Sometimes the shape of clouds remind me of things. Recently, I saw this image during sunset. I see the shape of a triangular head on a long neck in there with its arms spread out wide. Reminds me of a cat or of a praying mantis.

A note to my email subscribers:
The email for last week’s post about the divine guidance workshop video did not contain the link to the video. I apologize for that. The video was a so-called ’embed’ in the blogpost (i.e. it was placed directly on my site rather than only liked to it), but I wasn’t aware that WordPress would not send the embedded video in the email. Here is the link to the youtube video in case you haven’t found it yet on the webpage:
How to Work with Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance Workshop Video

How can we know what our soul wants us to do even if we cannot hear the still small voice of inner guidance yet?

Divine guidance can come in many different forms. We just need to become aware of them.

In April 2021, I did a live online presentation of the divine guidance workshop pdf script (which was originally written for an in-person workshop in 2017) for some fellow participants of a channeling class. And now ( October 2022) I have edited the recording of the presentation part of that session and released the video.

1.) I share a bit about my spiritual journey and how I came to work with divine guidance.

2.) Divine guidance can come in many forms, for example, inner input channels like an inner voice or dreams as well as outer input channels like seeing signs or patterns of events.

I share several stories to illustrate the various input channels and how they can work together.

3.) Helpful attitudes and habits are :
Intention, belief, attention, journaling, and contemplating

4.) What are possible challenges during the interpretation of guidance and how to deal with them?:
-) Is it literal or metaphorical?
-) How to interpret the guidance if it is metaphorical?
-) Is it descriptive of the present state or is it future oriented (like a warning or an advice)?
-) If it is future-oriented, what is the timeframe?

The video is 36 minutes long and contains timestamps so that you can jump to the single chapters.

Metaphors in nature: Service

I bet that tall tree wasn’t aware that it would once serve as a very long table and benches in a space where kids could learn about the forest.

I am often surprised by the different ways in which I am called to do service (where I am aware of it) or where I serve in some way without being aware of it at the time.

Forest classroom (Waldklassenzimmer) Walldorf, Germany