Making contact with my spirit guides

It has been more than 2 months now since a negative spirit guide has been dismissed from my team. Here is what has occurred since then.

The guide who had to leave
Before the dismissal, I had a guide who showed up in visions with curly blonde hair and in contemporary clothing  who sent me the name ‘Aaron’. He was the one who pushed me to share my stuff in various online formats. Since he appeared frequently in dreams, visions, and as inner voice, I thought that he was my main guide.  But now, I have not seen him anymore. It seems that he is the one who got booted out.

Fear and confusion
My emotional state about what happened ranges from rather calm to fearful. Sometimes I am confident that I will be able to continue with the rest of the team of guides and I even long for communication with them.  And at other times, it seems just too tempting to shut down the connection because I assume that this will keep me safe from being bossed around by the inner voice in the future.

I know that keeping my inner peace is important. So, I am trying to get back to inner peace whenever fear surges.

Also, I keep thinking about what part of my past experiences has been tainted by that guide. If I am to share this stuff, I don’t want to mislead people. I don’t think that I need to throw away everything and start from scratch. But the very strict guidance with partly threatening dreams and physical pain is probably not that common and might be more because of the negative guide.  On the other hand, there are many stories  of people who got ill after not obeying guidance. Did they all have negative spirit guides? Probably not. Maybe getting sick is just a natural consequence of resisting the soul’s calling.

Keep the faith
Around the time of the channeling where the negative guide was chased away, the word ‘Israel’  came up frequently in unexpected places, and also ‘Jacob’. So, I looked up the story of  how Jacob wrestled with an angel and was renamed to Israel afterwards. Is that a message that there are special karma bonus points after one has survived such a struggle? lol
Anyway, it seems to encourage me to believe that something good will come from this.

Also, I get the number ‘2’ showing up frequently and in unusual places, which, to me, means to have faith.

Making contact with my guides
Currently, I am trying to make contact with the rest of the team. Each evening before sleep, I am lying in my bed and asking them to give me a physical sign that they are there. An electrical tingling sensation or a muscle twitching counts as a sign that they are trying to get my attention.

But sometimes, the muscle twitching gets into a cramp, or the tingling sensation turns into a shooting nerve pain. Then I tell  them that they should not hurt me and need to  try again. To establish rapport takes practice and patience on  both sides of the veil.

Who are they? In dreams or visions, I got several different faces and names so far. But it seems like they were to be understood more metaphorically than literally. For example, the first one I got was a big man with the name ‘Max’.  That seemed to mean that  he is the biggest or greatest of them. His message for me was to spend more money on food and clothing for myself. I tend to be content with simple and cheap stuff. Sounds like he is encouraging me to show more self-love in these areas.

Messages by the other guides were about manifestation with joy and faith and about using my voice.

They all say that they want to encourage me with joy rather than by threatening me (like the negative guide did before). So, that looks like a positive change.

Whenever I ask for their guidance, listen, and then actually follow their answer, they send me signs of much appreciation and celebration. As if they know how hard it is for me to find that trust again and as if they want to show me how happy they are that I try nevertheless.

I still do get dreams and visions. Some of them talked about the importance of coming into a joyful mood. But often, the dreams are less blunt and their meaning is  harder to decipher.

In summary, making contact with the team of guides takes trust, practice, patience, and a lot of fine-tuning.

Do I have more slack now?
In the past, it felt as if my free will was getting less and less and I was on a very short leash. When I did not obey the guidance, I would get sick or other trouble would happen. Even though I don’t have throat chakra issues at the moment (like breathing trouble in the past), I still do get uncomfortable physical symptoms when I procrastinate too long without blogging anything. This time, it is a pressure between my shoulder blades (which feels like someone is poking his finger into my back).  That means, even now, I do not really have an unlimited amount of slack.

I have been told that there are two available tracks. I can either take the slow path (do what I feel drawn to do, e.g. journaling, taking long walks, just being at peace) or the path of fast growth (blog more, do a webinar). Or I can even take a mixture of these two. So, that means I will still have to do the webinar about guidance. But it does not have to be right away and it does not need to be live (as I originally thought).

My guides have asked me to post at least once a week. However, I told them that I cannot commit to that. Then they asked me to at least state my commitment and firm intent to share all about the topic of guidance. I thought long and hard, but found again that I cannot even make that commitment, especially not after I had a negative guide.

At the moment, I just want to feel safe. I do not want to feel pressured. From that feeling of safety, I hope that intrinsic motivation and joy will arise to share – not only on the topic of guidance but also about the phases and challenges  of the spiritual journey.


46 thoughts on “Making contact with my spirit guides

  1. Hi Karin
    It is always a treat to see a post from you. Your experiences are so interesting and varied. I do think that illness can manifest when we choose not to grow and develop more into our authentic selves. My guidance is not as specific as yours, atleast not yet, so I cannot truly understand, but I do understand betrayal and confusion.You get to decide the pace of your life. It is your life to live afterall. I hope you do continue to share more, but only if it is what you want.


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  2. From last fall beginning on the evening of my birthday, November 3, until late spring it seemed as if all hell was breaking loose. I also felt as if I had no free will. My son, John, my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides were really putting the pressure on me. Demanding I do this and that, write in the blog, be on every social media venue, etc. Worse yet, they were lying to me. I have always had throat chakra issues. I could never speak my truth, stand up for myself and I felt everyone else knew better what was good for me. I have always been extremely shy, reserved and quiet. I could not figure out what was going on and I also felt as if I was misleading my blog followers as my Spirit Team was intentionally telling me lies. As I said earlier today, many times I was speaking with my subconscious, which was very nasty. In the end I found that it was all a lesson and a test. My children in Spirit, my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides were trying to get me to stand up to them and tell them no. In other words, assert my free will. They also wanted me to come out of my shell, speak my truth, stand up to those in physical form who were hurting me or controlling me, etc. so that I would be able to feel good about myself and accomplish what I came here to do. Although our Guides are here to encourage us and keep us on our chosen path, we do have free will and can say no. Now that my trial by fire is over, I am a completely different person. I have self confidence, I love myself, I have courage and I am doing things I never dreamed I would ever do. Now, no one on Spirit Teams lies and if they try, I catch them and call them out on it. When I call them out, I receive a lot “Good job!!!”

    When it comes to illness, the ME/CFS flares up every time I have a bad attitude towards myself, get angry angry at myself, etc.

    Reading this blog post made it much clearer to me what you were trying to say in your comment on my blog. I am so glad you wrote this! I believe that bible story is a message to both of us! Things will improve with you and your Guides! – Michelle

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story. That is really interesting. Even your higher self told you lies ? I would have assumed that if there is one safe source, that it must be the higher self. That is why I wanted to know how to distinguish between guides and higher self. I thought when the guides are lying, then I can at least rely on the higher self. But now you are saying they were all lying, including your higher self. Did I understand that correctly?
      I am glad to hear you found a way to stand up for yourself and are now like a completely new person.

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        1. What was really happening was that I was not really aware when my Spirit Team would be lying or telling me the truth. I began to not trust anyone, including my Higher Self. My other problem was that I have always truly hated myself and, therefore, my Higher Self. I believe that being too hard on yourself or too demanding on your time will cause you to have these situations with your Spirit Team. The truth is that they are not really lying but trying to help you see more clearly and make your intuition better. – Michelle

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  3. Karin… could the pressure in the shoulder blade area be your angels wings reminder…? Allow them to emerge… the freedom, flutter and expansion. Continue to do what you love/brings you joy! I love you!! And thank you for sharing as you’re such a gift! All paths serve. <3

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment.
      Angels wings reminder? I don’t know. I don’t think so. The last two times when I had this, the pressure went away after posting something. Therefore, I conclude that it is a reminder to express myself.
      But I like your interpetation :-)

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  4. Wow what stories I’m reading… I can only comment based on my own experience and feelings… but during the time I was at peace and lived in Mazarron I perceived 9 elemental beings ( equivalent to your spirt guides) they all brought me to a new understanding about life… resonating what felt good and true for me… after this I understood they are all parts of me… no separation and when I understood this they all became my divine self (higher self) whatever you want to call it. It was just a way in the beginning for me to understand the divine life… now I just talk with all, my divine self AND I shine my light because I want no other spirit interfering with my sovereign beingness. Only I have my own best interest in hand, my divine human being. Much love and Thankyou so much for sharing your journey, expanding your comfort zone and getting to know all of yourself and outside infiltrators… barbara x

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and for sharing your own experience. That is interesting that you later came to see the elemental beings as parts of yourself. I like hearing about other people’s stories. It amazes me how unique the paths are. Your story with the elemental beings is a very unusual one.
      Thanks for shining your light.

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      1. AND that has always driven me… an inner knowing that my unraveling from within and discovering how to love myself completely is connected to the Earth more than the skies… much love Karen and have a great weekend. X barbara x

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  5. Just thought I would call in Karin to wish you an early Seasons Greetings, It will get a bit mad later on and so while I have a bit of time this morning, I thought I would call by to see how you are..
    Sending Love and well wishes, Enjoy your Christmas Holiday time..

    Thank you for all your likes my friend.. :-) I appreciate you dropping by xxx
    Love and Blessings. Sue :-)

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  6. Guides never threat, guides can only warn you or really tell you to do something you must only when it’s life threatening situation. Do use protection like white light with intention that only divine love & light can enter and make a clear intention that only from your divine soul family or from your oversoul or from highest love and light you will communicate.
    Watch your beliefs & definitions bc they create your reality. If you have any fearbased belifs that if I don’t listen to them then I will become ill then you may become ill. Anything feaebased is not real , anything based on unconditional love is real. Guides rarely tell you do something, they will always suggest you and you can feel their loving presence or bliss during conversation.
    Be authentic & follow or do your love to every moment to the best of your ability, with integrity and without expectation or insistence on the outcome. 
    Also work in your loniness by using Teal Swan’s “completion process” then you will find you need no one nothing to be who you are. And you won’t ever feel alone even when you are not able to communicate with your guides.

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  7. Oh! And I have one more suggestion to you. Why don’t you blog on steemit ? Then you can also earn via blogging. If you are willing to then I will ask my one friend to help you in steemit. 🙂

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  8. that’s an interesting perspective on your way of choosing the direction you want to take. I just want to ask, why do you seek guidance from, so-called, spiritual guides? You know what makes you happy, you know who you are, you know the path you want to take. Why do you manifest guides that contradict your own thoughts and path you think you need to take?
    Of course, there is no wrong way, as all roads lead to the same destination, and you know what you need to take the next step. I am just wondering why you seek those guides…why don’t you trust yourself and your soul?

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    1. Sometimes my guides have helpful information for me which I would not be able to know otherwise. That’s why I am connecting with them.

      Yes, I know what my preferences are, what I like to do. But that is not necessarily in alignment with what my soul wants me to do. As far as I understand the setup, the guides are trying to keep me in alignment with my soul.

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  9. Dear you,

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  10. Hi,

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    A new translation In English by Alex Johnson
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