Art in nature (part5)

When I go for a walk in nature, I enjoy the little things along the way. Here are some pictures from this summer (2022).

Fluffy beauties in the evening sun
Nature‘s bold color combinations of purple-green leaves
A dry leaf caught in a twig on an oak tree. Looks like a heart with wings.
Maybe it is a message? Let your heart take flight!

Moments of being receptive to divine guidance

Part of learning to get divine guidance is to become aware of when and where we are most receptible to allow higher wisdom to come in.

For myself, I have noticed receptivity during the following times:

-) When I am awake in bed around 3 am after going to the bathroom.

-) In the shower. There is a subreddit called “showerthoughts” with the insights people have in the shower and in other moments of receptivity. And I’ve heard of a coach who even had a whiteboard in her shower to capture those precious moments of inspiration.

-) In the bathroom while I get dressed.

-) During walks alone in nature.

-) During journaling. A rant which was supposed to be a venting for emotional turmoil can turn into a channeling.

-) When I am with another person who is sharing their troubles and asking for help, then being present with them with compassion can trigger inspiration to flow in.

-) When I am focused on an urgent question and am deliberately opening up to receive an answer.

On the other hand, moments which are not conducive to open me to higher guidance are:

-) When I am stressed and focussed on getting things done from my todo list in a most efficient way.

-) When I am around too many people, like changing trains in Frankfurt main station.

In summary, I think that to get guidance some kind of focus is beneficial. But it is also important to be relaxed at the same time.

More summer joys

Here are some more pictures from this summer. When it’s really hot, then I enjoy a walk in the shady forest around a lake.

Lake in Walldorf, Germany
Britzer Garden, Berlin
A blackbird in my parents’ garden. He was not shy and bathed very close to us.