feels as if I get no appreciation. Not for programming. Not for my cooperation with the other department.

I feel resigned and a kind of relaxation. Pleasantly quiet. Listless and apathetic. I don’t care anymore.

Whether I spend an entire week to do a PC upgrade or whether I do something more ‘useful’, it doesn’t matter. It’s all like occupational therapy anyway.

When the world is just a dream, why should I be engaged? What’s the point of it all?

The only important thing that counts is waking up. Getting out of the dream.

And somehow things fall into place now.
Those projects where I didn’t want to participate are either canceled or staffed with other people. These are all gifts from the universe. My older child is about to stop singing in the choir, just in time so that I don’t have to do the dreaded task of having to sew a costume for their musical performance.

Maybe my state of relaxed listlessness is quite a good thing.

Gimme!  Gimme! Gimme!

Nov 4, 2011. In my mind, I heard the song Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by ABBA.

I looked up the lyrics and thought, ‘Yeah, please give me someone to take me through the dark night.’

By giving up the attachment to a promotion, I had on the one hand gained some inner peace. But on the other hand, I also felt  listless and apathetic. My usual passion and engagement was gone. A bit like a dark night of the soul. And I wondered who was going to come along and take me through that dark night?

ACIM workbook start

Even though I had read the textbook part of A Course in Miracles a while ago, I could not make up my mind to start the lessons in the workbook.

But on date 11.11.11, I eventually started the lessons.

Maybe it was Jesus and his words in ACIM that were meant to help me through the dark night of the soul?

Inner discussions

It was not like detaching from a promotion and doing the lessons in the ACIM workbook would immediately work wonders for my emotional turmoil. Rather, I was still in constant inner discussions.

What was the solution?

Should I rather work as project lead because that was more rewarded than doing coding development even though I did not like the work as a project lead?

Nah. Career was not that important to me that I would force myself to work in a role that was not fun for me.

Or should I drop my engagement?

That would mean I would have to give up the programming which was so deeply satisfying. I feared that I would become depressed if I did that.

Or maybe I could  continue to work with passion and engagement like before even if I would never get a reward for it?

That sounded like it would be the ‘spiritually correct’ choice. To do the work that was fun and give a damn about whether it was rewarded or not. And also to do selfless service. I thought that I had to try to choose that path. And I tried. But every time I attempted to work like before, the anger would bubble up again, ‘It will not be rewarded. That is unfair. I feel exploited. I am angry.’ So, that path did not work for me either.

Maybe I should leave the company?

Well, I needed the money. Just dropping everything here with no idea what else to do would put me into fear because I would have lost my regular income.

Or maybe I should at least change the department?

Good idea. But hard to do because I was working part-time. Besides, I figured that the problem of anger about too little appreciation would follow me around wherever I went.

No. I would stay and find out what happened.

It was now more than 2 years after my colleague had let me in on the secret that a functional career path did not exist here. And I my mind was still running in circles.


New salary group

End of January 2012, because of a new rule in our company, I was placed into a higher salary group. That would allow for more pay raise than in my previous salary group for the next years. Woohoo!

That was one of the gifts by the universe after I had started to let go and make peace with the situation at work and after I had started the workbook lessons of ACIM. And many more gifts would pour in later.

This is a pattern that I have experienced over and over again on this journey. Whenever I manage to come to a state of inner peace about a troubling situation, then things will change for the better.

Layers of emotion and an experiment

I had noticed that my emotions came in layers. I would stay with an emotion until it dissolved, but then some new emotion would show up underneath.

Below the anger was sadness. Sadness, because I felt worthless when didn’t get the appreciation that I felt I deserved.

And below the sadness, there was anxiety. Like a diffuse fear about an unknown cause. I wondered where it came from. Maybe it was a fear of the dissolution of my known sense of self or a fear of being non-existent?

Also, I was afraid that I would fall into a depression when I followed this route of detachment towards work. I was afraid that I would fall into a nihilistic hole with apathy, listlessness, and an overall feeling of meaninglessness.

I decided to make an experiment. What would happen when I let myself fall into detachment?

Depression? Or inner peace?

I was curious.

Inner peace

By end of March, 2012, I had stopped doing ACIM lessons (- I got only till around lesson 100 (of a total of 365 lessons)). Instead, I had discovered the Raj material (Raj aka Jesus channeled by Paul N. Tuttle) and devoured the transscripts of the gatherings (informal Q&A sessions).

My state of mind was peaceful, blissful, and very detached from work and any of my usual concerns. Listless, without any motivation to do anything, but peaceful.

Nothing mattered.
I would never get a promotion – okay, never mind.
Our house needed to be cleaned – that didn’t matter.
My child wouldn’t do his homework – but I didn’t care.

Now, let me clarify this. It wasn’t as if everything went down the drain. Somehow the basic important things were done – at work as well as at home. It was just that I didn’t invest that extra struggle or control that I would have invested previously.

Also I want to clarify that merely detaching from the promotion was not the end of letting go. There was more letting go to be done later on the path.

After I had detached from the goal to get a promotion, I felt the imbalance between the effort that I put into my work and the reward. I mean I could accept that there is no promotion. But doing all the work as before with the same amount of passion and the same amount of responsibility and stress? Well, that was an entirely different thing to let go of and would come much later in the journey. And finding forgiveness and  letting go of resentment and grudges was yet another process.

Is it okay to be detached and peaceful?

But I wondered: Was it okay to be that detached and peaceful? Wasn’t I overdoing it when I didn’t care about my normal duties?

Then synchronisticly, I came upon a Raj channeling where someone asked whether it was okay to feel listless for a longer time.

And Raj’s answer was, yes, one could compare it to a symphony where the violas have a long break of several dozens of bars. The symphony was designed this way that the violas have a break. They didn’t need to feel guilty for their lack of involvement.

I was in awe that my request was answered so promptly and took the metaphor with the violas as a sign that the forces behind the veil were approving my new state of mind.


Using the metaphor of a hike for my spiritual journey, the winding road uphill had become rocky again due to the anger at work.

During the rocky time, I took a leap of faith over an abyss when I bravely managed to get off the allopathic meds (see previous post).

I was shown with much stick-and-carrot-guidance that anger would give rise to undesirable results and inner peace would result in miracles.

On my uphill path, I had reached another turning point when I managed to let go of the need for a promotion and came to inner peace about the situation. I was as if I had thrown a heavy rock out of my backpack. I was now walking uphill with much lighter baggage.





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From anger to acceptance (part 3/4): with stick and carrot

During this journey from anger to inner peace, it was remarkable how the universe supported the process with stick and carrot.

Here are some examples of the universe’s teaching Methods ( – and when I write ‘universe’ I refer to the invisible force behind the veil; God, Source, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, spirit guides):

Electrical appliances break down

After that first warning, several weird things with electrical appliances occurred.

When I was upset, light bulbs in my room would suddenly burn out.

Or one day when I was in major inner turmoil, my freezer stopped working with a weird unknown error code. Until we noticed the issue, all the food inside was spoiled and we had to throw it away. This would happen several times and it always coincided with me feeling severely off balance. It occurred so often that whenever I got terribly upset, I would always go into the basement and check whether our freezer was still working.

On another day in November 2010, I felt overwhelmed by the requests from society (kindergarten teachers, neighbors, parents, teachers…) and I thought, ‘Oh, leave me all alone! Don’t bug me with your requests of what I should do for you. Just stay all away from me!’

And what happened?

The fuse of the doorbell burned through!  It had to be replaced. Hahaha!

That was a great answer from the universe. I wanted to be left alone, and if the doorbell cannot ring anymore then nobody can come in – and I will get my wish fulfilled. Thanks a lot to the forces behind the veil. Very funny!

Another story: Once, I got really upset about the behavior of someone. In this emotional state of sudden intense anger, I entered an elevator.

Guess what, the elevator didn’t work. It didn’t even manage to shut the doors. So, I took the stairs up and I wondered again, ‘Oops! Was that caused by me? Really? Weird…..’

I wondered whether I was going nuts. Who else had experienced such strange things?

Then I heard about a woman who would cause local area networks for the entire neighborhood to fail if she was in a crisis. The people who were called to repair it could never find any physical cause for the failure. It was just that if she was in a mental crisis, then the LAN would fail – that happened several times.  It was comforting to know that I was not alone with this weird behavior of the universe.

From some people, I received first-hand accounts about similar experiences in case of feeling severely upset. These include light bulbs at home burning out very frequently (every other week in the same room), burning out of an electric outlet, street lamps suddenly going dark when the person walks by, and a pause button of a CD player which would only work when the person was not in a stressed mood.

The influence on electronics seems to be common among people who had a near-death experience. For some of them, light bulbs and other electrical things were affected not only during anger, but also during a strong positive emotion.

Even though not everyone at the beginning of the spiritual path does have these experiences, I think that they might be far more common than I had assumed.

I regarded these events as little slaps on the wrist by the universe telling me to pay attention to my emotional state. ‘Hey, did you notice that you are off balance? You better watch your inner peace! ‘

Two screws loose

One day in April 2011, I was in the kitchen running the usual inner rant in my mind about how unfairly I had been treated, when suddenly two screws in the kitchen came off at the same time. One under the sink and the other one from a door.

It was such an unlikely event that I interpreted it as a message. It seemed like I was admonished, “If you stay stuck in anger, you have a screw loose. And not only one, but two!

Plants perish

I noticed that the herb plants in my kitchen would perish very fast when I engaged in angry thoughts while preparing dinner. I wondered what a bad quality the basil in the pot was nowadays. Always, the stem would become black at first at the lower part and then the whole plant would go bad in a week or so.

But when my mood changed eventually, then also the basil plant would stay fresh many weeks longer.

Something else I realized about these stick teaching methods is that they became stricter and stricter as I progressed on the spiritual path. At first, the weird events would only happen if I was really angry for a long time. But later, they would happen even if I was in a slightly stressed state of mind.


While it became clear to me that my anger would cause all sorts of turmoil in my surroundings, I was shown that inner peace would allow for miracles.


I was taking a walk close to a Spanish restaurant where we had eaten a while ago. Suddenly the thought crossed my mind, ‘Oh, these deep fried calamari in this restaurant– how yummy! I wish I could have them again!’

But I did not talk about this wish to anyone.

Just a few days later, my husband went shopping and bought frozen deep fried calamari for the oven.  I hadn’t told him to and it is not an item we would usually buy. They were just on offer in the supermarket and he followed the nudge to get them.

I found it amazing, how fast this wish was fulfilled.

The trashbag story

Around Easter 2011, when my little kids were out of the house for a week, I was cleaning out their rooms, collecting old toys that they would not need anymore (- well, that I had decided they would not need anymore).

I collected many small transparent trash bags full of old and broken toys. But unfortunately, it was too much for our garbage bin outside. So, I had to store the transparent trash bags in the basement.

Then I thought, ‘Oh, it would be so useful to have one of these large heavy-duty drawstring trash bags, which are opaque, in order to hide the old toys, so that my children cannot see them when they come home.’ I was afraid they would l start lengthy discussions about whether these things can be thrown away or not.

That was just a thought. But we didn’t have any of these large opaque trash bags at that time and I did not consider buying any.

Two days later, when I got home from work, I saw some strange plastic lying in front of our garden door. I looked closer wondering what that was. And it was a large opaque drawstring trash bag, arriving just in time so I could continue with my toy-clearing work the next day.

Wow! I was so amazed at how this worked. This sure seemed like a very strange synchronicity. Too strange to be just some random coincidence.

I had come to realize that anger seemed to cause all kinds of strange turmoil. And on the other hand, inner peace attracted miracles. It felt as if the process of coming into inner peace was supported with stick and carrot.


Getting off the prescription drugs

Something else that occurred during this time period  was that I was able to get off the prescription drugs for my rheumatoid arthritis. In April 2010, after I had an acute illness with a couple of days of high fever (-it was the swine flu), my rheumatoid arthritis got much better.

I thought that this was the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get off the allopathic medicine. And in a courageous  attempt, I reduced the dose of cortisone and sulfasalazine even further. Each reduction would always result in a backlash of increased inflammation a few days later, and that’s why I could only try this reduction at that time where I had almost no RA symptoms.

I managed to reduce the dose down to zero in April 2010 and suffered through heightened inflammation with much pain in May 2010. But I didn’t give in to the temptation to start with cortisone again. Luckily, the inflammation lessened eventually to a lower level.

I found it remarkable that the much-feared swine flu had such a positive effect for me in the end. Yes, the fever was exhausting. But afterwards the RA was so much better that I was able to get off the prescriptions drugs. I am not sure I would have dared to get off the meds otherwise. And since then, I am able to rely on homeopathy for the treatment of my RA.



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From overwhelm to spirituality (part 3/4): more miracles

It’s story time again. Enjoy some more miracle stories from the beginning of my spiritual journey.

The magic hill

December 15, 2007. We were on a weekend gathering with my parents and my brother’s family.

On a cold and windy afternoon, we took a hike up a long hill. My younger son (almost 3 years old) was too exhausted and wanted to be carried by me. No way. I refused. He was much too heavy.

Therefore, I tried to entice him,
“Look. This is a magic hill. Once you have walked up to the top, you can say a wish and it will be fulfilled.”

I knew what he was going to wish for. It was not hard to guess since every other sentence he uttered contained the word ‘digger’.

We arrive at the top and my son mumbled,
“I want a big digger.”

“Louder, honey. You must shout it so the magic hill can hear it, ” I said.

“I want a big digger! ” he shouted.

I was relieved that we had arrived and thought he would get his digger as a Christmas present in less than two weeks.

However, the next day we took a hike again, this time a different route. And what did we see on the field, in December?

Not a real digger, but there was a tractor with a fork at the front – in the middle of December on an icy cold day in the middle of an empty field. Unusual, isn’t it?

And my brother suddenly had the idea to ask the driver whether my son could enter the tractor and join him.


He got a ride on the tractor. Wish fulfilled. No need to wait until Christmas.

That was impressive. Even my 3-year-old son was able to manifest what he wished for.

Wishing for snow

Because I bike to work even in the winter, I am usually not too fond of snow and luckily we don’t get a lot of snow here.

But during Christmas 2007, I had hoped there would be some snow so that my kids could go on a sleigh ride.

On December 25, there was no snow. When the next day started and it was still not snowing, I had almost given up hope.

But then, miraculously, at noon it started to snow and at 2 pm we went for a sleigh ride to a tiny hill on the nearest playground. Hooray!

But what about my way to work? On December 28, I would have to bike to work again and would need a snow-free street. I was a bit tense. Would everything be okay?

I needn’t have worried. On Dec. 27, the snow thawed and the next day I could bike to work without issues.

A neighbor sent by heaven

Feb. 12, 2008. I was busy in our garden when a neighbor walked by and started some small-talk with me. Her kids were also preschoolers, just like ours.

Suddenly she said, “Oh, by the way, the usual afternoon group in the kindergarten is canceled today. Did you know?”

Oh my gosh! No, I didn’t know that. I had completely forgotten.

What a blessing that heaven had sent her to let me know. Otherwise, I would have picked up my child too late from the kindergarten.

Divine puppets

Feb. 15, 2008. After witnessing so many miracles and synchronicities, my worldview shifted. Before the start of my spiritual journey, I assumed that everything in the 3d world is like many separate things moving randomly about.

However, after all these unlikely and miraculous coincidences,  I got the idea that we are all like puppets on a giant, invisible, guiding hand, or something like puppets on an octopus with millions of arms. An image popped into my mind of a transparent light-blue octopus with a tiny red puppet on the tip of each arm.

I shared this idea with a fellow traveler on the spiritual path, but I remember that this guy didn’t get what I was talking about. Maybe, he was turned off by the idea of comparing God or Source to an octopus? I was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t understand me.

But in the evening my little son of merely 3 years (who knew nothing of the divine puppets analogy) climbed on my lap, looked at me seriously, and  said,
“Such is life”.

The umbrella

‘Oh, no!’ I thought as I looked out of the window and saw that it was raining cats and dogs. It was March 2008 and I was in the bus on my way to a training workshop in Heidelberg. If the rain  wouldn’t stop soon, I would be totally drenched on the short way from the bus stop to the venue. My mood darkened as I imagined how it would feel to sit through a whole workshop day with damp trousers on my legs.

At my destination stop, I was the only one who got off the bus, surrendering to my fate.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. An ownerless umbrella was leaning against the railing of the bus stop.  That was too good to be true. Normally, I don’t steal umbrellas, but this seemed like a gift from heaven for me.

So, with a silent “Thank you”, I took the umbrella and arrived at the workshop with dry clothes.

The white feather

July 2009. I was thinking about feathers and their meaning as signs. Little, white fluffy feathers. How sweet.

‘Oh, how I wish that the universe would send me one, too!’ I thought.

The very next day, my older son came to me and said, “Mom, close your eyes.”

And then he tickled my nose with a large white fluffy feather.

Stinging nettles and connection

Around May 24, 2009. It was a sunny day and I was walking with family along a paved path between fields, my kids some 100 meters (330 feet) in ahead of me.

I saw my little son had wandered off the paved way right into the meadow when suddenly he started to scream, “Mommy! Aaahh! Come here!”

I wanted to run to him right away. But before I could do so, something grabbed my attention.

There was a sudden pain on my left calf which made me  bow down and inspect my leg. Had I been bitten by something? Where did the pain come from, seemingly out of nowhere?

I could not determine the source of the pain and decided to get to my child quickly to see what was bothering him.

It turned out that he had fallen into stinging nettles. And they had burned his left calf on the very same place where I had felt the sudden pain on my left calf.

That was a lesson on how we are all connected via consciousness.


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From overwhelm to spirituality (part 2/4): miracles

In this initial phase of the spiritual journey, my feeling was one of awe and wonder about the unseen realm. The following  stories may illustrate this.

The headache

One morning in 2006, I had a snippet of a song running in my mind,
…and gives me such a headache?’
It took me a while to figure out that it belonged to the introduction spoken before the song I Got Life  from the musical Hair.

In the evening, I had a headache. That was very unusual for me. I rarely get headaches.

After a while, I remembered that line which was playing in my  mind which said, ‘…and gives me such a headache?’. And here I was now with a real headache. Was there any connection or was this mere coincidence?

As soon as I had remembered that this line had been playing in my head on that morning, the headache ceased.

In retrospect, I think that my guides were trying to teach me a lesson about the creative power of thought.

The ladybug

“Mommy, do angels really exist?” my older son asked me. He was about 4 years old.

My first impulse was to tell him that they are not real. But then I hesitated.

“Yes, they are real. But they are very shy and we must listen carefully in order to be able to hear them,” was the answer that I heard escape from my lips.

He seemed to accept that response.

‘What did I just say? Where did that come from?’  I wondered.

Then we walked into his room. Outside it was a dark and rather cold winter evening.

As I opened the door to the balcony, a little ladybug flew into the room and landed right above my heart.

I was in awe. A ladybug in winter time – how unusual! As if some angels were giving me applause for telling my son to learn to listen carefully.

Grandma’s visit

One night in 2006 or 2007, I had dream where my grandmother, who had died a few years earlier, appeared to me.

“We see what you are doing and we like it,” she said.

That seemed like a real message from her. She wanted to convey that she approved of my interest in spiritual matters and wanted to encourage me to go further into that direction.

The answering machine

After experiencing so many miracles, I was in awe of the invisible Source that surrounds and permeates everything. And I longed for more and more connection.

Even if I could not hear God’s voice like Neale Donald Walsch could in his books Conversations with God, couldn’t God at least leave me a message in another way, for example on my answering machine? (Yeah, sounds silly, I know.)

Then one evening when our family was in the living room around the dinner table, suddenly the answering machine went on just as if someone had called.

But nobody left a message.

And the strange thing was that the phone hadn’t rung before.

“This is spooky,” my husband said.

I was stunned and in awe. Somehow my wishes really seemed to be answered.

Saved from an accident

Sept 28, 2007. It was evening. My children and I were talking a walk around the fields. It was getting dark.

I was aware that this was about to become dangerous. There were no street lamps and we didn’t have flash lights, so the small paved roads around the fields were dark. But we started running just for fun.

Then all of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in my left ankle. I needed to stop and wait at the side of the small paved street with both of my children next to me.

Suddenly, a guy on a bicycle drove by real fast – with no lights on.
After he had passed, the pain in my ankle stopped immediately and we could walk home.

The pain in my ankle made me stop at the side of the road and saved us from being run over.

Magic numbers

Oct 9, 2007. I had scheduled a past-life regression hypnosis for the next day and was a bit anxious.

The night before the hypnosis, I could not sleep too well. I woke up and pressed the light switch on my clock on my nightstand.

It showed 3:33 am.

That was remarkable not only because of the number sequence, but also because the light switch of the clock used to not work correctly and would usually illuminate only the hours, but not all the digits of the minutes. Except for this time, when the light shone on all the numbers.

Back then, I did not know anything about the symbolic meaning of numbers and how they are often used as messages in an attempt of spirit to communicate with us. But I took it as a sign of reassurance that I was protected and well taken care of and went back to restful sleep.

The no 1 at the bike rack

I usually bike to work and put my bike into the bike rack. In November  2007, I happened to use the same place in the bike rack almost every day.

Then one day, something caught my attention. Over several days some things seemed to be assembled down there on the floor.

At first, an old marker pen appeared.
Then it was joined by a feather.
And finally, by an acorn.

I never touched anything and just watched with curiosity how these items appeared at ‘my’ bike rack and were then arranged by an invisible hand from behind the veil.

After a couple of days or weeks, the whole thing had moved from an accidental mess to what looked like the number 1 (not in American style, but in European writing style).

It was too neatly placed to be a mere coincidence.

I wondered what it meant. Was there a symbolic meaning of number 1? Or maybe that all is one?  I couldn’t decide.

But I got the impression that there was some very powerful unseen force behind the visible 3D world.

And that invisible force wanted to get a point across.


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